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56 thoughts on “Green Economy and Sustainable Development: Bringing Back the Social”

  • You UN people are insane! This is agenda 21 & sustainable development is SOCIALISM. Socialism does this:The rich & govt control all resources & allow you to have just enough to survive.You own nothing that allows you to prosper.Socialism creates social equity without a doubt,however, not by raising everyone to an equal level of living comfort,but by LOWERING everyone to the same level of abject poverty. It guarantees everyone owns *nothing*.
    Reject the UN,sustainable development & socialism!

  • Socialism represent a wide range of different policies, some of them are bad and some are helpful. The Scandinavians countries are all extremely social democrat and social democracy is a form of socialism, yet that all top America when it comes to human development. All the communist nations on another hand are doing a lot worst. When you say X is socialism therefore X is bad, all you are proving is your own ignorance.

  • Have you greenie people gone insane…or are you finally shwoing your true colors (shades of RED)? One World government control and regulation of all arable land, natural resources, capital, and energy resources…under the guise of "saving the planet"? Loss of personal property rights? Loss of everyone's individual Liberty and freedom of choice—sacrificed on the altar of "collectivism"?! You WANT Global totalitarianism run by corrupt politicians, scientists, and corporate conglomerates?

  • I believe you have read my posting wrong.I am against EVERYTHING that is happening & I am *totally* opposed to the green movement & how they're destroying America & our freedoms with the EPA & draconian regulation.
    I in no way support ANY global totalitarian regime.

  • I was addressing the greenies, not you. I attached my comment to yours to show "support" for it—and for the cause of sanity in public policy. Judging by most of the comments here, many naive people are being completely fooled by this totalitarian takeover of our land, resources, and sovereignty.

  • Thanks for letting me know.These greenies,the UN & liberal left are completely insane.They have well disguised it under environmentalism & many have fallen for the ploy.I have created a FB page to educate on the danger of agenda 21 & the green movement.If interested & want to share the news,please get on FB and look @ Stopping agenda 21 and sustainable development. I have TONS of info there that clearly shows what's really happening.I urge sharing.People MUST wake up!

  • It is the new green businesses that embrace local sustainability that will be able to be stewards of our future living standard.

  • Agreed! We MUST awaken people & SOON.The UN is attempting to gain global taxation powers with LOST & other ways.Right now,they survive entirely on membership dues(most from the USA). If they succeed,the UN will be unstoppable because they will have endless funding & will become the global 1 world government as they will control ALL resources globally.
    Time to END the UN in America & we MUST make congress know that anyone who supports the UN WILL be voted OUT!


  • Do you believe the world is out of oil?

    If you believe we can run all of California 100% from solar & wind,

    If you own a solar panel, you are a Green.

    Our goal is to get 33% of the non-voters to vote for Jill Stein.

    Now you will argue that a vote for the Green Party means Stein will only come in second, while Romney will come in third. Best of all, it would make the Green Party a national reality to fight for the Feed in tariff and millions of jobs the FIT would create.

  • Wow. Your grammatical,capitalization,punctuation and sentence forming skills are extremely substandard which speaks that you have very low education and intelligence. Also to note is your profanity and verbal attacks show that you are insecure and feel it neccessary to attack that which you don't know or understand.
    I feel sorry for the others in your family. Living with a neanderthal like you must be awful.
    No need to reply,your skills are far too primitive for me. Wow…and they let you drive.

  • I didn't see any content in this video that was unavailable in Rio in 1992. When the UN publishes content-light stuff like this, it makes it seem as though no progress has been made, not only in terms of outcomes, but also in terms of knowledge, technology, & planning.

    We need far more than cheer-leading & slacktivistic "awareness-raising" from organizations that want to retain any semblance of relevance. (Likewise, well worn Marxist critiques have merits but need positive prescriptions.)

  • Watch “Occupying Chairlifts” on youtube, a simple rule tweak on inheritance ends up changing the direction and purpose of modern human life! Here’s a fair way to transition forward, something specific we can demand, protest for, and adopt ourselves! Spread it around! If this isnt the best answer, at least we’re thinking about what might be. What if we were really just this close to having it work right?
    Oh yeah, it's a Ski movie thing. Watch “Occupying Chairlifts” on Youtube!

  • Look up the downside to this. This is the new world order, the environment might be better but our freedom gets taken from us

  • The only way to save ourselves and the rest of the world is to lower our emphasis on money and put more emphasis on getting our essentials sustainability. Our focus on moving things around instead of using what is in our area as effectively as we can. If we continue to waste time and resources with inefficient systems which do not take account of waste, and eventual collapse.

  • Greed stumps use man.Why becuase people wan't to make cash "Money makes the world go around"So they say.If we spend less time trying to make a quick buck,we can actuliy get shit done.This is going to take sometime though and what better way is to work togther keep hope alive one day it might happen.You have my support keep fighting for what is right 🙂

  • So sad to see such a high level, international forum promoting such completely false ideas about what Green Economics stands for. Sustainable Development is absolutely NOT the goal of Green Economics. Development is equivalent to economic growth, and is the complete opposite of sustainablity.
    So sad to see all these international scholars are ignorant of this basic scientific fact.
    Consult my blog on UTube if you would like the truth…

  • And the sad part is that all these people got paid big bucks for their misleading, if not purposely false opinions, while I spend my days in the street picking up beer cans and cigarette butts because their is no market for the truth…

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  • utube, light rider operation paul revere, also light rider`s day. peope interested in sustainability and growth. video is about how to put together a solarized e-trike and solarized trailer.

  • A bit embarrasing… Bina Agarwal is allowed the comment "So, what is green economy?" and then a load of MEN answer, lesser known than herself…

  • you freaks really trip me out! spreading your bull crap lies to implement your agenda 21 plans as a means to justify the taking of peoples private property rights! you all are sociopaths, liars, narcissistic, homicidal, psychopaths! And okay if global well being is such a huge priority to you, and we must act now in order to save the planet from humans horrible effects on this planet! Then I just want to know how it is you can justify MAJOR FRACKING being done every where? Is fracking green economically, green environmentally, and last is it a green social builder capable of sustainability? How do you justify this fracking for fossil fuel sustainable when that is what your saying is the cause of this problem. But wow look at you sick rabbits scramble punching millions of holes into the ground, and now shooting chemicals deep into the earths crust soon to seep poisoning every bit of water on this planet! You all are very sick! Get help quickly please, your in bad need of it freaks!

  • https://www.change.org/p/support-carbon-fee-dividend-plan-to-reduce-co2-emissions-transition-to-a-green-economy?source_location=search_index&algorithm=recommended_share&grid_position=13

  • I think this is more about being a good person rather than be communist, in fact, we need to give just our best to stop the violence, sadness that poverty brings. Valorize how helpful you could be right now, act for one single goal turn it easier to be made.