How McDonald’s & Wal-Mart Became Welfare Queens

How McDonald’s & Wal-Mart Became Welfare Queens

we’ve been talking for a while Lewis
about mcdonald’s and other large corporations that pretend to be self sufficient drivers if
the economy when actually being wrist huge recipient to federal aid and
Barry Ritholtz on Bloomberg dot com rodin awesome
article called how McDonald’s and wal-mart became welfare queens and it quantifies
so much of what we’ve been talking about it talks about how mcdonald’s and American up fast food
workers receive more than $7 billion dollars in public assistance Walmart alone is the nation’s largest
private sector employer and the biggest consumer of
taxpayer-supported aid which is just unbelievable on
average each Walmart associate is paid so little that they receive a thousand dollars in
public assistance the ruses up Lewis we know that it is a
joke that these big corporations are simply adding to the economy they’re
taking away huge amount in federal aid because over the horrible wages and and
situations that they put their employees in yeah and you know what their prices
aren’t even that great to be perfectly honest abe there’s no way would even out I clearly it’s it’s totally destructive
some solutions increase the minimum wage that’s the most most likely to happen
the next proposal that berry writes about his charge back the amount of
public assistance to the company just as a straight up fine you gotta pay back the amount of public assistance we give
your employees and the most radical one that will never passes guarantee
everybody in america a minimum salary that’s being discussed in Switzerland
probably not going to happen here

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28 thoughts on “How McDonald’s & Wal-Mart Became Welfare Queens”

  • I do not patronize McDonalds but have prescriptions filled at Walmart. Last week I stopped to pick up a script and wandered through the store. At least 3 staff members asked if I needed help, so friendly and positive. How is this possible on minimum wage and dictatorial management? I have an education (ARNP) and can not imagine working my butt off for these pathetic wages. They know they will be fired on some trumped up charges if they complain about anything. I'm taking my scripts out of there to Walgreens and will not go back again. They sicken me with their billions of dollars.

  • You want Wal-Mart out and good jobs in? Then YOU NEED to open up DAVIPAKMAN-MArt and pay people a living wage.  Scrutinizing these corporations isn't going to change them.  They will do what they can do and get away with.  The best way is to compete.  Offer us some McPakman Burgers for a great deal or some health food through a fast food outlet.  People work to much they don't got time for a sit in dinner because they rush from one job to the next and it's sad but that's how bad it is.  Put'em out of business by starting your own and aggressively competing against them with some morals.  I don't know if I kind of put it out there the right way I don't wana seem harsh on David cause he's a cool guy but it's the reality.  This is capitalism and while it's a good system because people can start their business this is part of the cons of it.  People willing to sell out due to need, forced to work on national holidays, getting two jobs just to pay a few bills, etc.  Some people work even three jobs.  I don't know how the human body can take being treated like some machine for capitalists that just works works works and can never complain because if you do bye-bye there goes your way of life and off to unemployment.

  • Walmart employs 2.1 million people(FULLTIME).  In the United States alone, the company employs 1.4 million people.  The average Walmart "associate,"  makes $11.75 an hour. That's $20,744 per year.
    (ASSUMEING that your working FULLTIME) Most Walmart employees are part time Hence not included in both figures.

    If that the only problem is the 1.4 -2.1 Million working for Walmart.
    That's $1,000 x 2,100,000 =2.1 Billion In Walmart subsidies. (on full time employees.)

    I have yet to hear any Walmart employee rave about there Walmart benefits
    The reality is who picks up for the lack of food/healthcare/living expenses for the Walmart Employees that work part time Tax Payers. 

  • Those right-wings nut fucked don't seem to get it. They always complain about BIG GOVERNMENT and  want to let those BIG GREED CORPORATIONS keep all profits by paying less tax and less to their employees.  Here is the simple math, THE MORE THE GREED CORPORATIONS KEEP THE LESS THOSE EMPLOYEES MAKE THE MORE HAVE TO DEPEND ON GOVERNMENT, AND YOU CANNOT FUCKING HAVE BOTH.

  • I worked at walmart yesterday from 11:00am to 8:00pm. You know what they gave me in return for working a full 8 hour day on thanksgiving? a free sandwich in the break room… Yay…

  • I really like the idea of charging back to the company any welfare assistance that underpaid employees have been forced to collect, and having it be a penalty.  But realistically,  I can't imagine any rich politician trying to pass this through as law.  They've been bought by those corporations and have ceased to care what is good for the country.  They probably all have stock in McDonalds and Walmart.

  • Pakman, how about you start a business and run it the way you want.  You pay everyone a living wage to flip burgers or stock shelves and see how far you go.  If you business succeeds then write a book on how it works out until then you are just speaking BS with no experience.  Sorry, I just hate seeing all my friends and family's businesses continue to work through frivolous liberal policies that hurt the economy instead of help it.

  • How about this, to all of us American super-consumer whores, think about where you shop. If you shop at places that pay your fellow citizens a shitty wage, then you are enabling greedy corporations to get away with it. Support companies that treat their employees well. A couple examples are Costco & Peet's Coffee & Trader Joe's, who choose to pay decent salaries, & provide benefits & often flexible hours. And make it known, that's why you choose to shop there; & support Labor Unions…that's what built the good guality of life in this country before the Reagan Era & union busting started bringing it down.

  • One reduced size (from the original) Big Mac here costs $5.19 before the 15% tax.
    It won't fill you up. Makes you feel sick a 1/2 hour after you eat it.
    I wonder what % and or dollar amount is deducted from our pay cheques  to pay to keep McDonald's in business ……
    Walmart is another story . but it is different … Walmart will destroy you, not just make you sick with over priced trash.

  • The right wing will defend this because their donors are doing this.It doesn't matter that they are using federal aid the republicans don't care.

  • McDonald just uped the cost of their value menu. $1.19 for a value fri and $1.29 for double cheese burger. I asked the cashier. Who was a manager if she thinks her or any one working there would get any benefit from the increase. And she said no and the owner of the store just bought 2 more so there goes any hope of a holiday bonus.

  • This report and earlier ones on this same issue are particularly disturbing in light of the cut backs in government assistance. Sen. Bernie Sanders, Ind. from Vermont claims the Koch brothers are aiming at eliminating the minimum wage altogether as well as cutting back on government programs to assist the poor. It's a wonder how they think people will be able to feed themselves and their families with the changes they are after.

  • There's no excuse for them to not properly pay their employees a decent salary. It's a disgrace that big corporations like McD's and WM are pulling this crap.

  • What a great business model. Bleed your employees and the government (ie tax payers) to fill your own pockets. 

  • Because the CEOs of those corporations are big MONEYPHILES…they love their money so much, they'd go to bed and have sex with it. But it's NOT EVEN THEIR MONEY if they're the ones receiving public assistance, WHICH THEY SHOULDN'T if they're already making a killing.

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  • Compelling evidence from these two morons. These are high school jobs for kids. They aren't set up for families to be supported. Families of people who dicked off in school while you worked. Everyone wants the same as the rich guys. You have to earn it!!!