How To Schedule Social Media Posts

How To Schedule Social Media Posts

Social media takes so much time. Do you have this problem? Social media, I feel like I spend so much
time on it. Time that I’m not going to dedicate to my
business. Somebody asked me, “How do you keep up with
all of your social media and still run your business?” Well, the way I do it is I pre-schedule content. HootSuite helps me stay in contact across
all the platforms, it’s got some really unique features, but what I wanted to share with
you today is the bulk scheduling platform. It allows you to share 350 posts at one time. Come on everyone, let’s get started, I’m gonna
show you how I use it. Once you’re in the publisher tab, you can
see the different views. This is day of the week, tomorrow, you’ll
see all these posts in here. If we want to move them, we can just move
them. You can edit them, delete them. Also, you can see by days of the week. You can see everything I have going out next
week. As well as you can see by the month. I use the bulk composer. They give you a template to download, so I
will download this example template. It’s gonna be a CSV file, which is what you’re
going to need. This is just a sample, but it shows you what’s
going to be posted. This is the time and this is in 24 hour time. This is your post and this is the URL link
or a photo. You’re gonna have to plan your times out here
and make sure that they go out at the proper time, a.m. or p.m., schedule what you want
to say here to go out with your comments and keep in mind the character count. Whether you’re going to use this for Twitter,
Instagram or Facebook. Just keep in mind, you cannot repeat these
comments. You have to change them around. You can’t have the same comment. I also always use hashtags, because I want
the stuff to be relevant and get to the right audience, so that’s a little bonus tip, is
to make sure that you use hashtags with your post. I check my hashtags at I would always tell you to check your links
and make sure that they work before you post this. I know that this link works if somebody clicks
on it. But once you’re done with this, just save
this file and then go over to HootSuite. You’re going to select the file to upload. Choose the networks I want to share to. I would select, “Do not shorten links.” But only because I already use shortened links. Then I would select, “Review messages.” Now it’s going to show you all of these messages,
and you can view them by clicking on them and see what they’re going to look like. If you over-type this message, you can see
it says, “This message is too long for Twitter.” Don’t worry, it will prompt you and let you
know something is wrong. Then you can do your preview and then you’re
gonna do your schedule. I’m not gonna do this because I don’t want
to schedule into my post right now. You’re gonna schedule 350 messages at a time
in the bulk scheduler and have those going out, which that equates to like one a day
for an entire year. But the cool thing is, you can also add manual
messages and those can go out as much as you want. I’m pretty sure that’s unlimited, who knows. I don’t know if anybody’s tapped out on that,
let me know in the comments below. Okay, so now you know how to use the HootSuite
bulk scheduler and save so much time on social media. Now, if you need help setting up the rest
of your business, check out the checklist in the description below. You can set this up for yourself, it’s so
easy to do. If you like this video, let me know by hitting
the like button below and sharing it with your friends. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you in the next
video. That means that’s 350 days, if you just did
one a year. Just one, no what, not one a year. Oh my god, one a day. If you just did one a day, that would be your
entire season. Year, year. I hope that’s good enough.

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