How policewomen make communities safer | Ivonne Roman

How policewomen make communities safer | Ivonne Roman

I’ve been a police officer
in an urban city for nearly 25 years. That’s crazy, right? And in that time,
I’ve served in every rank, from police officer to police chief. A few years ago,
I noticed something alarming. Starting in 2014, I started monitoring recruits as they cycled through police academies
in the state of New Jersey, and I found that women were failing
at rates between 65 and 80 percent, due to varying aspects
of the physical fitness test. I learned that a change in policy now required recruits
to pass the fitness exam within 10 short workout sessions. This had the greatest impact on women. The change meant that recruits
had about three weeks out of a five-month-long academy to pass the fitness exam. This just didn’t make sense, though. Police agencies and police recruits had made huge investments
to get those recruits into the academy. Police recruits had passed
lengthy background checks, they had passed medical
and psychological exams, they had quit their jobs. And many had spent more
than 2,000 dollars in fees and equipment just to get kicked out
within the first three weeks? The dire situation in New Jersey led me to examine the status
of women in policing across the United States. I found that women make up
less than 13 percent of police officers. A number that hasn’t changed much
in the past 20 years. And they make up just three percent
of police chiefs as of 2013, the last time the data was collected. We know that we can improve those rates. Other countries like Canada,
Australia and the UK have nearly twice the amount
of policewomen. And New Zealand is steadily marching
towards their goal of recruit gender parity by 2021. Other countries are actively working to increase the number
of women in policing, because they know of a vast body
of research evidence, spanning more than 50 years, detailing the advantages
to women in policing. From that research, we know that policewomen
are less likely to use force or to be accused of excessive force. We know that policewomen
are less likely to be named in a lawsuit or a citizen complaint. We know that the mere presence
of a policewoman reduces the use of force
among other officers. And we know that policewomen
are met with the same rates of force as their male counterparts,
and sometimes more, and yet they’re more successful in defusing violent
or aggressive behavior overall. So there are vast advantages
to women in policing, and we’re losing them
to arbitrary fitness standards. The problem is, the United States has nearly
18,000 police agencies — 18,000 agencies with wildly varying
fitness standards. We know that a majority of academies
rely on a masculine ideal of policing that works to decrease
the number of women in policing. These types of academies
overemphasize physical strength, with much less attention spent
to subjects like community policing, problem-solving and interpersonal communication skills. This results in training that does not
mirror the realities of policing. Physical agility is but a small
component of police work. Much of an officer’s day is spent
mediating interpersonal conflicts. That’s the reality of policing. These are my babies. And we can reduce
the disparity in policing by changing exams
that produce disparate outcomes. The federal courts have stated
that men and women simply are not physiologically the same for the purposes
of physical fitness programs. And that’s based on science. Respected institutions
that law enforcement deeply respects, like the FBI, the US Marshals Service, the DEA and even the US military — they rigorously test fitness programs
to ensure they measure fitness without gender-disparate outcomes. Why is that? Because recruiting is expensive. They want to recruit and retain
qualified candidates. You know what else the research finds? Well-trained women are as capable
as their male counterparts in overall fitness, but more importantly, in how they police. The law-enforcement community is admittedly experiencing
a recruitment crisis. Yet, if they truly want to increase
the number of applicants, they can. We can easily recruit more women and reap all those research benefits by training well-qualified candidates
to pass validated, work-related, physiologically-based fitness exams, as required by Title VII
of the Civil Rights Act. We can increase the number of women, we can reduce that gender disparity, by simply changing exams
that produce disparate outcomes. We have the tools. We have the research,
we have the science, we have the law. This, my friends,
should be a very easy fix. Thank you. (Applause)

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100 thoughts on “How policewomen make communities safer | Ivonne Roman”

  • today a policeman in the netherlands killed 4 people at home then himself it would never have happened without male violence

  • Officer cupcake 🎂 may I call you officer cup cake? what in the f#*k are you thinking? everything you just said is backwards, can you at least do a belly dance to make up for our collective suffering?

  • Policewomen are significantly more likely to shoot people unjustly. Policewomen are unable to arrest men that resist arrest. So yeah, let's have more police women and more corpses and more criminals at large.

  • Seen to much footage of police women overpowered by average men with no combat training. Empathy and conflict deescalation are great assets but in direct confrontation a woman can feel threatened way sooner than a man would and even reach for the gun before it's necessary.

