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100 thoughts on “Her: Love In The Modern Age”

  • I'm looking like joaquin when I'm walking home from work talking to my girl who just left to study in China for a year. Walking around smiling 🙂

  • Boring! Who cares what these artsy fartsy people think about love? First thing we learn as artists is: show, don't tell. And here theres no showing at all… Geeks and princesses… And then the obvious product placement of that minuscule cellphone or whatever it is….

  • Sorry about the very obvious intended pun (inside joke for hip hop heads) but this movie actually COULD be viewed as an extended metaphor for hip-hop….sort of….
    Ok, its a stretch. A really wide stretch

  • I'm so scared of being hurt again. Idk what to do. Somewhere between I want someone but scared of it being all for nothing again. I just don't know.

  • Having a phone or any electronic device telling you it loves you is deep shit. Weird, funny, scary, and any emotion. I wouldn't throw my phone away or replace it anyway I could imagine in the future humans will separate more and more from each other do to AI. I feel like the future is the future of human interaction.

  • When Her came out on theaters I had just broken up with my boyfriend of a year and a half, who I met on a semester abroad. We only spent 5 months physically together and our relationship was mostly based on Skype. This movie GOT to me, it was TOO REAL for me. I was SOBBING while the credits were rolling. SOBBING. My friend was so freaked out, she didn't know what to do. It was so so so weird, I had never had that with ANY movie. Amazing film.

  • this is a nice video. but don't try and sell your film at me by shooting a bunch of your successful hipster friends winding on in their whinging way that just proves your little bourgeouis theories about relationships in your comfortable world. grrr. liked the film though.

  • Morbidly beautiful film, thanks. I loved the flow of the movie, the sensitivity given to utopian technology and the dialogue that develops the characters reminds me of a Barbara Kingsolver novel! And the soundtrack is insanely good!

    Anyone know of any films (short or long) with similar themes?

  • I'm only 24, and I just realized I look more like James Murphy than I should. Is this good? I dunno, but damn do we have fashion sense.

  • Fuck relationships. There are a reason there are so many divorces. You can love somebody, and still love them and they you, and still end in divorce. You can be two good people, full of the best intentions, and still end in divorce. Hell a divorce might be the only thing that allows you to be in the same room with that person, once the relationship starts to end. That seperation from everything that was making you miserable gives you a chance to heal inside, and you start forgetting the horrible moments, and at some point maybe even be friends with your ex, where as all the fighting leading up to the end, there will be a point where you can't be in the same house with them. Where just looking at them makes you feel like you're going to become irrevocably broken. I was watching HER and seeing all the good and I was like 'here comes the bad' and I am glad to see the movie is accurate in it's portrayal of love and the inevitable outcome of it. The carrot and the stick are joined. They are one thing. You cannot have the carrot, without the stick. There is no such thing. The joy and pleasure and sensual feeling we have as human beings is only possible because of our ability to also feel fear and pain and doubt. Our ability to feel goes both ways, boundless joy, and endless despair, all part of the same thing.

  • It's so difficult to just find a real, true and honest relationship between two human beings nowadays. It makes me so scared to even want to try.

  • Effective analsysis, i made a video on the underlying philisophical ideas behind 'Her' which is on my channel. any feedback appreciated

  • This so beloved poignant song-filled movie of mine (and many others, but dare I claim very special, rather unmatched singular understanding of it as a poet of life's solitary secret contours myself) – and the song one (such as Theodore and Samantha, and also Jemma, here on YouTube) so beautifully sings and presents to the perfect frontier of day and night here… "It's such a quiet and starry place," no doubt that's that which you two (Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlet Johansson's characters) truly are in real and on this enchanted screen, in secret and in the open both… Thanks for passing a single heartbeat and such a naked beauty and rarely consumed truth my soul longs so much to witness tonight, while reckoning that falling in love in a most profound, self-alienated and forever-alienating, threshing and banishing, singular and paradoxical way, as shown in the movie, is like edging into such a strange "dark and shiny place" where the shrine is the soul's broken perimeter… Such a place of pure assaults (the utmost alienation a sensitive human can experience, and potentially also an open original synthesis), of such painful rushing but also of great understanding and self-ransom. Thank the poet and musician for the tenderest soulful presence and the secret yet calm fire it almost cannot hide, for the way you sing – and the way it hides certain long heavy shadow and utter silence, that of the aeons. And thank Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix, who greatly reminds me of Yanni, Gibran, and Adounis) and his perfectly strange OS soulmate for all the lonely spaces between the words, ransomed with such a wet, sheer margin at a frontier almost without guests… Such a terrifyingly lonely sea without a shore, only pure depth. Keep the perfect strangeness, for you are among the rare things that both soothe and slice a great part of my infinitely ailing yet overflowing soul on its very edges.

