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13 thoughts on “Local 4 News at 11 — March 25, 2020”

  • Seriously what are we doing wrong…. This is not all of a sudden…. this IS ALL OF A SUDDEN……….. no words ….. ….

  • How will Detroit Residents get tested if they can't drive up to a testing site? We have more suspected cases than anyone in our surrounding communities. Are we being ignored?

  • moved from michigan in 1984 , prayin for all my relatives, do not take the cure, will kill you. trump says the cure is worse than the virus…i believe him. montana says hi.

  • Bad idea. They are gonna take the virus there quicker than it would have traveled naturally.
    The "Modular Units" seemed a great idea, although small.
    China built a 🏥hospital🏥. Not sire of we have that option, but they need to use a building IN the effected area_NOT take sick ppl to another town to possibly & most likely spread it there.

  • New York mayor crying 3 billion dollars not enough.the of the nation's states not getting nearly as much.were Americans too