Manmohan Singh: The Politician Who Wasn’t | Rare Interviews | Crux Files

Manmohan Singh: The Politician Who Wasn’t | Rare Interviews | Crux Files

I honestly believe that history will be
kinder to me than the contemporary media or for that matter a opposition parties
in Parliament former Prime Minister Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has his fair share of
admirers and detractors in his long and distinguished career as he turns
eighty-seven here’s a look at the Economist Prime Minister to a series of
rare interviews Narasimha Rao ji said, no you go and get dressed up and coming for the
swearing-in-ceremony so that’s how I I became the Finance Minister so People say I was an accidental Prime Minister I was also an accidental Finance Minister Dr. Singh spearheaded India’s path
breaking economic reforms in 1991 as Finance Minister in the Narasimha Rao govt when I became finance minister in the very first nine months
of that year I reduced the fiscal deficit by two percentage of GDP it
has not been done before it has never been done after birth it was in 2004
that the spotlight was done on him in a simple twist of feat look at that
statement Sonia Gandhi made in 2004 some calling it a political master stroke
when she declined the Prime Minister’s post the nation chose Congress the
Congress choose Sonia but Sonia shocked many by choosing a man who was least
political and perhaps the most loyal to 10 Janpath Manmohan Singh was made the Prime Minister and his stringent fiscal policies steered India’s safely through
the 2008 financial crisis beating the World Bank’s forecast to clock in six
percent growth they usually soft-spoken technocrat took a strong stand on the
historic INDO – US civil nuclear deal despite fierce opposition from coalition
partners however, news of the Rs 7000 – crore Satyam scam eclipsed his economic performance and then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi called him a weak Prime Minister
the way that you have attacked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has a weak man
you will actually criticize him for being away from the public for so many
months even though you know us on I didn’t say that. I said when he wasn’t there, no one realised he was gone Dr Singh defied expectations and was re-elected in 2009 he continued to pursue peaceful ties with Pakistan
despite the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks in 2008 I have always believed that the
destinies of people of India and Pakistan are very closely linked into me
that we have wasted a lot of time in the past in acrimonious debates
the time has come to write a new chapter in history of our relationship poverty
rates dropped to an all-time low in 2012 but the celebrations were short-lived as
several high-profile scams broke out in quick succession – 2G,CWG and coal
allocation opposition leaders began to call him “MaunMohan Singh” a moniker using the Hindi word ‘maun’ meaning silent for his perceived lack of action against
corruption Today, the top story in newspapers is that ‘Maunmohan’ Singh went to Himachal and broke his silence. As scam after scam came to light, the opposition’s attack grew sharper Our problem is that you are not loyal to the nation and that’s why we cannot trust you you don’t remember loyalty and we don’t remember injustice There are 2 phases of life. One you don’t remember, one we don’t remember The ability of govt and political leadership to handle this crisis, itself has lost confidence not only in the country but is also losing the confidence of the investing community I ask you all what type of government do you want in India? Do you want a lame government? Do you want a dumb government? or you want remote-controlled government? the Congress lost the 2014 elections by a landslide margin all the Dr. Singh is no longer in power he continues to defy the Maunmohan moniker through sharp attacks on economic issues demonetization is organised loot and legalised plunder they have placed hardships on people of India by hastily introducing GST soon after demonetization India has the potential to grow at a much faster
rate but all around mismanagement by the Modi government has resulted in this
slowdown so how will history remember Dr. Singh the popular view today is that
the 10 years of UPA were a complete waste of time and I’m saying no sorry
that is not the case in UPA 1 it was not a waste of time because a very
significant achievements of this Prime Minister but it is true that in repair
two things went wrong while this academic term politician has been
praised for his economic reforms his meek and understated personality worked against him as more aggressive leader started gaining popularity the larger
impression of him seems to be that he was a puppet Prime Minister whose apron
strings were tied to the Gandhi family while you may not have many fans of his
political acumen it continues to be your be a well-respected voice on the economy if you are going to take that the market takes care of everything then you will see – 2 India one small island growing fast and the rest of the economy mired it’s in contradiction of slow growth and
starvation whichever side of history you’re on one thing is for sure Dr.
Singh will always be remembered as a gentleman Prime Minister

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100 thoughts on “Manmohan Singh: The Politician Who Wasn’t | Rare Interviews | Crux Files”

  • What a LOSER !!

    History will forever remember the lame duck PM who was not elected by even one single vote but appointed by an Italian semi literate who could not speak any Indian language but ruled over the most corrupt lot of brigands to rule Independent India!

