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100 thoughts on “Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan – The Complete Vice Presidential Debate”

  • You republicans are a damn joke! Your hatred your obstruction your foolishness makes America sick! You right wingers need not throw religion in my face because I will crucify you in a debate hands down!

  • britain banned fox hunting but this sly fox who thinks he got away out of his cunning did put up exactly what his party told him nothing out of himself
    credit to britz for taking care of such a creature who doesnt know to take care of himself

    why does he have more water than biden?

  • Speaking as someone who is not even American, it's quite clear that Joe Biden misconstrued everything Paul Ryan was saying. The only reason Biden "won" the debate is that he is defending President Obama in a way that is just sugarcoating everything and deceiving viewers.

  • Biden just laying substance all over Ryan. Say good bye to substance because our politics just got a whole lot dumber. Don't know what I mean? Just compare this to one of the republican debates that took place 3 months ago.

  • If he would get that widow's peak lasered off, Paul Ryan would be a serious presidential contender for the GOP in a few years.

  • Although I completely agree with exceptions for the life of the mother, rape, and incest… those exceptions are hypocritical. Ryan says that it is paramount that we protect those little "beans" because they can't protect themselves… so explain to me why the little bean that exists because of a violent act has less rights — by his own words — than one created by a loving act. Once you out those two things is separate categories, you are picking and choosing who lives and who dies… you are playing God… and basically doing EXACTLY what they accuse supporters of abortion of doing.

  • Not sure where thus was going but child murder is wrong. If its heart beats it is a living being. The process of pregnancy is bonding for the mother and child.

  • Paul Ryan is very stupid – geez Biden owned him with what looked like little effort – Biden was right on 90% of all that he said and defended here . Also I can't blame him for laughing at Paul Ryan – this was hilarious – Ryan kept on putting out nonsense and Vp Biden is like "nope I was there , or are you serious , typical republican talking points with very little facts to back them up- seemed like Paul Ryan made everything up as he went along. More big business corporate republicans trying to sell tax cuts for the rich tax rate w/0 loopholes – that's bc the rate would end up being lower for rich as a trade off for the removal of the loopholes . So the republicans would legalize the tax loopholes by having a lower rate and saving the ultra rich the work of hiding their $$ and working with armies of lawyers to find new ways to pay less and less ! Lmao wow Paul Ryan is very dumb … And he thought and probably still thinks that the American people are stupid enough to buy this .

  • Those closing statements haha…Biden spoke so genuinely and from the heart, Ryan looked as though he was reading his off of a prompter. Biden destroyed him.

  • <rant>
    Paul Ryan is so weak and spineless to fall behind the racist and arrogant clown that is running for president. As speaker of the house he has shriveled behind donald who has not only refused to back him for his reelection, but has proposed policies in stark contrast with what ryan has pushed so strongly– i.e. balancing the budget and limited government. I never completely agreed with ryan, but I respected his dedication to his ideological principals. Now I have absolutely no respect for him for bowing to such an incompetent fool, who has promised increased spending and lower taxes, and clearly does not give a ** about the balancing the budget. Ryan's political career is over because he is too afraid to stand up for what he believes in;
    <end rant>

  • Bruh when he said we will get to the bottom of Benghazi and whoever is behind it will be known to the American people…. Hillary is behind and it just shows that democrats are liars because he's now endorsing that idiot that was behind everything he said in the beginning about that day

  • Biden looks like the typical sleaze bag car salesman and ryan looks like the nerd in high school you want to punch

  • Oh, 'I am so wrong'. Great. So tell me, I pointed out a 100 years of progressive polices while totally degrading them, on what Do you think I am wrong about? Do you actually think polices based on complete lies, or distortions has benefited society any? If so, what policy? Just look at fractionalized banking for example. It's a legalized ponzi scheme dreamt up by the progressives. Our money isn't tied to anything physical, so one day that scheme is going to come undone and along with it our economy. Much like the housing crisis. I've always found it laughable that progressives could run on 'helping the poor' while while getting in bed with banking entities. It's sadly insulting to believe that any politicians just gonna go to Washington to 'help the little guy' and come out with millions in the bank. But, people do.

  • I think he is a very wise , studied, an honest integre man, who truely has class and is sopestiated enough, well I am really hoping that he will run, Sarah palin can also run altough I think she is not as strong as Ryan, poltical and economical wise, organisational wise

  • Obama administration was a joke in terms of foreign policy. Putin was playing with him as a toy. And now he says that he complained to Putin to stop cyber attacks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Paul Ryan looks like that rich kid in college who has lawyer parents and raises his hand in class after everything you say to debunk your opinion

  • So happy Paul Ryan did not become the Vice President of the United States but now unfortunately he's closer than ever…..really don't like him

  • Notice how, back in 2012, Democrats and Republicans alike condemned Biden for laughing and being disrespectful, but now so many Democrats are now congratulating him for it

  • ❀️ Love Paul he’s serious great leader.. Biden just wants to look cool with Obama in the limo that’s all just 😎

  • What war has America won? WW2 Russia single handed won that one. Vietnam no victory. Korea no victory. Iraq no victory. Aganistan no victory maybe I could give America Grenada. But that's it. Pathetic.


