iOS 13 Beta 5 and Public Beta 4 – Follow Up

iOS 13 Beta 5 and Public Beta 4 – Follow Up

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &
iOS 13 developer beta 5 and public beta 4 have been out for a few days now have
been using it primarily on my iPhone XS Max along with my iPad pro 12 point 9
these are my main devices that I use it on however I do have it on some older
devices as well but that’s partly why I do the YouTube
community poll is to see how it is for all the other devices because I can’t
use them all full-time so I use this one as my full-time device right now and as
far as the XS Max and then sometimes I switch between the XR and some older
ones but a lot of you commented in the YouTube community poll that we’ll take a
look at in a little while and that gives me an idea of how it is overall so I’ve
taken down everything you’ve said along with some notes that I’ve kept over the
week as I’ve been using it and I thought we’d talk about my experience then we’ll
talk about your experience and then we’ll take a look at the youtube
community poll now this beta has been kind of strange it’s actually had more
lock ups for me than the previous one sometimes I’d be using it and it would
completely freeze it would just lock up it’s actually locked up twice like that
it just wouldn’t do anything for a good 5 to 10 seconds and then it would work
again I haven’t had a lock up in settings like we used to have but for
some reason it just keeps locking up here and there I’ve also had a tree
spring once on me which means I was just using it maybe going into settings and
the screen goes black and then it reboots so without turning off the whole
device but it respring the main doesn’t the main display and so that has been
kind of not a great experience compared to the last beta now they have fixed a
lot of bugs in this one and mostly it works well for me however male I’ve gone
back to using the stock mail app and I liked it quite a lot but the problem
with it is sometimes that freezes as well sometimes it’s missing email and
notifications are not coming in so with the changes they made to it I really
enjoy this version of email but they really need to fix that before it’s
ready to go in September now another weird issue I had I was unable to open
my messaging app as well and I actually had to turn the display off tap the
screen and turn it back on then I could go into messages others I’ve known have
had this issue and I’m actually to reboot so there’s something weird
going on there and it’s just kind of an odd experience the same is true on the
iPad the iPad has been a similar experience and while it works well for
the most part things like YouTube occasionally have touch responsiveness
issues again so I’ll go into YouTube the touch won’t work then I’ll turn the
screen off turn it back on and I have the same experience over and over and
over so something has changed fundamentally that I’m sure they’ll fix
in a future update but at this time it’s still kind of what it was before as far
as that goes now as far as the battery is concerned now with beta’s battery can
be great sometimes not so great but let’s take a look at it it’s been ok for
me so far and I do have a hundred percent battery health this is a newer
phone like I’ve said before and this tells you the best case scenario at
least how I’m using the iPhone so you can see here this was probably my best
and that’s kind of the day of or day before I switched to the beta or day of
I guess 5 hours and 54 minutes of screen on time 2 hours and 11 minutes of screen
off time if we take a look at yesterday or today is probably a better indication
it’s 243 in the afternoon 3 hours and 22 minutes of screen on time
one hour and four minutes of screen off time and I currently have 57% battery
life so I get through a day still without a problem normally but it’s not
amazing battery life and I would expect it to get much better as we get closer
to the final release but just keep in mind with the different apps that I’m
using here I can vary as far as the experience is concerned now most people
that participated in the YouTube community poll said that battery life
was good for them most people not everyone though and also a lot of people
said it was very fast and smooth no issues although some people were looking
whether or not fortnight would still crash and I know people are still having
crash issues with games including fortnight as well now every device seems
to be behaving the same they all seem to have decent performance opening
different apps going in and just scrolling and things like that your
basics are working and a couple people said they had weird
camera issues but for the most part it’s been a pretty solid experience for most
people the one thing I am hearing a lot has to do with the Apple watch though
and if you are not on the beta of Apple watch OS 6 chances are you probably have
pretty poor battery life with your Apple watch strangely if you’re on watch OS 5
so if you’re on watch OS 5 connected to iOS 13 people are saying battery life is
