We’re here! This is the planet Arzok and if we can steal the silver queen’s jewel, we’ll can get at least two bitcoins! Which is 50 million! Yeah!! Great! So we’ll go down there and be right back! John, keep the engine running! Wait a minute, to keep the engine running I have to stay in the ship, you do realize that, right? Well, yeah it makes sense. Hey, there`s some left-over indian food in the fridge, if you want. We’ll be back in a bit. Is this some kind of joke? …What? Can I know why I’m not going with you? Because…you…like, you don’t…Ok, I can’t do this anymore. I don’t know if you noticed, but you’re kinda…human Yeah, I noticed And humans are really fragile! Is that what you want to hear? You die if you step on 99.9% of the Universe’s Planets Even inside this ship, you’ve been sick about five times this year alone! It’s like we have a 15-year-old Chiuaua! That is why I wear the mask. To protect me from the toxins! I gave you this mask! It’s made from styrofoam, John! Do you really think that this little mask would make you survive in a toxic atmosphere? What about the rest of your body? Don’t you find it strange that you only use a light jacket as protection? And all the planets that I visited? And all of our missions? Are you saying that this is all in my head?!? Of course not! We keep choosing missions based on the 0.1% of planets where you can even step on! And this has been pretty bad for business I don`t know if you remember, but we stole sandwiches from a diner on our last mission! It’s very limiting to have you in the group, to tell you the truth You told me that it was a magical diner, disguised as a shitty diner! And that those weren’t sandwiches! They were ultra-super special food that actually belonged to a prince…Okay.
I’m feeling pretty dumb right now It’s two bitcoins, John Which is 50 million, actually We’ll be quick. I’m thinking like 10 minutes And next time we can rob another diner, maybe on Earth? I’m the captain of this ship! If I can’t come down to this planet, no one can!! Yeah, I think you’re right. Alright, that’s it then… Yeah, that is it. Oh, shit…I thought that was the…light switch The light is already on Yeah… I wanted to turn off the light. I guess I made a mistake… Got it…

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