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100 thoughts on “How to Stand Out from the Crowd on Social Media”

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  • There are so many good creators on here I watch. The niches I watch are work from home, moms, beauty, content creators, etc.

  • An accurate dramatization of the frustration of being in the social media hamster wheel… No overacting ; ) Reality!

  • Strategy to standout is to be UNIQUE.
    But everyone is unique.
    So be yourself.

    The question is, do you love yourself to be yourself?

  • How I just wanted to know to recognize what made a video rank so that we can do that for other videos too?

  • This was a fantastic, easy to understand, very articulate presentation of unique selling proposition. Well done and gratefully received. Thank you!

  • I am working on figuring out how to stand apart from everyone else in my niche… I find there are limitations to what can be done in my niche, which is why I've had a hard time really committing 100% to my niche. I am a newbie to YouTube, but I am trying to learn as much as I can to start and continue my journey in the right direction.

  • That's one of the hardest things in media. MY channel is Photoshop Learning Channel i started my channel now i am growing up. And i will grow up. But need time.

  • Nikkitutorials I love beauty vlogs, hers is my fav because she always does wearable glam makeup. She's also a full coverage type which I love to see because I'm not. I like a medium to sheer coverage. My goal is to have a beauty channel.

  • We're polarizing calling ourselves crips…other crips either love us or hate us. It's all in how comfortable in your skin you are.

  • Great video I just need to find out a way to stand out but I’m going to keep coming back and getting tips so I can grow bigger😂👌🏽👍🏽

  • I got a question about Youtube, I hit my 1000 subs(have since almost doubled that) with 3x the watch time 4 months ago… I watched another video & sent a message a few weeks ago. Any advice on how to speed up the monetization "review" process? Thanks for all the tips… have a great day, take it easy…

  • Max Maxwell is killing it Started not too long ago and his Real Estate Investing Content is Amazing for those who want to start with no money!!

  • Great video! I agree with you about Youtube and it was very funny the way you described of the Social Media Hamster Wheel 😂 lol

  • Think media is 💯% my favorite YouTuber because you help me so much learn things to help improve my content. Thanks Sean!

  • I make video's about my life and working in the hospital as a 19 year old. You may call it vlogs but I think it brings a different perspective

  • This channel is miles ahead of other channel which teach how to do YouTubing. While others are teaching how to upload videos on YouTube this channel is teaching in depth analysis of how to read your audience mindset to interact with them by understanding your weakness, limitation and what your competitors missing out where you can do better.

  • Moment of silence for the “who cares” section of the diagram 🤫 ….. ok now I got to go pin pin pin pin pin pin post pin snap pin tweet pin 🤣🤣🤣

  • Well you know you're great at what you do, but within my niche there's a guy named Kil, channel is called Shibe Park Media and he does really great hip-hop content.

  • Ok I have a polarizing issue that I strongly believe in and would die protecting my children from. I thought I should keep it out of my videos….but I may use it now…

  • A Preacher named Mark Finley https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOuDMda3jxj-g_iI1P2d2zw Great Thumbnails, Content and setup.

  • Watch and Love all your videos . Sorry like the way you said StarBucks coffee might be burnt but you can get it consistently all over the world lol interesting vid on YouTube about why StarBucks wasn’t successful in Australia and yet flourished elsewhere . It ties in so well with Knowing your market /customers, Niche and Branding , your demographics !

  • Hey the Light you recommended from the video about a week ago that attaches to your smartphone has been taken off the seller page from Arkon. I was wondering if you have another suggestion that would produce high-quality lighting for around the same price line. Thank you:)

  • My only issue is that I’m not sure what I do well is my audience wants 🤷‍♀️ Also the last part is HILARIOUS at 1.5 speed

  • I like regular ppl talking about their regular routine. I watch for personality. Education, too, if there’s something I want to learn, but then I won’t subscribe. I like regular people, small channels that are not trying to sell me anything. I wish YT would support them more.

  • I liked your Hamster wheel, run. run.., run. Hahaha Totally laughing. During your talk I made a decision about my channel. Making a minor change but I expect good things. Thanks Sean

  • Great video! Thanks so much for sharing this valuable info! Love your channel!

    To answer your question, Sorelle Amore is definitely one of those content creators worth watching. She’s coined the method of “advanced selfies,” and teaches, through example, how to cultivate a happy and authentically fulfilling life.
    Not to mention that she’s extremely skilled and quite hilarious!
    I’m definitely a fan!

  • I've got my ways, first I didn't see anyone else focusing on night street photography. Also too many of them photogs just shilling cameras and gear review, none of that for my viewers 😉

  • Ok guys I need help! I have a cooking channel but struggling on how to be different. Do you have any ideas?

  • I’m giggling how into it you’re getting about how much it is to maintain other platforms LOL but it’s all true

  • Sean.. I HOPE to meet you (and Benji) one day. You have helped me so so so so much! and you are so generous with your information! Thanks Brother!