  • this need not be a gender argument. it's a matter of mentality
    regardless of gender. emphasize deescilation, legalize non-violent
    offences, take on a role of coommunity support instead of property

  • I am a former federal cop. I loved my job, it’s not a job I recommend for anyone unless you have a big heart and can deal with people’s bull. ❤️👮🏽‍♀️

  • Women leaders historically have been way more ruthless and unjust. I think those types of women(that are able to rise to the top) in those positions lack empathy.

  • Not everything has to be 50/50 in gender, some things naturally draw in one gender. Nothing is stopping a woman from becoming a police officer, but she’s definitely going to have to work harder at it (on average) because men (on average) are physically stronger. There are also female dominated careers like veterinarians, social workers, nurses, and child care because women (on average) are more caring of others than men (on average).

  • How women flip light switches better than men

    I hope this keeps getting worse so the rampant entitlement that more and more women have becomes more apparent and unreasonable to those who currently refuse to see it.

  • The minority of good officers I applaud and honor! The majority of officers are profiling, bullying, corrupt, racist scumbags who are destroying our communities, instead of protecting and SERVING them! There are great female officers out there making a difference, but why do a majority of these female officers always feel like they have something to prove to themselves or the men on the force! These women officers I speak of always have an attitude and scowl on there face, treating everyone like a criminal unjustly! Never forget you work for and get paid by “WE THE PEOPLE”! Practice what you preach! Accountability and corruption do not mix! It’s time for a stand and to truly police the police! Karma!🤬


    I'm a police officer in Brazil. Sao Paulo. Women are not respected much less feared by thieves. yes, it is necessary to have a woman, but only in the big centers and certainly there is no way to have equality of herds.

  • I partly agree with that, because, I would prefer a woman to check my documents in street because I am less afraid of her than I am afraid of a man officer.

  • Why lower the bar for physical tests? Raise it for psychological de-escalation tests that you claim women are better at.

  • Why should we lower our standards… Maybe you should post ahead of time what is required so men and women. Can prepare and work towards passing.

  • Women – "We can do anything, and better than men"
    Also women – "We need men with guns to steal people's $ to enact a genocide by killing babies in the womb, lets call it taxes and a woman's right to chose to slaughter the most helpless and vulnerable"

  • What can possibly go wrong? 🤔
    COPS: Feminist Edition (Series)! | Louder With Crowder

  • funny how that female cop that had her gun taking away from that guy help keep him safe from the male cops that put him down last week

  • People are completely misunderstanding. I don't think she's saying they should drop the standards, just give the new trainees more time so the women aren't disadvantaged.

  • If you cant pass the current fitness portion, male, female or otherwise, then you dont belong on the force. Why should we lower standards? Start training harder if you want to do the job of an officer!

  • Standards are there for a reason this is like complaining about how you didn’t get into a college cause you got bad grades ffs.

  • The following both can't be true.
    1. "Men and women are physiologically different… that's just science… the shouldn't have the same tests"
    2. "Women are as capable as their male counterparts in overall fitness"

  • Im gonna guess because shes a police? Probably the same way policemen do? Or are people really going "gee im sure glad theres a woman here now boy i feel safe, i didnt before because there were just policemen and they obviously lack that certian exclusive to women safety granting capability, makes you wonder how our communities even survived before!"

  • Jesus Fchuck! how much more proof do you need? officer Gotmynails Did isn't enuff?
    robbers RUN RIGHT INTO 3 cops in New Orleans Police shooting

  • This is complete Marxist madness, let alone 100% false propaganda, Victoria Police have been made impotent due to gender and diversity hires, :

  • How did I know that this would have a high ratio of dislikes? I just had the feeling it would before I clicked on it and I was right.

  • Police of either gender are corrupt tyrants with a mandate for murder who get off on being in charge. They can all fucking die as far as I’m concerned

  • Been seein a lot of fat cops, maybe if fitness were mandatory like a newly osha card this wouldn't be an issue. Especially if in order to get in you're required to be fit to some degree.

  • Just don't replace every single police officer with a 5'2" woman weighing the same as a medium sized dog. 3 Swedish Police women struggled to control ONE rabid man. You can want to be inclusive, woke and believe in all this "strong, independent and equal" stuff until the cows come home, but wishful thinking can't change the rules of nature.

  • I love police girls. Every policewoman I've seen in my country Iceland looks very physically fit and it gives me confidence in their ability to help and protect me. All women can pass the test if they are prepared and work hard enough. The test is not there to filter out women. It's there to make sure you are fit for the job regardless of gender. The job is harder for women because they aren't as strong as men on average and they need to be able to overpower and control a male criminal. It's common sense. I hope many strong women join the police force because they have many advantages over men mentally.

