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100 thoughts on “Gowdy compares impeaching Kavanaugh to ‘political death penalty’”

  • These Democratic candidates have the responsibility to apologize to the public. If they do not, they are unworthy of any public office. Enough of this idiotic irresponsibility and outright lying.

  • Shameful, Shameful Disgraceful Democrats so willing to win by any Means Possible…Green said “ we can’t beat them so we will harass them…Fair is not even in these crazy people’s vocabulary…..☹️

  • Where do these strange looking/acting politicians come from? Honest to God, Trey Gowdy looks like the son of Ellen DeGeneres and the guy who cleans rest rooms at a highway truckstop.

  • The Democrats are going to commit suicide with all this IMPEACHMENT talk!!!!!! The DEMOCRATS are dishonorable and treasonous! God WILL punish them for their evil plans!!!!!!

  • I found this prayer on Crosswalk DOT com….🙂🙂🙂

    Let's start a prayer chain….satan will shrink in our numbers!!!

    PASS IT ON…💖

    A Prayer for Our President

    Lord, we offer our prayers on behalf of our Commander in Chief.

    Please Lord draw him into a strong relationship with You.

    Thank You for President Trump, who has pledged his life in service to our country.

    Give him a true servant spirit, one who is a man after Your own heart. Anoint him with the Holy Spirit’s power, that he might feel Your strength in every situation.

    Let integrity and honesty guide every decision as he first looks to You for divine help.

    Turn his heart from distractions and temptations that could bring harm rather than help to his life, his family, and to the people he serves.

    Make him a leader in every respect, morally and spiritually strong. Enlighten his mind with discernment, wisdom, and fairness.

    When others tempt him to embrace arrogant power rather than humble service, give him an undivided heart.

    Help him to stand firm, knowing that You will fight his battles with him. May he begin his day with You and Your Word, with gratitude and praise for the honor You have given to him.

    Throughout the day may Your Spirit remind him of his purpose and of Your love for him.
    When the night arrives, calm his heart with the peace that passes all understanding as he purposes to keep trusting and obeying You, no matter what the cost.

    As You surround him with godly counselors, give him accountability to them and the people he serves, but first and foremost to You.

    Bless him with joy when righteousness and goodness prevail. But give him a heart that weeps for the injustices and sorrows around him.

    Guard our President against unfair criticism and unfounded accusations.

    When he stumbles, give him the courage to admit his mistakes.

    Strengthen his character, guard him against hurtful compromise, and give him a listening ear for the people he serves.

    In danger, surround him and our country with Your angel protection.

    From the time he begins in office until his time is complete, may he serve You and our country as a true leader with an undying love, an unswerving faith, and an unending hope in the only One who can make our country great.

    In Jesus’ name, Amen


  • I wonder how each of those so loudly are ready to send Kavanaugh, TRUMP.., and every other Republican possible, to jail for things done years ago when they were much younger, would fare if the Republicans started looking deep into THEIR ( the democrats) ACTIONS AND BACKGROUNDS AS TEENAGERS??
    I'll bet there are more than 1 that would be sweating!!! Teenagers are not known for using great judgementand should NOT, AS ADULTS, BE JUDGED BY THING DONE AS TEEN AGERS? BUT, IF THEY WANT TO PLAY THAT GAME, IT CAN WORK 2 WAYS!

  • Same thing happened with Blasey-Ford. She had no corroboration, ALL the evidence was actually against her. Yet she pulled in thousands (Million?) of dollars from Go Fund Me accounts. Where is the JUSTICE?

  • All those Presidential candidates that recommended impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Michael Kavanaugh, immediately after a published "Fake News New York Times report, which was retracted almost as fast as it was printed. All these Democratic Presidential hopefuls who colluded with this smear are a disgrace. They should drop out of the presidential race and submit their resignations from their current political office positions immediately. This is an example of Nancy Pelosi's truth version of a wrap-up smear campaign!

  • and guns are not the only way that people are killed. What these dishonest and slanderous people are doing to a man and his family is dreadful. It is shameful. I hope they are brought to justice. They will gain nothing from their dishonest actions.

  • All you conservatives really need to take a minute to understand what is going on.
    Presidents who are not traitors are arguably NOT PRESIDENTIAL.
    Justices who may help protect innocent lives are similarly rare.
    Impeaching those who do not uphold the norm is quite logical.

    From 1973 on, the Supreme Court has made possible the killing of 60 million Americans.
    From 1988 on, the White House has been directly involved in aiding and abetting all of our enemies, fighting expensive and unnecessary wars, and destabilizing huge segments of the planet.
    Until 2017.
    Why can't Trump just cooperate with Satan? The others did.

  • I feel so bad for Judge Kavanaugh. Him and his family seem like such great people. So unfair. God bless you and your family Brett.

  • They just don’t learn throwing allegations with. I proof and hoping they stick does not work and it makes you look desperate and and disingenuous.

  • Those who LIE (have set the narrative ), those who CHEAT (manipulate the system-Voter fraud) and those who STEAL (the taxpayers $$) will in the end get what's coming to them.

  • Interesting that this Kavanaugh accuser comes forward after the recent video showing the crooked Blasey-Ford attorney openly admitting that Kavanaugh must be brought down due to pro-abortion rights. Re-air that video please! No coincidence here re the timing.

  • hlo trey you have my respect big time. I think it's time to make a stand and be counted for it I respect any direction that you take . Republicans have a reputation of being by the book good. if all play they same rules. stand with the people that stand by you

  • What do all these trump people have to hide that they do not want to answer questions? Must be something terrible….and the problem is that we hence have to keep on asking, until we find out! This Lewandowski and the gang he protects clearly STINKS

  • IT'S time for Trump to completely drain the swamp, the democrats are waisting alot of time on garbage ,instead of looking at what is important,
    Making America great again. Trump2020

  • Democrats will be quiet when they lose the 2020 elections by the biggest margin in history…..then no one will remember their names

  • I say build a "HAMAN"S GALLOWS", again, and line these demonrats up! This stupidity is a kick in the teeth to all PATRIOTIC AMERICANS! Kavanaugh should file huge lawsuits against these idiots and take everything they have plundered back.

