IHE Delft 💧 Interview with PhD fellow Natalia Reyes Tejada

IHE Delft 💧 Interview with PhD fellow Natalia Reyes Tejada

I decided to do my PhD mostly because I studied political science and I have always worked with rural developments and slowly I started with irrigation and water projects. At some point, I felt that I was lacking a bit on knowledge on water itself So, I decided to start a PhD to deepen my knowledge on water and get more insight of the interdisciplinarity around water issues. Also, I thought that a PhD is a really amazing opportunity to research what you are passionate about without too much responsibilities other than that. When I finished my Masters I received a scholarship for doing a traineeship at UNESCO in the office for Latin America and the Caribbean in the International Hydrological Programme I was acquainted with the water family of UNESCO. One of the main centers at the moment was IHE Delft. I got interested in the work of IHE Delft. I found out a lot of information about my promotor and the work environment in IHE Delft and that The Netherlands is a power when it comes to water research in the world. I decided to give it a shot and it turned out well. My PhD Research is part of a bigger project called the UDW project Urbanizing Deltas of the World in Maputo We are working mainly with a waste water treatment plant and the water reclamation for other uses to balance out the demand of fresh water in Maputo in Mozambique. What I am doing is trying to establish the relationships in changing water qualities in the valley where the waste water treatment plant is located. and the social relations of production of the small scale farmers in the area. More particularly, to female farmers. After I finish my PhD I wish I can go back to the development world and try to work in a development agency with the knowledge that I got during my PhD Also being able to talk back to the technical world and the international cooperation. If I could give a message to someone who is thinking of starting a PhD I would say inform yourself and be sure that this is what you would like to do because a PhD is a lot of responsibility and it is a huge commitment. You really need to like your topic and be sure you like your team and that you are going to enjoy doing a PhD Because you have to do it for four years

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  • Yeah little bit nervous and it is natural but the great thing is, you're doing a great job, inspiration millions of people around the world. Keep shine dear!