Josh Charles Reflects on Robin Williams 30 Years After Dead Poets Society

-You know what? I follow you on the Instagrams
and the Twitters and stuff. And you posted this.
And I kind of was blown away. It is been 30 years
since “Dead Poets Society.” -30 years this month.
-Is that right? -Yeah.
-You were a baby. -I was a little baby.
Look at that, it was amazing. -Wow.
Was that your first role? No. -It was my second mo–
“Hairspray” was my first movie, but this was the first time
I got to sort of have a large role in a movie, yeah. -‘Cause this one, you know —
I already fanboyed out on you many times, but — -It’s a little weird,
but it’s all right. -What do you remember
from this? What do you remember about
the great Robin Williams? -Oh, he was so great.
He was so — I mean, obviously, to work with
a star like that when you — we were all young actors
and he was the big star. But he really — he really
treated us like equals and knew that the film was
this ensemble effort. And so he was very quiet
and very respectful. I used to make him laugh
with Richard Pryor bits, and that was
always a highlight for me. -Really?
-But he was — He always liked to laugh,
obviously, but he also has a real — he had
a real serious quality to him. And he was a beautiful man.
Really sorry he’s gone. -I miss that guy.
-Yeah. -I want to talk about it
’cause I know that you — you shot that —
that was close to — -Yeah, we shot that in Delaware near where I grew up
in Baltimore. -Yeah, and Baltimore —
if you mention Baltimore, somewhere, Josh Charles is
going, “That’s right!” You know? Like, “Whoo!” You are the biggest fan
of Baltimore. Anything Baltimore,
you’re like — you are — you bleed Baltimore. -Yeah. Look, it’s my hometown.
I’m proud of it. I — you know, I love my city.
And — -Yeah.
-You know, yeah. -Well, I don’t know if you saw,
there was a list that came out that said, “What are the
country’s most sexiest accents?” -Where did we place? -You placed 18th. [ Laughter ] Not the greatest.
Texas was number one. -Texas was number one.
-Yeah, but Baltimore was 18. And I want to put this to rest,
’cause I think that you can make
a Baltimore accent sexy. -Yeah? All right.
-I think you can. Let’s try it. You wanna try
a couple sentences? -Sure, let’s do it.
Let’s try it. -Here we go.
In a Baltimore accent, can you sexily say, “Could you please put these
flowers in some water, honey?” ♪♪ -[ Baltimore accent ]
Hey,hon,can you please put theseflerrs
in somewooter?[ Laughter and applause ] -Wow. Oh, my God. [ Laughter ] Wow! -Can’t believe we only
placed 18th. -In somewooter.
In somewooter.Oh, my goodness.
-We weren’t even top 10. -“Could you put these flerrs
in some wooter?” [ Laughter ] All right, ready?
Here we go. Let’s try this one. “On Tuesday, I was taking
pictures down by the ocean.” [ Laughter ] -[ Baltimore accent ]
Yeah, on Tuesday, I was taking some pictures
down the ocean. [ Laughter ] [ Applause ]
-Yeah, on Tuesday, I was — [ Laughs ]
-Come on. -I can’t do it.
[ Cheers and applause ] Oh, my gosh.
All right, last one. Last one. Can you say,
“The mirror on the bureau fell on me and I had to
call an ambulance”? [ Laughter ] ♪♪ -[ Baltimore accent ] Mirror
on the bureau fell on me. I had to callambalance.
[ Laughter ] -Ambalance.
[ Cheers and applause ] We just got word, it is
the number one sexiest accent in the country.
[ Bell dings ] You did it, Josh Charles!
We just got word! You did it!
[ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughter ] -Yeah, I was talking
to my friend Derek. He said, you know,
“For ‘let’s go,’ it’s ”sko.'” -‘Sko.
-And “let’s go home,” “‘skome.” [ Laughter ] -‘Skome.
-Yeah. -Dudes — hey, man —
-Skome. ‘Sko and ‘skome. -Yeah.
-Let’s ‘sko and ‘skome, man. -Yeah, Jimmy, I am a big fan
ofyers,man. [ Laughter ]
Real big fan. -Real big fan ofyers.
-Yeah, man. -I want to talk about this
“DeLorean” movie. -Yeah.
-You’re great in it. It’s fantastic. I didn’t know
much about John DeLorean. -I didn’t either.
I mean, I knew about, you know, certainly from
“Back to the Future” and — -Yeah, that’s —
-…a little bit about the arrest, but I didn’t know
a ton about him. -That’s the car.
He invented this sports car. The DeLorean.
-Yes. He’s a fascinating character. So, I knew about as much
as most people my age. But —
-How’d you get involved with it? -Well, Alec reached out to me. And Sheena and Don, who made the
film, are terrific filmmakers. And I love documentaries,
so it was fun to be a part of a straight documentary
that had this other narrative element to it
where we film these scenes that are these vignettes — Alec, myself, and Morena. And it was fun to be
a part of that, to help sort of tell this
narrative story in a unique way.
-How does Alec Baldwin just — he just calls you?
Or what do you — is he –? -Yeah, well, he’s my neighbor.
So, you know, we’ve known each other
for a long — -Is that right?
-Yeah, but we’re also neighbors, so he’s just like…
[ As Alec Baldwin ] “Josh.” -This is through the walls?
-No. -He talked through the walls
of your bedroom? -We’re not next —
-“Josh, Josh, it’s me, Alec. [ Laughter ]
Don’t be alarmed. I have a role for you. I think it’s juicy. It’s –”
-It was actually — it was actually just really
on the telephone. He’s like, “You ask me
if I have a God complex? Let me tell you something. I am God.”
[ Laughter ] -Man, did he transform himself. -He looks —
Yeah, yeah, do you have a — Yeah, he looks —
-Creepily like John DeLorean. -Yeah, we all did.
I mean, Jodi and — -Louie.
-…and Lou from “SNL” did all the hair and makeup.
-That’s Alec. -And those guys are the best.
-That’s bizarre. -And so, I got to come here
and the “SNL” — -Holy moly.
-Play with that, and — -Wow.
-Put on my own wig and ball cap. It was fun.
-Yeah, and you’re great. I want to show a clip. Here is a clip from
“Framing John DeLorean.” Take a look at this. -There it is.
What we always talked about. What do you think about
being named the head of the entire product program
for the first mass-produced car
since Chrysler? -John, look, obviously
I’m flattered, but — -No buts, Bill.
And I’m not flattering you. This is what you and I were
built for. This is real innovation. -Does innovation include
a pension? -Louie and Jodi.
[ Cheers and applause ] Louie and Jodi.
-That’s you? -I mean, yeah…
-Jodi, Louie, I love you. -Not my finest look. -No, you look —
-Not my finest look. -You know how to rock it.
Come on. You’re the sexiest man alive.
Josh Charles right there. [ Cheers and applause ] Making Baltimore proud.

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