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87 thoughts on “Growth Hacks – How to Succeed on SOCIAL MEDIA – #BelieveLife”

  • Good morning Maryland. Today I am #2. As always, your raving fans. Thanks. #SecretsSelfmadeBilliomaires

  • I need to really start doing more social media. I always feel like more than 1 post per day is spamming or bothering people.

  • Awesome video once again! I am on social media because I am trying to raise Stuttering Awareness and give Stuttering Support to people who stutter from a fellow stutterer or anyone that needs someone positive to talk too.

  • Thank you for this! I joined those outlets to learn myself. I realize that people like video and pics a lot more than actual educational content. However, my business is not popular in this part of America and I feel like they need education of what we do as well as who we are. Very confused on how to go about this whole thing. Do I keep going until I can get the following I need?

  • i am social i am just not consistent i believe if i put.a bit more dedication and discover my talent in this area i could make a living out of it. Omg you just said my name! I am like :O thanks Evan you are amazing!

  • push thru the criticism yes! i learned to listen to criticism know where it comes from and turning it into a tool to attract more positive out of the negative. when i engage in conversations in social media i keep it friendly y positive but real and there people who get upset, i filter their feelings from their points and always at the end they have to agree

  • "Engagement online is the gateway for online 101 relationships today." Gary V – that's so true. We're still humans seeking connection.

  • I liked the Tai Lopez idea of sharing reality in addition to the polished content. Gary V is another great example of that method in action.

  • Also, the Grant Cardone message of pushing through criticism is fantastic…as is Brendon's message about caring. All good stuff!!!

  • The internet is really the gateway drug to 1 on 1 relationships. I met a friend of mine on Facebook and well we became more and more open online and things could just pour out like water freely. Then after like a Year we finally met each other in person and we were still open and freely talking to each other… nothing was awkward. It was really awesome… #MarkZuckerbeg

  • I'm on social media to follow and learn from my fav entrepreneurs. Like GaryVee, Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, Brandon.com, Tim Ferris, Brian Tracy and you ofc ๐Ÿ™‚ I always keep discovering new amazing people. Anyone have some more recommendations?

  • Gary's first point is something I've realized more deeply recently. That's what it's all about. On top of that this is a solid list and matches my experience completely. That "Provide Value" point is so true, so many miss that LOL… I'm definitely going to check Tai Lopez. You do a better job of marketing him than he does himself! ๐Ÿ˜€ I like Evan's point as well, not everyone believe in that but I do. Totally agree.

  • I'm on social media as like a "Research & Development" project for learning about people and working with them through newer media.

  • I am using social media to start a new brand but also to learn about online marketing. There are lots of helpful tips in this video. Thanks for uploading. I will be applying some of these immediately! #BTA21

  • I have watched several of your video's but thanks again for another beneficial source of information. I'm here because I've always had a passion for our canine friends and spent plenty of my free time over the years in my hobby. Yet I have decided now, that with my experience, drive and passion I will go out and be a success in my field of calling.

  • This video was really helpful. There two things that resonated with me. 1.) "Reading everyday." I think that reading inspirational and interesting content makes you interesting. 2.) "Be Prolific." I have a YouTube channel and I put out content maybe twice a month. And that's not the way to become good at it. I went through depression so severe last year, that I had a suicide plan. But I got help and recovered. Now my passion is to raise awareness about Mental health issues such as depression, particularly in my community, which the African-American community. I have just been self conscious about my amateur video making and editing skills. But practice makes perfect, and I will work at it every single day. Thanks again for this video.

  • Thank you For the awesome tips. The best outcome i got was posting frequently and also defining my voice . Thank you once again.

  • Good stuff Evan! I have found that with social media, like most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it. I now completely understand why companies have full-time social media managers. Posting frequently is great if you have the time to do it, but without a plan you can spend (waste) a ton of time. I have found that searching for groups in your niche and tapping into them produces more activity than blindly posting.

  • I like what Tai Lopez said about, go straight to the top for a source of inspiration: I.e. Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I like Evan what you said about people that copy and how it's OK. they can use it as a source of inspiration until they find their own unique identity. I watched this video bc I am the manager of Coconut Peets Surfboard Repair in San Diego and I wanted to learn how to be more effective with our social media campaigns… thanks for your channel! God Bless

  • I have to start posting more. I only post maybe once or twice a week but clearly that's not enough lol

  • Hey Evan, I am Riya. I am from india. I want to ask you, may I work for you. I admire what you do and I would love doing it. Please, give me a chance. You don't need to pay me in the beginning. And you can reject me later. But give me just one chance for now. This is my number :- 8295731288. That's it, I hope. Just give some names from your list.
    My one word is integrity. Thank you for helping me in finding it. It's huge, because of it, I know who I am. It's awesome.