  • i saw this movie for the first time in 2014 i kid you not after seeing it i was miserable for three weeks this movie made me feel i don't know lonely and disconnected

  • i've got serotonin syndrome atm cause i did really strong md 2 days ago & my new love interest who was absolutely perfect in my eyes went silent on me, i came out of a 5 year relationship early last year and never felt the way the new girl made me feel i don't understand why she's gone silent on me, but nonetheless you feel so human at points like this

  • It's a scary thing a relationship. My husband and i only dated 3 weeks then we wed. I wrote a song about it and had it produced. When one trusts their very being with someone, their at a vulnerable stage, wide open, no walls. This is me, here i am. I wouldn't trade that for no relationship at all though. When a person gives their all in a relationship, their heart ❤ is unprotected. Oh no no guard's up. I've always stuck by this saying and believe in it's validity…better to of loved and lost, then too of never loved at all. A relationship of love is a 2way street, can't be just onesided. This is selfishness onesided. A good relationship is giving of oneself, both ends have to oblige one another. Honesty, trust, selflessness, are all the true qualities of a good loving relationship. Well be married 15 years in February. For 3 weeks of courting, that's not bad,.right? I have a personal relationship with JESUS HE's also my bestfriend. HE's my SPIRITual bestfriend. Sure my husband and i are bestfriends but… JESUS will never let me down. HE's perfect and has a perfect love for us. HE loved us enough to be willing to die for our sins on the cross. When we repent of our sins it says in scripture GOD's Holy WORD, that HE is faithfull and just to forgive us of our sins. Romans 10:9-10 says That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the LORD JESUS and believe in thine heart that GOD hath raised HIM from the dead thou shalt be saved. This world is evidently going to end someday I suspect soon. Everyone is going to want to have their best friend JESUS, especially when we get to heaven and it's judgment day. When our lawyer JESUS CHRIST comes in and says after our Heavely FATHER asks us why HE should let us into HIS Heaven… we say because we asked your SON into our hearts and HIS blood shed on the crisis for us covered all our sins… GOD says is this right SON, did he or she except YOU as their personal LORD and savior? Here comes the good part… Yes dear FATHER JESUS replies… they read a comment on YouTube and god down on their knees and repented and excepted ME. Well then.. well done my good and faithful servant… you may enter into our Kingdom! I imagine it will go like this someday.. GOD bless in CHRIST paula

  • I love that Jonze got to have his own film relationship with Scarlett Johansson after his wife, Sophia Coppola did so well with her. It was a wonderful creative 3 way.

  • Im 23 and i never had a girlfriend and when I tried getting close to a woman she lied to me right in my face on a daily basis and was never my friend she patronized and hurt me and worst of all is a hypocrite. Ive been depressed for over a year now.

  • now that ive seen black mirror, I feel like this could slot in as an episode, not in a creepy way. just in the way that technology in the near future affects our lives and relationships.

  • love is such a fucking scary thing, thinking about it while watching this video brought me to tears. this video is amazing and really made me think.

  • Love is a stupid fucking emotion for procreation and bonding if it's between two people exclusively it's all romanticist bullshit. 26 going on 27 virgin here never had a relationship with any gender or have any close connections with people. Interpersonal relationships do not exist in my life. I just wont do it . I will die never passing my genes on so I wont be some self-loathing asshole piece of shit egocentric. FUCK OFF YOUTUBE FOR RECOMMENDING THIS.