really poor I’m on watch OS 6 and battery life is at 72 percent at almost
3:00 in the afternoon so it’s actually pretty good for me now as far as RAM
management is concerned I had just opened YouTube and I had to reopen it
reloaded so I don’t necessarily consider that RAM management there’s other things
going on but apps are not staying open in the background and like they normally
would but let’s take a look at the YouTube community poll so 10,000 of you
voted on this so I really appreciate it and there’s 200 comments at the time I’m
reading this and I’ve read every single one of them so I really appreciate that
and as we see here 35 percent of you said that it was great so that’s a good
good sign and only three percent said it was terrible that’s an all-time low I
believe for any of the polls that I’ve run 18 percent said okay but some bugs
35 percent of you are using basically public release versions and 9 percent
are using Android and I include Android just so well maybe do some Android
videos like this in the future it depends how many people want to see that
so I went through all of these different comments and many people said it perform
pretty well so let’s take a look at 10 or so of these iPhone XS great
performance no bugs great battery life the only thing they’re having a problem
with is their Apple watch battery is draining so fast in the evening I
normally have around 50% left and now 20% left and like I said people have
actually been commenting or contacting me about this with comments regarding
the Apple watch having a terrible battery life so keep that in mind so
iPhone X might be the smoothest beta in a while for myself at least YouTube
finally works on iPad OS battery life is great
my iPhone 6s plus and speed wise it’s pretty good for a latest beta so far
compared to the previous beta before I’ve had great battery life overall with
Iowa’s 13 betas so far I love all the new features like the new wallpapers the
new volume HUD and so much more and so far iOS 13 has been a great experience
to use now this is something I forgot to mention few little glitches like when my
phone is in landscape I lock in the line button is glitchy and doesn’t work well
a lot of people have been saying that it’s actually glitchy when you’re on a
different app and you rotate it some video apps work well but other apps were
not working in landscape so I thankfully have not had that issue but quite a few
are still having that issue or at least experiencing it for the first time
iPad 6th gen this is certainly better than previous beta for me from
performance less bugs smooth multitasking but battery life is OK
XS Max it’s great iPhone se working fine I haven’t found a single bug yet
it’s a good time Phone respring sometime so laggy and apps crash way more
frequently than on dev beta 4 on an iPhone 6s iPhone 7 I sometimes can’t
open control center or Notification Center on landscape mode and sometimes
when I type something in landscape it flashes in the right side of the
keyboard doesn’t work it instead thinks that I’m touching few letters to the
left so like I said issues with landscape for some reason seem to be a
common theme here more crash than public beta 3 on an A+ it’s not okay on my XR
a lot of bugs and YouTube is horrible will have a lot of bugs on my
iPhone froze every time again a lot of people still having issues battery was
lasting longer on previous public beta 13.3 some apps are activating iPhone to
show is restarting but not completing the action of while showing them
lockscreen iPhone X it works great for any beta on my iPad pro there are still
times when it randomly crashes an app I’m in also had a bug with the mail app
where after the update my emails disappeared disappeared however by
forced touching the app and choosing all inboxes they came back using iOS 13 beta
5 iPhone 7 plus it’s really smooth and normal battery life as I
12.4 let’s take a look at a couple more my bang cap still crashes and Mail app
freezes when moving mail into archive on my XR and the last one can you still
downgrade if you’re on public beta for sure you can downgrade to the previous
version of iOS 12 point for iOS 12 point three and twelve point three point one
can no longer be downgraded – and that’s really it I’m enjoying using iOS 13 but
again it’s been kind of buggy for me so I’m looking forward to the next version
and that should be hopefully Monday or Tuesday or a week from Monday and
Tuesday so either way we’ll see a beta within probably a week by the time
you’re watching this hopefully a couple days by the time you’re watching it but
it could be a week but let me know what you think in the comments below
of course I’ll link this wallpaper in the description as I always do if you
enjoyed this video please give it a like and if you haven’t subscribed already
please subscribe and hit that notification bell if you’d like to see
more of these videos as soon as they’re released as always thanks for watching
this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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100 thoughts on “iOS 13 Beta 5 and Public Beta 4 – Follow Up”