  • the dems are like being at a 7th grade dance . Why dont they do their job , elderly need help I cared for my mother 13 years 24/7 and couldnt even get a mattress for her hospital bed , couldnt get a wheelchair ALL UNDER OBAMA. For Gods sake do your job ! Help the country democrats and stop hating the country stop it . :Leave this Kavanaugh alone and do your freakin job . you want to investigate ? Investigate your onw crooked 7th grade school dance party if not do your job for veterans for elderly and HELP AMERICANS

  • What we need to do is vote out any Democrat up in Congress in 2020. This is got to stop. Please do not vote for any Democrat running for President that said impeach.

  • Isn't America Great!?
    The only country where we are brave enough to allow clowns like Pocahontas, Communists, Sexual predators and fruitcakes to be running as Democrats for the Presidential election.

  • I think we need to start very deep, intense INVESTIGATION into EVERY CANDIDATE'S
    BACKGROUND, FRIENDS, ACTIVITIES, PERSONAL ORGANIZATIONS, CLUBS, ESSAYS FOR SCOOL, AND EVERY PERSON THAT HAS KNOWN THEM, PREFERABLY ONES THAT DISLIKED THEM! Then we will only have people that have led saintly lives, nerver lied, cheated on a test, put trash in the wrong container, and whose feet don't quite touch the ground when they walk! GOOD LUCK!

  • The Democrats have (again) Overplayed their hand!! There will be ramifications: LANDSLIDE win for the Greatest President in America. Donald J Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • When the DemonRats finally owned the world in 2009 they successfully put in the ground work for a Republican comeback by voting in unconstitutional crap like Obamacare and hitting business hard with strict regulations.
    Good Job DemonRats, you handed us the Republican party on a silver platter.

  • Good for you Mr. Gowdy. Thank god for your integrity. The Dems are embarrassingly desperate…they had better knock it off or there won't be a Democratic Party much longer.

  • If they want to go against Kavanaugh than every senator or congressman that had any kind of sexual harassment charges, founded or unfounded. Should be published in the wsj , nut, and epoch times. Fair is fair. A dose of their own medicine.

  • This is the most DISGRACEFUL political action I have ever seen How anyone could vote Democrat after all this is beyond my understanding I am Australian in Australia no contact with anyone in the US.


  • When these dems try and impeach are are unsuccessful one of them should be automatically impeached for wasting money over and over again
    Dems are a broken record it is time they all got out of government they are sickining

  • If the American people (who matter) were not awake I would say this hurt Kavanaugh. Today? It just strengthens him. Clearly PRESIDENT TRUMP chose the right man or the communists wouldn’t be so hysterically insane. I say let’s drive the commie bastards right over the edge.

  • Every demokkkrat involved in the witch Hunt should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!!!!!!

  • The democratic party is a gutter crawling mouthpiece for the liberal's and the fake news media. It is disgusting and arrogance is abundant in the way they continue to make fools of themselves

  • It seems that there is no limit to the depths that the demorats will dig down into to get whatever they want! Itsn't the same that the once great party that produced great Presidents, Truman, Roosevelt Kennedy and others ! They fought to make this country great, the people productive, patriotic, proud citizens, and to undo the wrongs of the past!
    Now all the dems can do is to badmouth our current president , who has made this country strong, prosperous and great again, but all the dems now seem to be able to do is badmouth our current President,! The only real realson seems to be that he dramatically shows what a jerk the last one was!
    And remerber that HE WAS THE ONE THAT ACCIDENTLY SENT A MESSAGE TO PUTIN THAT HE WOULD HAVE MORE LEEWAY AFTER THE ELECTION, i guess that Big Mouthed Maxine forgot that, as did Schiff and the rest of that bunch !


  • Any asking why Trey G. did not run for re-election????? He could not win again because the 20 hours of cross examination of HIllary Clinton who was Sec of State….ended up in NOTHING… No sec of state gives orders to the US military…

  • Everything is just a dog and pony show. It's all fake and it's all diversion and Gowdy is just one of the players. No one will be impeached and no one will be indicted for their crimes. At the end of this 3 year surreal period the end result is going to be a historic loss of faith in government. And I truly believe Trump is going to lose 2020 because of this very fact. We wanted a wall, but we needed justice. A parent who gives their kids toys and other things they want but fails to give their kids what is needed is a failed parent in the end. If I commit the slightest infraction I am immediately held accountable for it. If I lie to a judge I go to jail, period. What we have here are crimes so egregious that it makes Watergate look like J walking and not only is no one held accountable, but the actors walk away more rich and set-up for their future. Americans cannot believe in the government any longer after this. And it is going to be felt in 2020. And you are not going to understand why, just like no body understood why Hillary did not get elected. The news and politicians just simply have no clue. They are so completely out of touch with life in America that they are incapable of getting it. We are talking the average working American. We are not talking about the druggies or the lunatic Progressives, which really are one and the same, or the super wealthy. We are talking about the Americans who get up every day and go to work and try their best to live decent responsible lives and need to believe they are electing officials to have their back. I am one of them and I see no confidence. And I am not going to watch or listen to this crap any more.

  • The 'Deep State' is polluted by the likes of Democrats & Republicans! Americans take back our COUNTRY in 2020! We can do this!!!!! 2020 UNITE AMERICANS – TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY – LETS ROLL!