Indian Deaf Community

Indian Deaf Community

This video includes 2 Deaf Indians who share about what the Deaf community in India are going through and different situations that they are advocating for okay? are you ready? (both) hiii !! Stacey: guess where I am now?! I am here in India! and I met him! Deepesh: yeah! My name is Deepesh Arora my sign name is: (shown as he twirls his right mustache) now we’ll discuss the differences between our Deaf communities, India and the USA. Are you ready? Deaf schools in the USA are named “…school for the Deaf.” So that are the usual names for Deaf schools in the USA there are no official names that includes “mute” or “dumb.” but I was taken by surprise when googling Deaf schools in India. And there are many named that way is that right ? – Deepesh: yes, yes there are many schools named like that It is probably because of the government think there are Deaf people who aren’t intelligent yet there are some intelligent ones There are variety of different Deaf Indians So, sometimes they use either “Deaf and dumb” and there are few of “Deaf and mute” Maybe if the Deaf people are more knowledgeable, due to having the access to education the sign (name) for the school would’ve been different if the government sees that they are educated and have the knowledge and communication skills but if Deaf people do not seem knowledge, the names vary (across the nation) Stacey: I see….so it varies. but do you like that word “dumb”? are you okay with that word? Deepesh: I really want just the word, “Deaf.” and do NOT add “dumb.” I want that erased. Stacey: right, to be completely erased – Deepesh: yes, that’s right. Just saying “Deaf” is the appropriate way Many Deaf people are advocating and want to change it to “Deaf.” But the community is also divided and have and have a disagreement about the word “Deaf” and some later agreed and stand together. In the USA, Deaf people are allowed to get a driver’s license new male: I am a Deaf Indian Many Deaf people ask whether it is true if that Deaf people cannot get a driver’s license in India I am telling you: this is not true. India have different states across the nation There are different states, and such cities are New Delhi, Mumbai. There is a state called, Kerala, they are allowed to get a driver’s license and Deaf people in Mumbai and New Delhi too. But it varies upon different states in India Those states that haven’t allowed Deaf people yet, they’re advocating for their rights So it is not true that it is impossible for Deaf Indians to get a driver’s license. There are about 50% who do have it and the other 50% that cannot have and are advocating So, there are two different situations for some of us. In the USA, we actually do have Closed Captions (CC). Although we do still have some problems with CC, such as there is no CC available or the CC is really bad there are other different problems too. But in the USA, there are CC are available across the nation. Abraham: India do have CC B U T it is only provided in the cities like New Delhi So a city usually have closed caption There are some cities that do not provide CC and some that does provide CC. CC isn’t provided ALL over of India. There are only few CC available across the nation now we are hoping that the old & new contents include closed captions A friend of mine established an association that is currently growing and will advocate so there are some CC available but we do have some phone apps that does include all media contents with CC that’s good. The problem now is the television and movie theaters some provide CC and some don’t. We will advocate for closed captions. So currently, we only have some captions in some areas great, thank you everyone, bye bye! Stacey: thank you so much for sharing! Deepesh: you’re welcome! Stacey: I want to let you know that this is the last video with discussing of the difference between the local Deaf community in other country and the Deaf community in the USA Comparing or discussing the difference with the USA, I realized that it was wrong of me to approach that way I don’t like the idea of comparison I didn’t want to show the other Deaf communities in a very negative light and compare mine in the positive light all the time. I didn’t mean it that way. I don’t want the other Deaf communities to look down upon (to look bad). Maybe some of you don’t feel that this type of video isn’t offensive or wrong I was hoping that these video series can educate all of us and to show that there are some Deaf communities that are currently going through the same situations or going through my situations. There are various of situations that all of us can be informed and they can maybe help to improve and advocate within their own Deaf community. but using comparison or showing the “difference,” it just does not feel right to me. it’s the wrong word to use and talk about. so what this means is that I plan to change it so it’s important to focus on the local Deaf community only and explain the difference between them and the USA so from now, I will still make a video about the local Deaf community in different country it will only be focused on THEM. I can still share my perspectives and my feelings about it but but it is important that their voice (hands) are being seen and the narrator of the story, not me. okay? hope you’re looking forward to next ones!

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3 thoughts on “Indian Deaf Community”

  • I think it's great you recognize the importance of highlighting their stories and perspectives. I think it's okay to point out the differences between your culture and theirs because you aren't saying one is better than the other. To me, you have always come across as respectful when discussing these differences and at times you even are an advocate with them for their own rights.

  • Thank you for your video! My plane goes July 16h from Amsterdam to New Delhi and will stay there for 2 weeks and maybe visit Jaipur too. I've contacted the Indian Deafs at Facebook and am by your video already very excited! Thank you again 🙂