  • They still haven’t fixed the screenshot bug that reboots my iPhone X almost every single time! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Public beta 4 is a fucking piece of trash. I keep getting resprings, the stupid fucking volume is so sensitive, the control center doesn’t come down after some in land scape mode in YouTube, etc.

  • Hey Aaron hope your weekend was a great one! So two of my bigger issues are 1. I can’t run shortcuts, it just don’t work. 2. If I want to download a wallpaper from someone’s feed on Twitter, it opens google drive then I keep getting error message, therefore can’t download wallpapers unless I use the documents app. Any of these issues on either of your devices?

  • I decided to upgrade my main device to the public beta and I gotta say it’s really stable, few bugs here and there. Also the mail app is working for me no problem there, pretty satisfied with it.

  • Ever since i downloaded the public beta 4 my iphone xs my phone shuts down atleast once every 3 days why is it like that?

  • Is this the build that ends with F? iOS public beta 4? I can’t seem to update to this under updates there no updates.

  • But little bugs while playing games on Landscape mode. I cant swipe down the Notif and the control center

  • Tons of Apple mail issues as well as App Store. Done with iOS 13 until final. Feedback has been submitted probably 5 or more times. Photos. Videos etc sent.

  • I am on the public beta 4 and running it on my iPhone XR. I have had no issues and the ones I had in past betas has been fixed.

  • I’m just getting mad that my auto updates for public beta 4 isn’t downloading the app and I can’t download it manually.

  • Major WiFi issues. It’s definitely not my speeds because I have fiber and it never drops. So there’s definitely some bug.

  • I noticed the Apple Watch battery was worse for me. I’m on the latest version of Watch OS5 and iOS 13 Public Beta. Usually when I go to bed after a long day my watch would have about 50-60% and now it’s around 20%. This is a Series 4, 44MM.

  • Hi Aaron ihave ios13 on my iPad pro 9.7 inch it's great not many hugs although I don't use it a ton mainly at night use my iPhone xr more and still paranoid to update ios 13 beta in iPhone gonna wait til gold master releasevwhen they announce new iPhones by then it should be stable. Btw apple told me gold master was only for developers which I guess they don't know much cause I'm able to get it from public beta when it's available

  • Only real issues are the native mail app, also some touch issues where it glitches when trying to open or input in apps. Speed and battery are perfectly fine, this is on my iPad Air 2 and iPhone 7 as I use the current 12.4 on my two main devices iPhone XR and 8Plus

  • Best videos.Please help.How to download wallpapers for iPhone 6S.You have best wallpapers.Please links.Thank you

  • Working great on my iPhone XR , Battery life is nice and I have had zero issues. Love it. All, my apps work fine if not quicker YT zero crashes i have not had a single crash with any app or my games.

  • For me this beta has been great on my XSMax and I'm getting incredible signal, the only issue is when going to the widget tab after a wile it crashes sometimes

  • Same here. If I want to get the latest mail I need to close the mail app then reopen. Also, imap folders don’t open emails within nested folders.

    Also, the Safari download folder is now located under iCloud Drive. This should be located in iphone location not cloud locations like it was in beta 3

  • Battery not good on 6s plus but ios 13 runs smoothly with only a few bug, in the mail app and also weather not showing in lock screen when i wake up any more

  • Im on watchOS5 on Apple Watch Series 4 and iOS13 Public Beta 4 on iPhone XS Max and my battery on phone and watch is absolutely terrible. Never had an issue like this before on standard or beta versions. Worst ever for battery!

  • On my iPhone 7 sometimes it’ll look like it’s rebooting then takes me back to the homescreen. Also, my FaceTime doesn’t work :/

  • Aaron, I haven’t had the update for the new public beta on iPad, I am still on beat 4. I’ve tried the normal troubleshoot by resetting, but no luck. Any suggestions on how to make it available??

  • I have an intermittent issue of where my XR will not charge. The charging indicator is there, but overnight I went from 57% to 43%. It doesn't happen every night, but it's gotten to the point I don't charge overnight right now until I know it's been resolved. I have tried many different cables to rule that out. Yes, I have reported it along with logs to Apple via the Feedback app.

  • Hey.. please someone answer this.. running ios 13, beta 5 on 7 plus.. when i see lyrics in music app.. and the lyrics are in sync with the song it gets extremely hot.. is someone having this issue.?.. i have xsmax.. it doesnt get as hot as 7 plus.. dont know if it is getting that hot because of gthe glass casing and 7 plus having Aluminium casing..

  • I haven’t seen anyone address the issues with the Apple Music app yet. And there are many. It looks it goes a little crazy when changing networks, like coming from Wi-Fi connection to LTE. The app takes forever to load its content and sometimes, it stops the song at 6 seconds and simply doesn’t play it anymore… I have an iPhone seven, and a friend of mine just reported the the same is happening with his one, after he installed iOS 12.4

  • Hey Aaron I have iPhone 6s running iOS 13 beta 3 and I don't know how to get the beta 4 public update . I having some issues on my iPhone 6s some apps lagging up so in that case I think I should be downgrade on iOS 12.3.1 . This Is The Right Decision or not and If I downgrade on iOS to iOS 12.3.1 so the iPhone storage will be less or not .

