GIORGIO: A Modern-Day Miracle Story

GIORGIO: A Modern-Day Miracle Story

He dropped to his knees and didn’t say anything
and I just said, “Is he alive? Is he alive?” Your brother pretty much has 48 hours Prayers, prayers, prayers, that’s all I remember You know, I’m going to lose my son Any minute he could just…die. That day the picture came of Blessed Pier
Giorgio Would you all join me in praying to him? That he needed a miracle and that we needed
a miracle, that was very comforting. Full of life is the only way to describe Kevin.
Just fun, good kid He was a handful. Just goofy kid, you know, very goofy. When things got exciting, it usually involved
Kevin. He was really good at soccer. His team they
won like counties, they went to the state finals twice. Had always something to say about everything
um but he was delightful You know I wasn’t surprised when we pulled
up to this house to see the kind of house that he was going to be living in. You were
hoping that it would be better than it was but-
it was a college house but he was so proud- and, of course, yeah, he was very proud. This
was his, this was his place, this was his home. He had called me that morning to, um, share
with me that the cable guy was here. He had to actually go out onto the roof to clean
um back the bushes. He said, “Mom, they couldn’t get it set up so I had to go out and trim
back the trees and we’re all set. We’re all connected. We’re ready to go.” The first night like all my roommates came
like we were just hanging out on the roof and saying like how awesome the year was going
to be and stuff. And like every single night we actually just hung out on the roof before
I got hurt. It was Kevin’s girlfriend who called me and
said um Kevin was in a bad accident and he’s very badly hurt. And I said, “Okay, so where
is he?” And she said, “Well, he’s at the hospital right now.” And I said, “Okay, well what is
he saying?” And she said, “He’s not saying anything, Mrs. Becker.” I said, “Well what
do you mean he’s not saying anything?” “We found him outside. He, we think he fell from
his roof.” My grandmother was currently in the hospital.
My uncle was in the hospital. Both of them were fighting for their lives, you know. It
was pretty serious stuff that they were in. So, when I got woken up, I was pretty scared.
I started walking down the stairs and before we had even gotten past the first level of
stairs, I go, uh, “Is it Uncle Shaun?” He goes, “No.” I go, “Grandma Jean?” He goes,
“No.” At this point, we hadn’t known yet really
where we were because you know his girlfriend couldn’t tell us that much. But it was when
the phone call came in from the hospital and I’ll never forget that because Damian took
it and he dropped to his knees and didn’t say anything. And my oldest son just started
all of a sudden hysterical crying and I just said, “Is he alive? Is he alive?’ You know
at that point they were telling him that Kevin was in grave condition, that they did have
him as stable as they possibly could at that point in time but that they needed to transfer
him to a higher level trauma hospital which they were going to try and do but that they
could not guarantee us that he would be alive when he would get there so we needed to get
to that other hospital and as soon as possible. I just remember my mom just ripped my pillows
from underneath my head and I was like, “What’s going on?” and she was like, “Get up! We gotta
go downstairs right now.” And I was just like, “Okay.” Came downstairs and my mom was just
racing an d I was just slow and I was like, “I gotta go back to sleep. I have football
tryouts.” And I walk into the TV room and I see Damian’s pacing back and forth like
in the doorway and then my dad’s just sitting on his chair just like staring at the ground
kind of emotionless and my mom was like, “Kevin was in an accident.” And I’m like, “Okay,
how bad is it? Do I really need to go and see him?” And she was like, “Yeah, you kinda
do.” And I was like, “Really? I need football tryouts.” Like, that always bothered me, that
one little part, because I worried about football tryouts more than my brother. So I was kind
of, uh, thought about that for awhile, kind of… Alright, so, let’s go. And we all just like
grabbed something. What are we bringing? My oldest ran upstairs and grabbed his rosary
beads off of his cross in his room. I went and got my Our Lady of Guadalupe statues and
anything I knew was of prayer that I felt I could hold onto because I knew that what
we were going to, we were going to need that, and, I know you grabbed, what did you, you
grabbed your – I grabbed my bible. My husband had gotten the call during the
evening and he woke me to say, “We have to get to Pennsylvania. Kevin’s been in an accident.”
