Know the Risk – Raise Your Shield: Social Media Deception

Know the Risk – Raise Your Shield: Social Media Deception

In the wake of so many recent
data breaches you may be one of the millions of
Americans whose personal information has
been compromised. Who has stolen this information
about you? It could be a hacker
or a cyber criminal but it could also be someone working for a
foreign government. What will they do with
your information? Financial fraud and identity
theft are possibilities but it could also be used for
another purpose to gain your trust. Social media provides a
ready made platform form this form of deception. Millions of Americans have
used their social media accounts to reconnect
with old friends build professional relationships
and express their opinions. Unfortunately social
media users often fail to safeguard their
personal privacy leaving their accounts fully
accessible to the public. But do you really
want everyone to know that you might be on vacation and
away from your home or to see those pictures of you
and your family or know where you work and what you do? An individual could use that
information to pose as a former acquaintance
colleague or classmate. Once inside your circle their
objective is to elicit more information from you. Foreign governments
in particular are likely to
target those individuals with access to sensitive
government information. Lets look at how
this might happen. Tom Wilson is a U.S. Government
contractor with access to sensitive government
information. He is active on a
social media site where users can make
professional connections learn about job opportunities and connect with
potential employers. He receives a message from
a recruiter claiming to be interested in Tom
as a potential hire. The recruiter says he was
referred by a former colleague and represents
a well known company. He has clearly already read
Tom’s profile but then asks even more detailed questions. Finally he asks if Tom has an active
security clearance. While these might seem like
innocent questions the information Tom
reveals could provide valuable insight to a
foreign government. So, what can you do
to protect yourself from social media deception? First understand that
information you share on social media sites may be collected
by others. Maximize your privacy settings
so the information you share doesn’t fall into
the wrong hands. Second use a strong password
one with a combination of upper and lowercase letters
numbers and symbols. Nearly one third of users on
Facebook do not use a strong
password making it too easy for their
accounts to be compromised. Third make sure that people
you connect with online or give access to your personal
information are those you know and trust. As with all emerging
technologies social media has provided
some wondrous advances but also new vulnerabilities that could be exploited
by our adversaries. Know the Risk.
Raise Your Shield.

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11 thoughts on “Know the Risk – Raise Your Shield: Social Media Deception”

  • You should also be careful about giving out health information, telemarketers will use it and you'll be fielding calls for months.

  • Are you guys serious?

    This is like a scammer teaching you how not to get scammed but then again that doesn't sound like a bad idea.

  • NSA Information Assurance Directorate forgot to check out OPM's vulnerabilities. Now, the Chinese have the identity information of every living person who worked for the Federal Government or U.S. Military. Thanks, NSA.

  • we are real big at revealing state secrets lol. there's spies online. we had spies from india after us on yahoo when it first came out. lol india spies they kept asking us questions why is our profile like that. one was talking to us many actually. they were after us. they wanted to know why it was like that. well, they ought to wonder as spies why it was like that. lol

  • Not too many people attract foreign governments targeting them, but x in-laws, enemies, ect., all seem to make their way onto your site, and look for anything that they can in order to cause trouble. Block your x mother in law first!

  • You want to come off as know-it-all's where it relates to 'social media' but yet you cant even edit your popular channels panel to place channels this agency applies to. Instead you leave the YouTube aligory-rhythmical standard of CNN Fox ABC…etc so on- even YoungTurks…does ODNI really want these channels to be their linked channels? I think its just lazy farsightedness. Give US some quality of complete thought to action so we might have any semblance of faith in the work you do to safeguard our nation. Damn it. Also where's a community comments section, cant you do better work on SM sites?