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12 thoughts on “Groups influencing policy outcomes | AP US Government and Politics | Khan Academy”

  • Well timed, Khan Academy. About time we try to end the LITERAL definition of politician as a corrupt shill. Google: politician definition.

  • I'm not smart like you. I'm just the guy that follows your orders to flip switch or release the door at the galleys.

  • The Russians couldn't destroy America, militarily, because of the strength of Ronald Reagan. The jihadists couldn't destroy America, through terrorism, because of the strength of George Bush. The Chinese couldn't destroy America, economically, because of the strength of Donald Trump. The Democrat Party couldn't destroy America because of the Constitution. But these four entities are rejoicing that this virus could destroy America.

  • That picture used to represent “climate change” is fake news. There is actually a global greening effect happening, where previously arid environments are now lush green lands, where all sorts of life are moving in (ie sub saharan Africa).