You know, the fear, it’s every, you know, having four children of my own, it’s your
greatest fear of getting a phone call like that. You know my husband and I were sleeping and
the phone rang and it was probably, I want to say about four o’clock in the morning.
And my brother Hilary was on the phone. He said that Kevin was in a terrible accident.
They weren’t sure how things were going to go. And, I, I, you know I just burst into
tears. They, um, the surgeon had gotten to the hospital
and they were trying to move us as quickly as possible . They needed to get him into
surgery. But the surgeon wanted to talk to us first. You know basically I just said to the doctor,
“I trust you to do the best that you can – because they were going in and inserting two
tubes into his head. One to relieve pressure and one to monitor brain pressure. I remember very vividly walking into the waiting
room and, um, I just bee-lined to Jeanmarie and, uh, you know, I remember her saying to
me, “Thanks for coming.” And I just said, “Where else would I be? When I first saw Kevin, it was you know it
was a shock because the amount of equipment that was a part of him at that point was really
…um… devastating. Because it seemed like every part of him needed something in order
to be there still. I was in fifth grade and the story was spreading
throughout the school at St. Raymonds. And everyone heard about it from Mrs. Becker because
she was the teacher there. She came in and she told us about him and
she told us about what happened and she asked us to pray for him. We all started praying for him, every night
at the dinner table, we would pray for him. Desperate. It was desperate. That he had a
fall. That he was in a coma and that things were very very serious. I’m a speech language pathologist so I know
about head trauma and I know about head injury um I was sad. I was very sad for what would
be the probably outcome knowing what I know medically speaking. So, we prayed. We prayed
a lot. They generally felt that they had like uh
two to three days to save his life. And Kevin wasn’t getting any better, I mean, he wasn’t
getting worse worse but he certainly wasn’t doing anything that they would feel encouragement
by. He started running high fevers. He started, he had pneumonia. He started getting nasal
infections. His, his fever at one point was 105 and they had to put a cooling blanket
over him. Um, just seeing such a vibrant person in a
coma and not responsive at all. And then his head had been shaved – and he has the most
amazing hair – so his head had been shaved where they had, you know, done some work and
he had stuff in and so physically he looked kind of scary. Um, one of the members of the trauma neuro
uh team is doing, making his rounds, and they come up to Kevin’s room and he gets the run
down from the nurses and I just remember him saying, you know, you can’t go on like this
forever. I mean, time is running out. His brain pressure was spiking really high.
Yeah, his brain, his brain pressure like whenever they tried to reduce the propofol, the – just
to test to see how he was doing, so they woud test him – yeah, just to see, like within
two minutes it would just go ….and then they would have to be, then they would be
like, “Mr. Becker, we gotta bring it back down.” Because they were trying to ask me
to help Kevin to like do something. It was just day to day, almost minute to minute,
you know. And I just remember there was this one point where they were just waiting for
him to give the thumbs up. If he would just give the thumbs up. And I remember being in
the in the room with him, when it was my turn, and just looking at him and just screaming
in my head, “PLEASE, LORD, PLEASE let me have a thumbs up!” You know and it was just moment
by moment. We just never knew. You just never knew. We just, the hope was always there,
never to give up hope, um, but it was also very scary that, yah, he might, he might die,
he might not die, and the fear of him not dying was what are we gonna get? What kind
of Kevin are we going to have after this was all over. And I think that was my biggest
fear was that he was not going to be able to be who he was. So, Dame and I are just sitting in there and
this doctor, you now, says, “Let me just explain to you uh what I’m thinking is going to happen
at this point. We can’t keep Kevin the way he is anymore.” And he said, “the only other
option is that we’re going to just put him completely under, a medically induced coma,”
and he said you know like “for two weeks. If we do that, he may never come back.” It wasn’t good, you now, hearing that your
brother pretty much has 48 hours you know and we’re going to have to try something else
but death is possibly coming. It uhhh certainly, you know, changes everything. I was trying to accept the fact because it
was, it seemed from what everyone was looking like that he wasn’t…the odds were not in
his favor. He’s either gonna die but if he doesn’t die,
he will remain in a coma for the rest of his life or if he survives, he’ll be really funny. So anytime um the doctor’s would say anything,
I would just have go through my head, “My God is greater than that mountain” over and
over. If I was in his room, I was on my knees by his bedside praying over him. And then
I would leave and say, “I have to go pray and that’s all I can do right now, Kev, I
can’t stay with you. I can’t see you like this.” My niece Beth who lives in California had
uh contacted us and said, “Listen- – “get everybody praying for Pier Giorgio.