  • In my iPhone 7 I’m getting keyboard glitches in some app like not popping up or like popping up wrong place so I don’t se where I’m writing. Most other bugs where squashed (screentime bugs with notifications not coming thru messages media bugs and editing pictures videos bugs all gone). Way more solid atleast on the iphone7.

  • iPhone 8 plus Beta 5 overheats my phone while using and charging. Charge brick also gets really hot. Had to go down to 12.4 (iPhone 8 plus Global Japan)

  • Apple watch battery life is terrible! I usually can go 2 days without a charge. Now, it’s less than a day and I already have to charge it

  • I used to really love apple and iOS. But once I try Android . Lol eyes wide open.

    Don't take me wrong thought .
    Just my personal preference.
    iOS vs Android is nonsense to me.
    Each OS have their pro and cons. Just which you prefer

  • Using ios 13 public beta 4 on my iPhone x/ best ios I’ve ever used, no issues or bugs, battery life very good and most of ios 13 features works fine can’t believe this is a beta version!
    Seems better than ios 12.4
    That was my experience.

  • Oh wow I thought it was just a lousy update for my Apple Watch. I recently updated to the most recent version of watchOS 5 and have noticed HORRENDOUS battery life. My series four watch no long makes it through a whole day/night anymore. It’s usually at 20-30% by 7pm. Before I would have enough juice to do some sleep tracking and wake up to 30% battery life. Not anymore. Glad to see that others are are also experiencing this, if only because it confirms that a fix may come once the gold releases of watchOS and iOS are released.

  • Thanks Aaron for your video, very informative. So far my experience is not that pleasant with Beta 5. Battery drains fast on the three devices that I installed iOS 13 beta 5 on them. From time to time the devices are getting hot. I hope beta 6 arrives soon. Beta 4 was working way better than beta 5. I fully understand it is beta and it is expected to have bugs, this is why I didn’t install them on the latest devices..

  • in beta 4 i have a vertical dead zone near the middle of the screen, so i cannot type any letters on the keyboard in that zone, or click any on screen buttons and IT SUCKS (iphone x)

  • When the iOS 13 is officially released, if I am on public beta, in order to upgrade to the official version, what I need to do is just remove the beta profile and reboot the device to get the upgrade, is it how this work?

  • Interesting observation, battery health on 12.3.1 6 month old XS and heading south about from March 19, ~1% a 3 weeks, was 94%, since on ios13 PB3 and 4, its not moving!! still 94% and holding.. Cheers

  • I don’t know if anyone had found out this bug in ios 13 – while you are playing the video on youtube, you won’t be able to open the notification tray for the second time (not first). In landscape mode.

  • This beta is OK on my device except for my Watch (watchOS 5.3) – awful battery life when connected to an iPhone with iOS 13, plus Mail app is really unstable in this one – crashing, mails not loading up, etc.

  • Hi Zollotech, on this Public Beta Apple Pay not working on my Iphone SE, do you have same problem or it’s only on my Iphone? (Sorry for my English, Im from Poland)

  • iOS 13 Public Beta 4 (developer beta 5) has worse battery life than previous beta, hope Apple fixes that in next release

  • I am running iOS 13 public beta 4 on iPhone X and there's a major glitch with the camera app. When you try and zoom beyond 1.9x, the camera display goes black. So, if you want to take pictures, I recommend waiting to update until the next beta comes out.

  • Can i ask, how do i disable the three finger gesture ? It really sucks when playing pubg using 3 finger because the text editting gesture appear when shooting and the game pause and die . Happen after update the ios 13 beta 5 for public beta

  • Another great video… Thanks for showing older versions in your videos… It helps.. I have the iPhone XR and Ipad Air 2. I love your videos….

  • Cant send a complete iMessage as the Apps like Safari iMessage when opened disappears after a short interval of time. Quite annoying! Hope they are able to sort this out.

  • Upgraded my 7 and my daughter's 6s just to get the Communication Limits feature under Settings / Screen time. Despite being touted on some on-line how-to videos I cannot see this feature on either iphone. Pretty effing frustrating. Apple no help whatsoever. Any other parents out there who don't want their 12 year olds making "friends" with creepy strangers in Peoria? Anyone able to see the Communication Limits feature on any iPhone using the beta?