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100 thoughts on “Foie Gras & the Ethics of Force-Feeding: The Politics of Food”

  • Yeah I think all people who eat foie gras should try a 20 inch pipe down their throats and if they like it than it should be legal. Greetings from Brooklyn

  • The farm in France they come running for the food. They are happy little guys. The little ones outside. The big ones not so much.

  • In ref to the French farm, if the choice was being free-range and having a non-gagging tube shoved down my throat for a couple seconds a day or being a roaster chicken crammed in Quonset hut with no grass or natural light, I’d rather be a foie gras goose..

  • I hate this shit..the bastards should have the shit beat out of them for the torture they inflict on these Birds

  • Ffs I'm going to eat animals…how I want. Veal, foi gras, tartare….no one is going to tell me what I can and can not eat. Hell I'm going to enjoy some today….every bite I will think of the vegans.

  • anything forced feed is sick for the animal. The ducks eat what their bodies tell them when and how to eat. NOT the other way around for the commercial or the taste of human. Delicacy of fat liver via mean of forced feed? Let's ban them all

  • A perfect example out of many others, of how insane thinking has increased outrageously and the continuous increase of dumbing down humans in specific cities and states has become. Humans now more than ever- love lies. They will fight for a lie even when the truth is overwhelming; so much so that they will believe the truth is actual lies. Ignorance is increasing at an insane rate every day in Cal, and of course Ny. I wish both would sink into the sea along with all the stupidity.

  • how about this crazy idea.. how about everybody Minds their own fucking business if you don't like foie gras don't buy it.. if you don't like guns don't buy them.. if you don't like cigarettes don't buy them.. but let people live their life and enjoy what they want to enjoy God I hate the fucking left

  • Aren't we foie gra-ing ourselves with McDonald's, alcohol, weed, reality tv, student debt forgiveness, Medicare for all?

  • This is animal cruelty, plain and simple. Would you do this to your dog? It's astounding how much mistreatment can go on in animal husbandry practices and no one says anything, but then someone leaves their dog in their car for 15 minutes with the window down and people will go through such great lengths to "rescue" the dog from the horrible and cruel conditions of their owners. Meanwhile, ducks are having their own assholes being eaten by rats because of the living conditions.

  • forse feeding is horrible and should be banned. right. I agree to that.
    but in the US you still give hormones to farm animals to fatten them up…why don't you pull your Karens to shout out to that too?

  • How many geese in general , no matter the species , are there in the world ? How many milli , no billions are they ? And that is the point !

  • Bootleg foie grass will thrive like alcohol during prohibition.
    Forced overfeeding is gruel like the slaughter of animals. Some will say that slaughter can be painless. But in theory overfeeding is painless too. Did the ducks informed anyone that they dislike overfeeding or that they approve their slaughter.
    Overfeeding and slaughter is cruel. So eat oysters, shrimps, lobsters and fishes.

  • In the history of humankind the agricultural revolution is very recent. Just 12.000 years ago. Before human had to mostly hunt and kill animals and occasionally eat fruits or nuts. The meat is a vital part of the human diet.

  • I'm not that really against foeie gras (never ate one) It hurts me eyes at the first few ducks etc but later at the end not really much
    But I think french people are the best at making the foie gras
    Cuz how they do it they give the animals their freedom and yes they give them force food
    but i dont think thats a problem when u saw how cow and rund suff are made actually
    For the people who don't like it you're own opinion it's cruel yes but tbh its still not that far
    Yes they die somtimes but animals like explode chicken dont u know about those anymore?

  • You guys aren't even looking at the main problem, if force feeding is to much for you then ban the "force feeding". If you ban "Foie gra" then the liver is going to be wasted when killing the goose/duck for their meat. Which is no different from killing chickens for theirs.
    So instead you can use every part of their body instead of it going to waste.
    What's the farmer going to do, throw the liver away in the trash when killing for the meat??. Or maybe sell it elsewhere, where it's not banned.

  • I don't understand how is possible theres people who doesnt care about ducks rights, its obvious ducks suffer so mutch they for 3 weeks doesn't feel nothing else but pain. When human overeats its terrible you are really sick and when its worst you just throw up duck cant throw up. Somebody for 2 minut of eating good food pass 3 week suffer living creature.