  • Thanks for the Great Content! I am launching a sci-fi animated web series on YouTube and was wondering if you had any special tips for me.

  • Adam Neely is amazing because he has the ability to take saturated formats like Q&A and infuse them with so much interesting content that it becomes very engaging. Also he has the ability to pick very complex themes and make them simple.

  • Watched your online master class and it’s helped me tons with helping me improve different aspects of my channel! Hope you guys are starting to see results with your work in YouTube!

  • Great video, LOVE the flower pot visual!!! August will be 2 years I've been creating content with over 10,000 views without converting them into Subscribers…still working on figuring it out!🤔

  • I like watching Natalie Bennett because shes a conservative christian, and a mom who also seems to care about beauty and her health and well being. She is who I aspire to be as a Youtuber.

  • You should have Amazon Canada affiliate links!! I would love to support you because you helped me so much to make decisions, but I don't want to purchase from Amazon USA.

  • I am your subscriber in India
    I have a dream to start a YouTube channel but I have no phone or camera for shooting my vedio please help me please send me a camera for shooting my vedio please I send messages to many you tubers but they not replay my message please replay please send me a camera for shooting l love you and your channel

  • Come on, come to my channel, good luck, there are tutorials, games, short films, etc. And don't forget the subscription.

  • Hey Sean/Benji – I had a question about demonetization. Is it true that you’re not allowed to put affiliate links in the description section? Does YouTube demonetize your videos for that? Also does putting a link to a website/blog hamper your reach in terms of YouTube promoting your video.

  • Hi, I am starting a youtube channel which will help people to discover books via listening their synopses. English is not my native language and I would like to know if I must record my own voice even if English is not my first language and I may have some mistakes, or I should use a text to speech app? I would appreciate if you answer my question

  • Im doing my own fitness channel n my favorite youtuber right now would be goody beats. Great content n he's actually seems like a genuine n down to earth person.

  • Sean your channel inspired me to start my youtube channel in 2019! I am just documenting my life, I am just trying to be myself and I am not thinking about money! Keep up the great work!

  • Hi Big fan of your work ! Sadly my channel is not growing, don't know were I am going wrong ! Need your help 😟

  • My top 3 favourite creators (and in no particular order). Think Media (of course!), Peter McKinnon and a guy from Melbourne, Australia called North Borders

  • Can i say Me lol"Livin the Dream Bright Eyes"on utube,,,,,I follow ur vids and work 7 days a week then i do my channel,I get a Hit out of every new Subscriber so do my kids,I do love ur information <Happy Days

  • I admire Gerald Undone lately. He is knowledgeable about the technical aspects of filmmaking in general.

  • 7 out of 8 videos I released so far have crossed 1000 views in a month by His grace! Thanks a ton for your tips, Sean. Keep up the good work 💐

  • Hahaha yes you made me stressed a bit with the social media hamster wheel, but that is probably because I feel that having to post stress on a real level. Insta for example is very quick, you can gain followers really quick, but also lose them real quick. Youtube is a bit more of a tough cookie when it comes to gaining following and being watched, but I agree that in the long run it is a better investment of your time.

    I am using my insta to promote my youtube, but that only works to some extend. In the end it comes down to really do the work on youtube, make good content and grind on your interaction on a real level with like minded viewers. Having a niece helps, but I agree that trying to find that something special that is unique to you or your channel is also going to help. It should fit you to escape the burn out, but I think I have two fun ideas that could be my USP.

    Thanks again for a great vid!

  • yo @think media your channel is buzzing man you have inspired me to be a YouTube gamer id love to know if you have any tips how to grow my channel if you get time bro check me out and hit me up with some tip would be much appreciated

  • content creators i think bring something different: jacksepticeye, dan lok, linus tech tips, abroad in japan, neil patel, evan carmichael, doctor mike, philip defranco, the game/film theorists, jim kwik

  • Could you advise me! I want to create YouTube videos and reviews. I have a serious down fall to this idea, I'm afraid because I have no teeth and no money for dentures! I'm afraid to try things I want to try because of no teeth. I don't know how I could present myself before a judgmental world.
    Any help or advice.

  • Thanks Sean! I keep searching with how or what tool to use to make my channel stand out. I think you’ve given me the answer! Thank you!

  • Thanks for the video, I was thinking I was doing it wrong with my videos not looking like others in home fitness

  • Sir until now i cant fix my niche what should be each either photography, health tips and travel vlog what should i do? I really hope that this channel will help me

  • One of my rising YouTube createors is Fototripper. Gavin Hardcastle is a photographer with lots of humor. He shows some great tips and is always having fun.

  • You're so right about YouTube. I come here first for 99.99% of things. HAHA when you were describing the hamster wheel 20 tweets a day thing!

  • You're my fav content creator because of your free very useful content. Second, is Amy Landino because she's helping me be productive and go after the life that I want. Third, Anna Mascara because she inspires me to be a great student in college.