  • Feel so sad about India's current situation after watching the news about nobel prize in economic and this man . Indians will regret for what they have done

  • Had educational qualification been the criteria for getting the best leaders then the father of our constitution would have made educational qualification compulsory to contest election but they didn't and they did it rightly so. History shows us that being great leader doesn't require educational qualification.
    The great Einstein intellectual who are so concerned about educational qualification of the Indian leader are thos who despite getting highest marks are working under their boss like a puppet. That made them frustrated and they think only educational qualification should be the criteria to judge people. Higher the qualifications, higher the leadership skill of the leader.
    By that logic Imran khan is the greatest leader of 21st century and Abraham Lincoln didn't deserve to be the president because he was illiterate.
    Search great leader who were uneducated

  • I think Manmohan Singh deserved a Nobel Prize in finance minister and prior to that WTO chief. He changed India's economy and in all honesty, India is on the path of development with Modi (does not exclude works of Manmohan Singh). Time will show that Manmohan Singh was the father of India's economic development after Brits kept the nation is shithole.

  • Manmahon Singh is a hero for rural poor for Introducing NREGS
    No govt have ever given employment to the poor.
    I want to challenge Modi govt. regarding the unemployment of today's educated youths.
    What did the govt do other then building statues and temples?

  • Those days vs now is serious contrary
    Then Ind and Pak on going with peace negotiations Economy sounds good
    Secular view in all aspects
    Now Ind to Pak not even water will be given to you ( repealing indus water treaty just like article 370 ) unilaterally
    Economy crying for everyone expect government
    Secular is only found in our constitution

  • What a great personality no biasedness but Mr modi is totally racist they only want ram mandir even they would lock their treasury of govt

  • I see lot of people Appreciating Dr. ManMohan Singh but do u guys knw abt his work in the field of economics and as a P.M ? Coz most of u r sayin what u heard from here and there. He did good things but many bad things happened under him and he didn't even speak abt it. He was never a man for P.M's place coz he couldn't make decisions , he was a puppet of Sonia Gandhi .A Great economist but a fail P.M . U wanna reply me on this ? Better come up with facts and logic coz I'll rip ur mind with his Positives and Negatives . Then we Have Narendra Modi , no doubt that The Man is not educated enough but is he bad as a P.M ? That's what matter especially the resources we hav , there r many things that people doesn't knw and with stereotype mind , they're against him. I see people who r against him for no reason and people r with him for no reason . There gotta be something logical when u support someone ,I support decisions , I'm against some of his decisions and in favour of some of his decisions . He's doing something worth but he's doing something good too . The hate i see is frustration of people who couldn't do shit their life and if they get a chance , they'll fuckin eat the nation but acting like god's on Internet , if things actually started workin good believe me ur parents will be behind bars in no time coz everybody knws how their parents earn , almost 50% public has black money not just ministers . Unemployment was there before but back then there was no almost free internet where people could let their frustration out . It's pretty easy to blame government for the shit we do . I met a lot of people especially students who have done MBA , engineering and various subjects and r searching for a job and when they don't get it ,they blame government , they don't blame themselves coz I'm 20 rn , when I ask them questions abt their work ( study ) they don't knw shit abt it . There r job opportunities but the ones who r good r selected . I gave my first interview as an 18 year old lad with +2 and CFA 1 as my qualifications , they liked it coz ik stuff abt finance that would help them , I got the job while there were guys who got rejected even with a MBA finance degrees coz they did MBA ,for the sake of degree not for education. There r CSE engineers who doesn't knw computer languages well but consider themselves as an engineer Coz they got degrees. There's not unemployment for a good Educated man in the field of private jobs . Unfortunately , Students doesn't want to study ,many teachers doesn't want to tech and almost every university wants to loot u . Choice is urs either blame or do the work behind the scenes ,Coz that's what matters. Ask yourself , u r not working for the country, u r working for yourself so stop this senseless shit that u care abt the nation .

  • History will be kinder to me – Why he said that? Because he knows that a chaiwala who is going to be the PM of India is not able to run this country. And the result is very clear in front of us. Economy has been destroyed. No jobs. Unemployment rate is very high. Media is diverting the minds of everyone. Many government companies has been in loss. Nothing is going right. This makes every indian sad except illiterate #bhakts

  • I wonder, if India will ever realise the gem of an economist, statesman and a man of integrity that is Dr. M.Singh.

    "Truth is incontrovertible, ignorance can deride it, panic may resent it, malice may destroy it, but there it is." W.Churchill

  • Manmohan Singh was a great PM and Finance Minister but in the wrong party. Nobody likes heredity ruling as congress did. CPM was the same in Bengal. TMC has broken its trust to its people and I don't want BJP to do that. India is now in international attention where Trump is looking to gain votes and China to gain trading assurance. This the best opportunity to conquer which MODI shouldn't let go in vain. Jay Hind.