He needs another miracle to become a saint. This might be the one!”
– and me being, listen, hey anybody you throw at me, I’ll, I’ll do it, you know. I was praying
to every all my people, so just add a person on, so that’s when we all first heard of him
and we said sure. You know, he was a young guy, very athletic, I said, hey, this sounds
like our guy. My niece had sent us the Divine Mercy prayer
and then Blessed Pier Giorgio and gave us you know the prayer to say. And especially to have a particular saint
to pray to, especially that he needed a miracle and that we needed a miracle, um, that was
very comforting. My relationship with God is He talks to me
through music. And so I think that was a part of my prayer is like I was holding onto what
people were telling me. And I, at one point, I said, “I’m holding on but I need to hear
from You in my own special way.” For whatever reason, I would probably wake
up at around 3 o’clock in the morning. You know, I was just flipping through the channels
and there was the rosary with Mother Angelica and I left it on. So we would wake up to EWTN.
And every morning probably around 7 o’clock there was like a kid’s show. So, Day 8, you’re in the bathroom getting
ready and I’ll never forget it, and I had not listened to any music up until this point
and um the scripture verse of the day was the scripture verse that hangs in my classroom.
And then they go into this song and it’s a very catchy song. It’s “Cast your burdens
onto Jesus..higher higher higher higher.” -No he goes (singing) Cast your burdens onto
Jesus for He cares for you. -That’s it, yah!
-higher higher -And they’re all walking around! And I’m listening
to this -So I was hearing this while I’m in the bathroom
-He was in the bathroom and he doesn’t sing – it just caught my
-he doesn’t hum, he doesn’t do anything! -yah, i don’t sing, i don’t have a good voice
And I’m listening to this and I said alright, I’m casting. You know I remember sitting on
the edge of the bed going “I’m casting them. I’m casting them. Jesus you’ve got ’em, you
know.” And he starts walking by me and he’s humming this song! And he’s going hmm hmm
hmm hmm. And I’m like I don’t believe this is happening. He doesn’t hum! Like I’ve never
heard it! And like I tell people often this was the first time out of those eight days
that I could walk over to the hospital and not be terrified. That day the picture came. That day the picture
came of Blessed Pier Giorgio. At the end of the day like they do uh what
they call a neuro test. So like the thumbs up thing is a huge thing. So the other thing
is like wiggling the toes and he couldn’t do any of that. And then, you know to even
see if he can sense any pain, like they do some really pain- like they take a, like a
— sharp object — sharp object and they stick it in his foot, right? Then Kevin like started
you know pulling away and the doctor, that was the day. The doctor, this particular doctor
said, “Okay, that’s good, I know he’s in there.” That was the day, day eight was when Kevin
opened his eyes. And he um he gave me the hug that I had been
waiting for since he had was in the accident. And that’s all I wanted back. And I knew with
that hug that I prayed for that I had my son back. You know, I was the communicator. And every
day I would write you know what happened that day. Some of it was, of course, for the most
part it was fairly serious. And keep on praying, keep on praying… I was actually in the room when Kevin finally
said words. Like when they officially said he was awake. That was pretty big. It was like a relief. You know, it was like
a (big exhale). I was like, alright, so now we got this and you know, he opened his eyes,
we got the thumbs up you know. Now next thing is let’s get him off the breathing tube. Let’s
get the tubes out of his head. And you know let’s take it one step at a time. It was um me and my dad … like, uh, Kevin
had those little mitts on, you know? And he like lifted his hand up and I grabbed it,
and he said he loved me. When Kevin put his thumbs up and opened his
eyes, for me that was a, that was the miracle. That was the miracle. To have Kevin however
Kevin would be, Kevin was back. And then when he called me a loser, I knew Kevin, the KEVIN
Kevin was back. And I walked in and he was in the bed with
his eyes open sitting up able to really recognize me. It was … I can’t even describe the feeling. Well, we had to go to the house, the hotel
thing that we were staying at that was affiliated with the hospital, just to pack up and you
know I had a football laying in the car and we just started tossing it. And that was really
