I am a North Korean Defector, Would You Hug me? [Social Experiment In South Korea]

I am a North Korean Defector, Would You Hug me? [Social Experiment In South Korea]

-Please do read the description- (Maybe she will?) (Jun has caught some attention) (people realize that this is a social experiment for a good cause. But will they step forward and participate?) “-May I know why you are doing this?” *Smiles* It’s for.. Human Rights.” “For Human Rights?” Yeah. “Okay.” (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) “Hello!”
Hello 🙂 (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean)Thank you. “Fighting!” “-uh.. Ah..” (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) “Thank you~”
Thank you (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you. “-Fighting~!” *Thumbs up* (In Korean) Thank You. “Fighting~”
(In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you.
“Thank you too” (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you. *Discussing with friend* “-We are not from South Korea, but we trust you.” Thank you. (In Korean) Yes. (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) “Is it okay if it’s a man?”
*Rough translation, sorry* (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you. “You’re welcome.” Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) “Hello~” (In Korean) Hi 🙂 (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) “Thank you~~”
Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you! (In Korean) Thank you. *I couldn’t hear what she says. Sorry. If you were able to understand please be free to add it here*
Jun – (In Korean) Thank you. Thank you.
“You’re welcome.” (In Korean) Thank you.
“Yes :)” (In Korean) Thank you.
“Yes :)” (In Korean) “Hello~”
Thank you. (in Korean) “Hey!”
Thank you.
“You’re good.” (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you. “You know, I was born—-” (couldn’t hear properly) Thank you. “Hello”
Thank you. (In Korean)Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) Thank you. (In Korean) “Thank you~” *Thanks to everyone who participated, the world, has slightly, but definitely, become a better place. 🙂 *

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    (KOR-ENG) Hello, my name is Jun. I was born in North Korea and I tried to escape North Korea Two times in 2005 and 2008. When I escaped North Korea in 2005, i was arrested by Chinese police in Beijing and sent back to North Korea. i had to be in Sinuiju prison several months. After 3 years in 2008, I tried to escape again and I could arrive in Shanghai China. i had been in Shanghai about 2 years. In 2011, finally I could arrive in South Korea. Now i am studying Political Science in Seoul National University.
    There are two reasons why i stood in front of people. First, as one of the South Korean member of Congress has said that all of the Defector is traitor. I think that the views of North Korean Defectors in South Korean society can not be seen as positive. The Second reason is that there have been many incidents of manipulating North Korean Defectors as spies so far, and even though these cases have been consequently found innocent, these cases already had a negative impact on people thinking of North Korean Defectors. Some of the South Korean people said like "oh i am not thinking of North Korean Defector negatively" on my Facebook and YT channel. But there are different people and ideas, so even a person think of me positively, one man's thoughts do not represent all. the fact is there are too high barriers of mind between South Korean and North Korean Defectors.#JUNHEO#JUNHEO#northkorean#northkroeandefector
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  • admito que me dolió la indiferencia de los coreanos, pero me puso muy feliz la actitud de los turistas hacia el chico. Ojalá que cada vez haya más gente así y podamos romper todas las barreras para haya más amor en el mundo. Mas diversidad y menos prejuicio por raza, religión, o lo que sea. 💛

  • Why the korean..few of them do not hug you.. while we are foreigner saw you as a human what ever you defend, its a free country, free from war now..just like us, ma country also hv big and hurting history bfore. What ever happen it was just a history..you are not part of that..but we believe in you..

  • For the first 3 minutes I was really pissed I mean it's just a hug and if i was there I would have hugged him so tightly.🌼🌼🌼

  • Hello Jun Heo I am from Peru🇵🇪 you have had a lot of courage in doing this👏 and in my country you would be very welcome ❤ #FIGHTINGH JUN HEO💪

  • I saw so many people goes on on the street.
    Sometimes quitely shock and then get the picture,
    Sometimes they are just didn't care about what he did,
    Sometimes just reading on the paper,
    Sometimes they are talking a little issus and then Left.

    And then… One by one came, say hello and give Hug »» Then say Thank you. Every single tourism do the same thing as well.

    With all Respect… For me, between South & North [Korea] is a “TWIN” was separated over Many years ago by “War & Ego” 😔😔

  • You guys have no idea I would have ran to him and give him the biggest hug I can give to anybody <3<3

    No matter where you come from we are all the same and equal and shouldn't be treated differently<3<3<3<3 HUGS FOR YOU AND EVERYONE READING THIS

  • Yo vi uno que me emociono mucho por que como 8 amigos eran hombres y mujeres llegaron corriendo y levantaron al muchacho y fue muy bonito y lo que me emociono mas fue que eran mexicanos :0

  • I just would've been confused by the wording at first really just the use of the word "defector" but anyone willing to be peaceful and give out hugs can definitely get one from me


  • I would hug you, because you know what? We’re all the same.. no matter what. We were put on the same Earth and crafted by the same hand. In the end we’re all human.