  • I love the part about model the masters that is awesome but the lesson I need to apply is to post every day. I do that with my FB group called Forward not backward. I need to do that with my Instagram now #determinationlifestyle.

  • This was one of my favourite videos! You put it together very well! Keep it up Evan, and thank you for helping motivate us all! Couldn't go through the day without you๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Read everyday, it makes you more creative. Follow the reader. #Beautiful advice. Thanks for the video EC. #BTA7

  • What branch of social media can one use if their product is localized to one state of the union? I'm living in the 20th century here

  • This is one of the TOP 3 videos I've ever seen on the web. Awesome AWESOME JOB!! There is a golden nugget every 3 seconds.

  • Love this video! I feel like I'm on social media because I want to be impactful and I want to connect with others who could resonate with me and who I can resonate with and just learn from. I want to learn more about the benefits of social media and how I can use it to be more effective in my different social roles (nurse, mother, sister, friend, etc).

  • Hi Evan, I want to start a Social Media Agency as it is a huuuuge growing market and because it is my passion , I love Social Media, I live Social Media I breath Social Media and I don't want to be good at it… I want to be the best, what do you recommend me to do, what to read, what to watch, etc.

  • I just recently heard about this Social Media Manager job, and I actually think it's a great idea. Just imagined that future entrepreneurs can market their product with posting videos on social media sites. Also the much better thing about it you can actually get pay to do something like this while gaining followers and subscribers. Who ever thought about this is a real genius. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ก

  • Hey Evan, I'm in highschool and started a company You can check it out at instantpicsnyc.com
    Can you advise me on how to scale this

  • Hey! Great video. I learned about posting often and make it personal. My IG ShanaBerkeley and TheFashionChase are all about fashion! I am a stylist and I want to use social media to create a personal brand and teach others to use fashion to use their best life yet

  • I found relief and knowing that I don't have to have a professional camera crew to Simply host a quality video on social because the quality isn't in the production but in the authenticity I bring out into the online world

  • Hello Evan and team I personally would like to build my own brand #GFGL. I started it four years ago and still need a lot of work on my social media platforms at this time I am work more on my E-zine it a bi-monthly zine on health and well-being. It also content recipes, entertainment and such.
    I would do my research on other social site like mine to see what content is working for them and try to apply it in my own business of course using my own twist. Thank you for another great video. #BTA6

  • Can you make a video about Photographers ๐Ÿ™‚ So many of them had a great journey towards self improvement and entrepreneurship.

  • this video was very informative and helpful for me thank you so much, it has helped me promote my youtube channel and grow awareness in my community

  • awesome tips! been doing collaborations with influencers to boost my products thru Phlanx platform, u should check it out

  • Hi Evan, just watched the video and subscribed, so to answer your question about what I learned and what stuck, is when you advised that I need to be prolific and find my own voice when it comes to marketing my business on social media, that to me was right on, I appreciate the inspiration, thanks!

  • Great video ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ. I working on building my personal brand as a car salesman. I want people to come check me out when they ready to buy a car from someone they know and in return I will make sure they get the best deal. I trying scale that as my objective to social media and vlog using Instagram stories as my main media video so this was very help. Thanks Evan

  • Just saw this video, it was very informative and helpful I'm trying to start my own business and right now thinking about social media is so overwhelming, but I liked the clip with Tim Ferris, he said to focus on one that you enjoy, and then focus on that. All the information was great, super helpful! Thank you!

  • My favorite is #3 Provide value. It ALWAYS comes down to content. Something meaningful. "What's in it for me?" Authentic and genuine. What do you have to offer that others need? All of these points are really solid. Thank you, Evan and team.

  • You're the greatest! ๐Ÿ™‚ my challenge is also to post more frequently. I have lots of ideas, inspiration and content I believe is quality but still struggling with quantity of posts etc.

  • Your talks and your energy make me keep on moving. I too started posting videos on Youtube which took me a lot of courage. Thanks for the knowledge and motivation!๐Ÿ‘