HIDDEN EASTER EGGS? (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mythbusters)

What’s up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C and welcome to Modern Warfare Mythbusters. It’s kind of like that show MythBusters except modern warfare Let’s do this myth there arrange some explosives scattered around the maps that can kill you the reasoning for this myth all started when I was playing on the map gunrunner and I threw a c4 into a room and then shortly after I died from something random and I didn’t know what it was After some exploring and private match It turns out that there are fire Extinguishers and gas tanks that can blow up if you shoot them too much or take a hit with an explosive This is what would happen. I would go into here throw c4 at you Wouldn’t blow you up, but then I think the fire extinguisher Mike. Yep Same here. These randomly scattered explosives aren’t quite as iconic as the red barrels and pass call duty games But they are pretty subtle and you have to look out for them. Oh There are three of them I thought for sure I was gonna die maybe if I’m right next to it Yeah, this myth is confirmed and definitely be very careful around these explosives in hardcore they’ll insta kill you myth There is a bespoke old cephalopod infinite warfare easter egg in modern warfare 1 There’s the despicable APOD Wow No confirm if you’re playing ground war you can find the little octopus on an ATV myth You can deploy your parachute from an ordinary jump What why did the game just parachute me I got to see this What the fuck? So yeah this was kind of just a strange little bug that happened to me while I was casually playing ground where I just jumped and the Game deployed my parachute so I’m gonna go ahead and say that this myth is confirmed However, it’s probably a very rare bug that you won’t see happening too often. Myth. There’s a predator Easter egg on the gunfight map He’ll if you want a chance to see the predator Easter egg load up the map Hill and come to the broken bridge right here And if you look at this tree, eventually the predator will show up This Easter egg is actually a pretty cool throwback to the predator field order that you could get on the map ruins in call duty Ghosts’ I think it just kind of randomly shows up Yep, there it is It recommends using a variable zoom scope when trying to do this Easter Egg So you can really see the blue flash and the outline. I think it’s safe to say that this myth is confirmed There is a predator Easter egg on the map He’ll myth you can use the stopping power field upgrade to make the minigun overpowered in multiplayer I guess this is another little myth. You could test out you can’t use stopping power rounds with the minigun All it says is incompatible weapon busting if you try to use stopping power with the minigun in multiplayer It will just say incompatible weapon. No different than a right shield If you didn’t know you can actually use stopping power rounds on the minigun in spec ops And it’s very useful which is why I wanted to test it for multiplayer Myth the ride shield can protect you from a falling care package. See if the shield can protect you Did it it protected you this myth is kind of confirmed and also kind of busted The red shield doesn’t really protect you when a care package Falls It just kind of pushes you out of the way automatically You can’t be crushed by care packages and modern warfare currently myth. You can destroy an enemy VTOL with a thermite one I wanna see if I can throw a thermite. Can you take me to the defeats all It’s like right there It’s gonna melt it Unfortunately when I was just casually playing ground war one thermite grenade was not enough to melt the beats all so I figured I’d try It out in a private match just to make sure that the thermite’s can take down a veto. I Got it. I got a hit. Oh shit. Oh, no, it’s going up. Wait, is it I fell I got it Yes confirmed you can’t destroy an enemy feet tall with a thermite just be aware that it’s very difficult to pull off on certain Maps your Best bet for trying to take down a VTOL with a thermite would just be playing ground war and getting into a helicopter If you can stop an enemy trophy system with your very own trophy system. I’m gonna throw mine down if it’ll block yours I Think I almost blew this car out Confirmed if you have a trophy system down and an enemy tries to put down a trophy system. Very close to you It will just blow up myth You can use the tank kill streak to earn more kill streaks If you’re using kill chain If you’re playing ground war and you get into one of the tanks that just spawns naturally and you’re using kill chain You cannot earn kill streaks however We wanted to actually test to see if you could use a tank as a dedicated kill streak and earn kills with it using kill Chain to earn yourself even more kill streaks all I needed to do for this Myth test was equip kill chain and then use the tank VTOL and chopper gunner is killstreaks Tongue-kiss Blancas once I earned the tank I called it in and I got into the tank and I got my first kill with it Oh it it says VTOL jet ready You can’t see your kill streak like progress, but I think it does work to my surprise You can actually earn more kill streaks when you call in the tank kill streak and get kills with it It counted I got all my kill streak this myth is confirmed and it could actually be a great way to cheese getting the juggernaut Kill streak myth you can kill an enemy with the EMP drone field upgrade. All right Yeah, I’m calling it right on top of you. Where is it? Oh I’ma have to test that again. All right, let’s do this Hopefully it goes right on top of you I couldn’t see all that well Okay, that one worked Confirmed the EMP drone can kill enemies but it’s gonna be pretty hard to pull off Well, that’s pretty much gonna do it for this modern warfare Mythbusters video I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys did it and you want to see some more Mythbusters videos on modern warfare make sure to drop a like and if there’s a specific myth that I didn’t cover in this video that you want to see in a Future modern warfare Mythbusters video make sure to leave a comment saying myth and then what the myth is, but yeah I thank you guys very much for watching. I’ll see you guys later

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