  • This made me cry, because a person is not to blame for whatever happened in the past of their culture, we all need to be treated the same… I think, this is very bad and sad not for him, if not for all the ignorant people who just looked at him and took a picture. That's made me feel like a bad person like they, Because I'm human.

  • ningun durcoreano lo abrazo porq norcorea y surcorea son diferentes en un pais eso es ilegal y pueden hasta apresar al q lo haga

  • I’m a Japanese teenager. Let’s show our generation’s power to all over the world. Our generation can make a peaceful world which hasn’t seen ever . It doesn’t matter which nationality we have.

    Dear respectful our generation.
    I believe we can come true our ideal world by ourselves. Someday we should meet in our peaceful world. There aren’t any hate, racism, fear.

  • Por qué esa indiferencia con los norcoreanos?

    Eh visto vídeos así, pero entonces son personas latinas y los surcoreanos son más fáciles con ellos, por qué no con un norcoreano.

  • Esses coreanos são pessoas extremamente frias e individualistas. Sem empatia alguma com o próximo.
    Brazil pode ter os problemas e os defeitos que for, mas as pessoas aqui tem empatia, ajudam, se colocam no lugar do próximo

  • ❤Yo si lo abrazaria❤, 😅no importa si es de corea del Norte o Sur😅 , ❤todos somos libres de hacer lo que queramos❤ , ❤yo no le daria un abrazo, le daria diez abrazos❤

  • 포옹은 사람이 머리에 포옹이나 애무로 허용하는 모든 것을 바꾸어줍니다. 문제는 있지만 사람들은 받아들이지 않아서 기독교인이기 때문에

  • Hugs we should all love each other and not hate!, doesn’t matter where we come from or the color of our skin, religions,or sexual orientation!, we should love each other and respect each other! End hate,racism etc

  • Por lo general en estas situaciones se pide dinero, ya que te vas con lo poco que puedes cargar y empezar desde cero en un lugar desconocido no es nada fácil. Pero vos te la re ingeniaste, yo por mi parte noto un trasfondo al experimento y creo que necesitabas del calor y hamabilidad humana. No sé mucho sobre la situación en Corea del Norte pero sé que están desesperados y la pasan muy mal, así que pedir abrazos es como una forma de… ¿transmitir? Toda esa tristeza y demás cosas. Yo sigo creyendo que somos como los pingüinos, hasta que uno no da el primer paso el resto no hace nada. Saludos y fuerza desde Argentina.

  • If I were you, I'd run for you.Because you and I are the same person and you are more distressed than I am.I hope everyone will think like me.That's all I love you from Japan.

  • Me da mucha emoción ver el final cuando los chicos lo abrazaron y cantaron fue muy hermoso 🖤, me causó mucha tristeza la indiferencia de esas personas que no lo abrazaron, si hubiera esta en Perú, lo abrazaba y no lo dejaba ir 😁 muchos exitos 💚

  • Não consegui conter as lágrimas, não deveríamos ser tão mesquinhos uns com os outros, é apenas um abraço não vai cair um braço ao abraçar o próximo, sinta-se abraçado por mim 🇧🇷🖤

  • For the first few minutes I started getting really anxious, and then I was like if only a black person would walk by, cause they been fighting for human rights for so long and understand better how it feels. Then boom, he showed up😂and started it. Black people are always down for everyone when it comes to oppression.

  • Don’t judge only what they are from the past but look ahead on what will they will do or become in the future❤️

  • 日本語題名なのに日本語のコメントが全然ないことに驚いた。どこの国でも人は人 日韓関係以上に繊細な事なのかもしれないけどYouTubeやネットを使って広まっていく新しい時代なのかも


  • Hi! My name is Sophie. I'm a high school student living in Canada. I really want to travel to Korea one day, and maybe even get a degree to teach there. This video was so touching! Subscribed.

  • Guay que bello video le doy un aplauso a este chico por lo que hizo es un orgullo para la sociedad y esa gente que lo miraban como un bicho eso es una vergüenza ellos no son diferentes a nosotros ellos son tal y como nosotros ellos no eligieron amar a un chico o una chica ellos nacieron con ese don y yo se los agradezco por ser un orgullo para el mundo

  • Creo que en definitiva el mundo necesita de más personas que participen activamente y que no solo "difundan" tomando una foto para subirla a sus redes y conseguir likes. Necesitamos más de las cálidas personas que lo abrazaron en grupo y estaban cantando todos juntos.

  • Ohhhhh I really want to hung you ,😭😭 I really hated that's people who click pictures 😣 lots of love and support from india 🇮🇳 😊