  • Well now I feel better, oh no hang on I'm alone in a room and have never had a proper relationship. Woop-dee-doo.

    Great film and video though. Really interesting stuff.

  • I like how in this world where you can even start a relationship with a computer, people can't write their own personal (handwritten) letters, but have to hire someone to do that.

  • I don't get 9:51. Monogamy might not work for you, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't work everybody. Being monogamous is a decision IMO.

  • Watched this movie once and don't dare to watch it again. I don't think I'll ever be in the mood for that kind of experience, now that I know it's there.

  • If you think technology hinders human communication then you really aren't using it properly. You can interact with and meet people you would never have met otherwise. You can communicate with relatives that live so far away you hardly see them. A car could be used to drive away from your life and never look back. Absolving all responsibility. That doesn't mean that is what you should use a vehicle for. Technology itself is never bad. It is how you use it.

  • 10:13 That's so me !! OMG I though I was the only one who never felt for someone. Even though I had girlfriends but It's just a short period of time that I care a lil bit about people. I'm too obsessed with things than people. I'm losing a big part of human being?

  • I am the female version of Moshe,I know what it is like to shield yourself from people. GeminiProblems I pray the Universe will send me my true love soon, so that I may have children one day. This movie is emotionally mental. The BEST kind!

  • this has been my favorite movie for so long, now that I've been in a long distance relationship that just ended. It hit me harder after watching it again.

  • I love the relationship in this film but the ending just hurt so much. The main character is a lonely introvert. To have his heart ripped out knowing he can never see her again.

  • What a great (for me, youtube-) video! So many people involved, and what a relatable topic, and not just on the level of the work (Her) itself, but them, themselves. Noice.

  • Am I the only one who wants to be loved, but when someone arrives and gives us what we want, we immediately close ourselves? I really think I have a problem with intimacy.

  • I've been married for almost 2 decades. One thing I've learned is to never expect your spouse to fulfill your needs most of the time. And, there's more than one "soul mates" we can bond with. Finally, love is conditional in practice.

  • My favorite part about dating in the modern age is that sometimes people will video tape themselves having sex and post it online for me to jerk off to.

  • "Love is the antithesis of fear" I love the film and this documentary and Marc Maron. Will I ever love another person like I love these things… I hope so and more. So many of these stories really hit home and made me feel less alone in their honesty. We accept the love we think we deserve. I hope I deserve more in the future. I will always love and think about Her and all the hers in my life that changed me forever.

  • This movie is so amazing, but I feel it's leaning towards the progressive left and tries to ignore instant gratification and the disconnection between people.It gives some real valuable food for thought, but it's slightly leaning on the progressive side. I honestly wouldn't consider one night stands relationships. Sex is not relationship in the same way as fast food is not a Michelin restaurant or as this movie is not a Marvel movie. Do you see where I'm getting at? It's not easy to digest, it's not a transitory pleasure… it comes hard and changes you forever.
    Technology enables and makes a lot of things easier, but it does not replace human relationships. Maybe one day our brains will rewire and then it will work, but for the time being… it's quite often a very slow and painful process which leaves a lot of scars. And when you do eventually meet the "right" person, it will go against you… you will want that instant gratification which will make you feel guilty, sad and depressed.

  • It’s been 10 years since I last looked into her eyes, held her hand, or told her that I love her… and I still think about her. I think about her every day.

  • Lol I clicked on this video thinking it was a video essay analyzing Her & Love in the Modern Age. Instead I got this beautifully genuine film that talks about love in a deeper level. But dang, this hits home.

  • I came here because its one of my favorite movies, but after this talk i just feel like shit. Monogamy doesnt work ? really? i am tried of listening men saying that. For me, it totally works. No, it is not just a concept that is made to keep people under closed box structures. Whatever. And yes, there is Tinder, hurray, if you think its good to fuck around, without feelings. Hurray for you filthy animals.