  • A thug isn't going to take it easy on a female officer.. so why should standards lower? We don't see this issue in the military so why do you think there is an issue here? I'm also pretty sure most civilians don't really care too much about the corrupt DEA….

  • Even your thesis is wildly incorrect. According to the largest survey on interpersonal and domestic violence in the world, the National Crime Victimization Survey, women instigate a majority of domestic violence. The most common form of DV is a woman hitting a man who doesn't hit back. Child abuse is overwhelmingly perpetrated by mothers acting alone. In addition, of all the pairings, violence is most common in lesbian domestic partnerships.

  • Women are also more likely to be lenient on someone who should've gone to jail due to lack of knowledge on male behavior, in other words (but not necessarily in all elements), more naive.

  • Although I do agree with lowering the physical exam standards seeing as how the great majority aren't forced to MAINTAIN said physical requisites. They either lower the standard or they maintain the standard throughout their whole employment or at least allow women to enter with a lower standard but must meet or exceed said standard by the end of their probationary period which is about another 2 to 4 months (depending on precinct). Pretty sure all women have no problem doing this over a total of 6 to 8 months right??

  • Some women can be great officers… who are also capable of meeting the standards any officer should meet. Women in most cases dont belong in certain jobs/careers. In the military, sure… but not in the infantry units because it creates a dynamic and unsafe conditions. No one is saying ALL women arnt capable of doing lots of things.. but you dont see me being in child care.

  • Ok? There’s a gap. Why is that just bad as a default? It’s biological fact that on average, women are not as strong as men. This just means that the women who do get in are more likely to be the ones who wanted to be there, and are capable of being there. Lowering standards for women would mean a lot less cops who are physically capable of pushing through this difficult and dangerous job. We drew a line, and we aren’t going to modify and redraw it because you don’t like the rules. That’s not the way life works, and if you don’t understand that, you shouldn’t be on that stage.

  • Policewomen are also likely to be useless in situations, demanding physical strength and agility. If you can't keep up to men's standards of training, you need to find the job that suits your abilities better.

  • This is a physical job. Why would you ever think you deserve that job if you can't physically do it? Why aren't you training BEFORE you decide to go to the academy? Obviously this is a general lack of physical fitness and preparedness. If I wanted a job I would make sure I was fit enough before I went out for it. Stop complaining about it and get the women in the gym. I'm tired of laziness and the attitude you have that you just deserve it even though you don't want earn it or to get fit first. If you train and you are still too weak and fat then you don't deserve that job. I don't want to be rude because putting other women down is terrible but I want to say that just looking at her she's not fit. She looks overweight and weak. How is she an officer? How do I see so many male and female fat and out of shape officers to begin with? They must think our safety is a joke.

  • The reason there's a fitness test isn't to keep women out. It's to make sure officers can chase down dangerous men with guns who as stated a physiological stronger and faster on average and you need to be able to handle those situations when they arise.

  • A woman shooting an innocent person is not better than a man doing so. Addressing the issues with police impunity and use of force is not helped by having more women cops.

  • How can one be both a policewoman and have children? It's monstrous to know that the world needs police and to put their own children in this vast, unsecured trash bin!

  • Pretty sure its just "police" not police women or policeman , i mean we dont say " call the policemen" we just say " call the police " 😆
    More dislikes than likes on this vid lol

  • Give up TED. You lost. Normal people don’t just buy into this anti-logical philosophy you’re desperately trying to spread.

  • This lady got the facts that Australia and New Zealand have more women in the police force, but forgets to mention that women have different physical testing than men in these countries. As an Australian and a New Zealander I would prefer to have somebody suitable for the position not just gender equality. Same goes with everything right? When did this get so difficult?

  • this gets a no-vote in terms of like/dislike from me
    i think she's right that the fitness results cut-off should be skewed between male and female (I think* that's what she's saying) because females literally have less muscle mass, but i dont think the reason behind it should be to reduce gender disparity, it should simply be to recruit more competent officers

  • Did she just say "arbitrary physical requirements"?
    How bout this: when you have a woman who can't take care of herself, because, she's not physically capable; then, she puts her fuckin team at risk because her male partner has to take care of her now.

  • 666 comments before mine. Lol
    I knew this speech would be crap from the title, I bet it's radical feminist nonsense. After reading the comments, I won't even watch.