  • I propose that murder and stealing should become legal because people are going to find a way to do it anyway 🙄

  • Wtf what does he mean he didn’t think that was going to be the most compelling piece of footage so is it normal for a rat to be eating a bird while it’s still alive from ass !? literally taking chunks from its own body until you see blood and bone??? 😳 🙄 force feeding sucks and this should never happen to god’s animals idc if we need them for consumption purposes this is not exceptable now i see why people are turning vegan and are almost sick of humanity in general smh it’s like if we can’t do anything to help these poor defenseless animals the least we can do is spread awareness and educate people , if we’re not going to go vegan or vegetarian!

  • Do u think those birds look happy after being forced to eat having a yard stick shoved down there neck then tossed aside by that idiot !??? Look into there eyes bro how sad and do u see how he grabbed that second birds snout and literally through him !! the bird screamed smh just because u do it in a cleaner barn and dress it up with pretty little flowers and butterflies don’t make better

  • Thank you for this documentary. I really liked how many different perspectives were gathered, for anybody to really just make up their own mind about it. Well done.

  • I agree it is cruel and needs to be banned. But those animal rights activists acting like terrorists need to be jailed.

  • I agree that foie gras is unethical, but can we fix all the human problems first? I was vegan for ten years, but nothing puts me off like a bunch of privileged people complaining about animal cruelty instead of war and starvation. Let's get our priorities straight. I care way more about people than ducks.

  • While I don't agree with the way some of the protests are handled, shoving a pipe down a animal's throat is disgusting excuse just to get a tasty meal and it appears that we humans will go to no limits to eat food. I wonder what the long term side effects of this are

  • The geese ran to the corner of the fence in fear, wtf. I am a meat eater, but this is just brutal, so happy UK have outlawed this practice. Stuff like this is why the French are not liked so much, they just get on with it as if it was actually okay.

  • Banning something will simply make it more alluring. This is why countries are wising up to their approach to drugs. The issue I have is when you have a gaggle (pun intended) of loud. obnoxious and often threatening vegans and activists will simply put people off even thinking about the process. Unlike other processes activists moan about, foie gras is well documented and it is evident how it is done. I personally think if you want butter, eat butter.

  • I think disagreeing is fine and excersising your opinion by not eating it but trying to prevent others from eating what they want is wrong. Like vegans for example. They believe that they're right and everyone else is wrong, and if they had their way they'd make it illegal to eat meat. Believe in what you please but don't try to force it on others. Morality and legislation don't go together. One should have no part in the other!

  • Most activists are a sub human species that really need to be put down so the rest of human race can be spared of their retarded nature. There should be a law stating violence against activists is legal and counts as self defense.

  • Force feeding is terrible cruelty and should be stopped across the board. These folk are ridiculous to approach a protest like this though. You want people on board, not alienated.

  • Another article about communist California banning shit. Fuck California and the liberal shit-for-brains that have ruined it

  • That is utterly disgusting Anyone who reckons this isnt torture they are mentally fucked up . Typical french. To eat such a thing is pure gluttony in the extreme. There you go Fat asian speaking of decadence. Fat pigs eating fat pigs, ducks, geece

  • So that chef would be ok cooking and selling babies? Gonzales aka Duck satan out of business hahahahah who cares. Small family farm is bad imagine that with a 100 ratbags shoving food into the ducks and geese without any concern how distressed they get.

  • So they were angry for people harassing the duck and send death threat to another human being….this is where logic fails 😅

  • Foie gras is so good…who cares lol, we’re force feeding cows corn who don’t even eat corn in natural cases but nobody says anything!

  • This is like a lose lose situation,
    On 1 side it is cruel to see ducks get force feed and stuff
    But, on the other hand these people are maniacs and sending death threats

  • "the ducks have diarrhea and therefore treated inhumanely"
    Birds dont have bladders; having an organ that holds heavy liquid is not conducive to flight. Their feces is inherently runny because it is how they get rid of unneeded fluids.

  • For the longest time i thought that foie gras was like 3-5 duck livers stuck together. Kinda like play doh because of how enormously huge it is. It is nuts that was in a living duck at one point. I'm sure it is painful.

  • The humans prove themselves to be monsters over and over again. They cant even compromise by agreeing on banning the most egregious and nasty farming practices

  • This was well done; I liked you going the extra mile to actually see the production yourself. To honest though "resonable people disagreeing"???? I didn't see much "reason" involved. You do have a new subscriber now though; very well done indeed.

  • 03:00… You can tell a shitty person by the way they look and talk…04:13…
    And this lady is just that… Vain, arrogant, entitled…I say force feed that pathetic meat sack till she exlodes