cool. Probably wasn’t the best idea either. Probably dangerous. So I was firmly believed that we were going
to have to help him for the rest of his life. I was convinced I would wipe drool off his
face, all those things that the doctors were saying were supposed to happen and him not
come back from a soccer game complaining how he got stepped on. His middle initial is M. And I changed it
from Kevin Matthew to Kevin Miracle and that’s just what it was. And what it is. On the last morning of the hospital, Kevin
had mentioned to me that you know an angel was with him and that the angel kept him safe. The first time I met Giorgio, um, you know
I woke up in my futon, you know it just seemed, you know, I’m, you know I’m usually the first
one awake in my house. I’m always the early riser. Like I would go to the 7:30 Mass And, you know, my room was a very normal bedroom
or I guess for me at least it was normal. I had a futon, TV, XBox 360 and FIFA. Alright,
that’s all I had, that’s all I needed. I started hearing things downstairs and you know, I
just figured, you know, it was one of my roommates. This is where I see this guy, you know, this
young guy and stuff. And I was like, “Who are you, man?” And he goes, “I’m your new
roommate.” And I’m like, “that can’t be because I already, I have two roommates, you know,
they’re names are Nick and Joe,” and he just goes, that “You don’t have to worry about
them for now.” I’m like what…whatever. A new roommate.
Cool. Awesome. A new person to meet. So I’m like, “Who are you?” And he goes, “I
am Giorgio.” And I was like, “alright Giorgio, I’m Kevin. Nice to meet you.”
You know, it was kind of like a working relationship.
Um, we were working on making the perfect
You know, it was kind of like a working relationship.
Um, we were working on making the perfect You know, it was kind of like a working relationship.
Um, we were working on making the perfect out in. And then when I was done with that,
I would go back upstairs to my room, play video games, play FIFA most of the time and
you know, I would even do schoolwork. And that, it seemed like, he was doing everything
in his power to keep me … there. So like And that, it seemed like, he was doing everything
in his power to keep me … there. So like
And that, it seemed like, he was doing everything
in his power to keep me … there. So like eventually I’m gonna get aggravated so eventually
I’m gonna try to get out of my house and that’s the thing that I always remember is him saying,
“You’re not ready yet to go out there.” And I never knew exactly what that meant and I
still don’t know what that meant. So it was the next day. We were home. It was
a beautiful day and, um, we decided to go for our walk. And as I’m walking with him,
I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. And I was just like in awe. My mom goes Kevin, hey, why don’t you tell
Damian what you told me. And I was just kinda like yah, so what’s up Kev? Whaddaya gotta
tell me? He goes, well, when I was in my coma, there was an angel with me. First of all, to hear Kevin talking about
an angel, that’s something in and of itself. He never saw Pier Giorgio. Like we never told
him that we were praying to him. It was when we finally, the first day he came back… My mom goes, “if I showed you a picture, would
you be able to identify this picture as your angel?” She shows me the picture… and he just looks at it, and he goes, “That’s
him!” “That’s the guy!” He’s like, “That’s the guy
that was in my dream telling me not to like leave my room or anything. That’s the guy.” With God’s gracious mercy and His love for
us and of course especially for Kevin, he chose the perfect saint for the miracle. You
know, both athletic, both funny um both really enjoyed being with their friends and the youth. You know you hear about miracles your whole
life. And you hear about this miracle and you read about the miracles in the Bible and
you hear about the ones all over the world but what a blessing to be able to witness
one firsthand and then to be able to talk about it. It’s absolutely miraculous. I mean you would
never know he fell, you truly wouldn’t know. I mean, he does everything he did before. I know that Pier Giorgio was a guy’s guy.
That he was just a regular guy but he also had this deep faith. He made bets with his friends that if he made
it down the mountain first, then, he would have to, they would have to go to Mass with
him. I know he was very athletic. He’s Italian.
I’m Italian. He was a good person. He helped the poor a lot. He died when he was young,
very young. He was part of the St. Vincent de Paul Society.