  • Manmohan was made PM because sonia is a foreigner and couldn't become the PM of India according to its constitution. Only an Indian born can become the PM of India. We don't want Italians to be Indian PM do other countries allow like that ??

  • He is the only one who predicted that India will soon suffering with unemployment hunger same know the thing he said India is k ow on 103 countries in hunger

  • Bhai Manmohan u r accidentally become FM and PM of this country, in 90,s India's economy was worst and u forced to accept globalization and u become economist forcefully.. don't think u r great economist..

  • He is a great and humble human being. A real gentleman man. Soina Gandhi is the culprit.. He is the victim.
    We respect you sir Manmohan singh. 🙌🙏

  • He saved Mukesh Ambani from
    30000 crore scam
    Gas basin scam
    don't believe this puppet
    AMBANI is richest person only because of this man

  • This man was silent when thousands of congressi killed
    This man was silent when Ambani done the scam of Gas basin
    This man was silent when 2g scam happened
    This man was silent when Augusta vestland happened
    Don't fool us .
    you are just a puppet

  • Manmohan singh would have been a perfect pm only if he did everything he does + not being silent of pakistan issue & taking strict actions.

  • Back then media were stood with head held high. Media asked questions, held debate after debate thus congress fell on the ground. But what happen next is quite opposite. After BJP came to power not a single media outlet were raising question on govt fail policy. Govt attack OUR INDEPENDENT INSTITUTIONS LIKE RBI CBI SC PSUs etc etc.. Now we will all starve to death. Just wait and watch the coming year.

  • He was great. But he was Remote Controlled PM. Had he took Decisions Independently & showed strength of PM position like Current PM does ,much of the Scams & Corruptions would have been avoided.

  • Dr.Singh managed to keep Indian Economy Decent while the others were collapsing left and right.

    I wonder if he had gotten the same support from the people of india & the Legislators as the current PM does, how well he'd have shaped our country.

  • He was a brilliant finance minister. He was a lousy PM. He was one of three things as a PM: incompetent, powerless to stop corruption around him, he was corrupt himself. All three options are bad.

  • It was the time when the world talked about India and it's unprecedented growth of 9+% a vision and dream to turn India Into econmic superpower with inclusive growth

  • Dr Singh you always maintained the dignity and integrity of the post you were holding and your intellectual ,Hard labour is reflected in your soft spoken and positive gentlemanship attitude with you still hold up to date…

  • The so called accidental prime minister was way much better than this so called 56 inch coward…

    one never feared media…
    another never faced true media..

  • Modi only respects Manmohan Singh from the Congress party , but he wanted him to pay an attention towards his communication skills . But well mr. Singh had just this one major weakness.

  • Under Dr. Manmohan Singh so many scams happened in India, GDP fell to its lowest during his rule and here he says 'history will be kinder to me'. Mazak ka bhi had hota hai yaar.

  • Manmohan is most honest to Rajiv Gandhi family and most dishonest PM to our beloved nation India. Shame on selfish and self centered Manmohan Singh. Greeted selfish PM and most cunning crook PM who acts as honest PM.
    Did lot of manipulation to cheat India and Indians in financial dealings. He messed up economy instead of India growth.
    He encouraged import from China to make China richer than before. Shame on him.

  • Dr Manmohan Singh, the permanent enemy of SC, ST and OBC. Very cunningly on the name of his new economic policy, "ECONOMIC REFORMS" Privatisation, Globalisation and Liberialisation he slaughtered the Economic reservation of SC, ST and OBC and also became the father of "New Brahminical Social Order". SC, ST, OBC and History will not spare him for his anti SC, ST and OBC mentality and Economic policy
    Everyone knows that "MANNU" the author of "MANUSMRITI" was also a great Economist and an intelligent who refused to give any Economic, Social, Political, Religious and Educational rights to Shaduras and Women*

  • I also realized that i always blame pm Manmohan singh for being scilence but i was wrong after researching i found out on a conclusion that He was best economist for our country and we rarely find such intelligent leaders like that…Today leaders are not intelligent they just play with humans emotion…Indeed history will kind to you

  • He was the most intelligent prime minister but we Indians have the tendency to choose a babbler who always show off his nothingness

  • We were lucky to get PM like him….. hope people would realise & would get rid of ongoing hatered politics that prevail around now

  • Politics is governed by populism..People are wooed by great orators and public simple words con men..Singh was ridiculed for not being a talker..we need doers not talkers!!!

  • Kam bolne wale ko hataya, abhi jo hai woh bilna band nhi kar rha . Jhooth pe jhooth bolta hai jab bhi bolta hai. Janta ko to jhooth hi acha lagta hai.

  • Where is the media which criticized the Prime minister. Today they dont dare speak a word, let alone a question.