    Creepy Uncle Joe gets called out during New York event

  • 9:24
    Paul Ryan's initial reaction to the news of the dead taliban being urinated on? He isn't shocked, that is a clue. I think Paul Ryan sounds like he is a mixed signal initiator… Like credibility from the Tile layers union, and Kathrynn……..Nell. Period you're money hungry? What does biolgical daughters have to do with biological warfare? $$$$$fare$$$$$ imaginary wars. New e clear weep on….. Delta…… I see my capabilities being exploited and systematically destroyed by a very rich in con artist comrads. Bad moms? Jamie jamie jamie jamie green brown brown green pending poke us haunt us = pocahontas. Roll 1287… I seen a dad that. Didn't call his girls for years nor did care to keep the reality of his agenda in playing a game I called life and he was surrounded by the truth and kept the truth of his backdrops in place to prevent me from achieving a quality life by bullwhipping and timing domestic violence situations, spying on your children's mother. Not to over see safety of course that wouldn't be something to lie about in 2001? Josh never voted? Josh never voted Josh never voted. Money. Money? Your spending money on gangstalking and electronic devices to observe and embaress me to follow up with harassment of my every move including sitting on toilet. That "AllYou"?
    Marilyn Monroe
    Voucher this agree to tell the truth BNC tile?
    What is your tattoo on your leg?
    "Paint the red and paint his wife white"?
    "5 minutes alone"
    Dyslexia is a satanic verses
    Re viel
    Where was paul ryan in 2003?

  • Man i hated these debates of 2012..all the moderators were so damn bias in favor of the democrats….it was sickening

  • Wow!!! I remember watching this debate when it happened. Honestly, everything VP Biden said in this debate, was nothing but the truth! Everything he said is exactly what they are doing now!! To watch it, I am thinking, how did people not heed to what he was schooling his behind on then! He literally wiped the floor up with this liar and little weasel!! I remember the next day of news, what they were saying. I mean bazooka Joe, wippped him so bad, all they could do is (the ring wing nuts) was to try and bash Bazooka Joe, for laughing at him half the night!! He deserved to be laughed at, because, he just lied, lied, lied and lied some more all night, just like he does right now!! Hands down VP Biden gave him a new everything, they should had put a fountain of water right next to him. Since he took a sip every time lies flew out of his mouth!!!! I think the dumbing of America began when this debate happened! The real President Obama and VP Joe Biden, won a second term, because everyone new that little weasel was lying! Then cult leader came and used the platform, that a lot of these juice drinkers wanted, and they once again (as they almost did with Romney and Ryan) choose a debacle to be in there now!! Even though, Romney would have been better than what's in there now! Sorry, though glad President O and VP Biden, won that second term!! Still dumb though, talking about the economy, yes the enconomy is good, because the real President Obama and Joe Biden's administration, worked to get it that way, and yes, you people who are still in denial, it's a good economy and it's all the work of these last two intelligent men!!

  • For the people saying Mr. "Double barrel shotgun" is a good debater. I only have one response πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Lord have mercy,.here we go same old Republican campaign run on twisting truths even down right to deceptive propaganda..The 12yrs Republican Presidency of both Reagan/Bush deficits Tripled W/Trick!e down taxcuts..President Clinton inherited the mess, 8yrs under Clinton,reduced taxes our economy was booming agin,Clinton had 3 consecutive spending budgets left solvent,plus our deficit tremendously reduced..after
    agin a Republican President administration under Bush 8yrs,agin the Trickle down Taxcut, Deficits doubled, Over spending,Irac war, economy free falling in the worst recession at the end of Bush Administration…Obama inherited a Absolute Night mare, but President Obama slowly got our country moving agin,yes $$ had to be spent,bailouts giving still economy was building up,at the of Obama's 8yr term our economy kept recovering, Obama save us all,but never received a good word from Republican Congress who were absolutely deplorable..now we have Republican Trump and same rich mens Trickle down tax cuts spending out of control Knee deep in Corruption While Trump administration crooks and his senate/congress Republican buddy's thrive and blunder our government

  • I don't know anything about politics, but apparently Paul Ryan should do standup since he is able to make Joe Biden laugh every 2 minutes answering questions about life and death matters…