He had a deep devotion to the poor. I know the most significant one was he would
always climb mountains. He would always want to do that so he could be closer to God. Like
his saying, “verso l’alto” – to the top. A lot of saints that you hear about that are
in some sort of Order even, like priests, a sister, and to hear that Pier Giorgio wasn’t
is different. It makes him different. He lived life to the fullest, I think. It shows that you don’t have to be like in
your 50s to be a saint. If he, if Kevin had grown up in Turin, Italy
with him, I’m sure they would have been good friends. When Kevin was first, um, back home and he
was going for speech therapy at a speech pathology place, um, and I’d taken him to a couple of
appointments. And I would sit there with him and he would go in and I would see young men
his age coming out, barely able to walk out who had just had a traumatic brain injury
as well. And I would just say, “Kevin, look at these people. And, and look at you, you
know.” And he barely needed the therapy, you know, he was just going through the motions
And to me, it was continuous seeing people in his, that could have been him, and it,
it was a constant reminder of what a miracle it was, when you would be physically in a
place and you would see young men coming out and not being able to communicate at all,
not being able to even really walk correctly. And there he comes bounding out, “Hey Aunt
Geralyn… let’s go.” You know, “I’m done.” And I’d say, “Look at this. Kevin, look at
this boy. You know, how there but for the grace of God and your miracle and Blessed
Pier Giorgio Frassati and everyone’s prayers and that could have been you. But it’s not.”
And he recognized that. And that was the beauty of it all. That he knows that could have been
him. So…. What’s going on? Why am I recovering so much
quicker than my friend Jordan, then this other guy, this other guy? There’s people been in
this class for six months, some with some severe head injuries, and some with concussions.
And I fractured my skull in five places. I had fully injured basically every single lobe
of my brain. My brain shifted by a centimeter. Basically, my brain was, was mush. And I was
healing that much faster. It was, it was just, it’s been so wonderful
to watch and just every little thing that happens to him and you just think aahh we
could have missed that. And it’s just, it’s such a blessing just to have him and have
him back. Yah, he’s definitely the same person. I would
say, you know, I think, because of it, though, um, you know, we’re definitely more spiritual. What, how, why, why me, why me, why me, why?
I always, I always tell my mom, “why me? why me? why me? why me?” I’m here now and I know
at times why me. I’m a new picture. I’m a different person. I can help another person
become something that he deserves to be. And I was chosen to show people that there is
something to believe in. That there is a God. He loves us SO much that He forgives us. And
that’s one of the biggest things that I have learned in my life is forgiveness and I’ve
learned to love a lot more. If God can do this for me, imagine what He can do for you.” There are miracles in this world. They go
on. They happen to every day people. God chooses, you know, for whatever reason why someone
has one and someone doesn’t. The hand of God came down, you know, and touched
our family in such a way, just because of His gracious mercy. I mean, that’s it. Hope. Um, in a world that you know where they’re
saying God doesn’t exist. He’s very alive and well. And very present if you let Him. Yep. You, you don’t know what you have until you
truly are very close to losing it and stuff. So, I would just say I’m much more grateful
for what I have now. I mean, I’m a very active person and I’m you know I’m training little
kids in soccer. And I could guarantee you that if I wasn’t hurt I would probably never
have been training two-to-four year olds. I would never have thought that’s like proper
for me. I would have been like, I should be coaching older kids. So I kind of like see
myself doing more things that are very you know Giorgio Frassati like. I fully believe
that the reason why I’m here is because God wanted me to be here. And do I know exactly
why He wanted me to be here? No. And am I gonna, do I worry about it? Not really. I
just continue on living and keep on trying my hardest to be the best person that I am
every single day.

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17 thoughts on “GIORGIO: A Modern-Day Miracle Story”

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  • Tonight we had Kevin Becker and his mother Jeanmarie speak to our 7th and 8th grade students…. you could hear a pin drop as Kevin and Jeanmarie spoke of his miraculous recovery.  Pier Giorgio, pray for us!

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  • Don't these people know we can pray to god/Jesus directly so there's no reason to pray to saints. Our Lord hears our prayers no matter what..I'm protestants Christian not catholic..

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