Fashion Mistakes Beginners Make In Society!

Fashion Mistakes Beginners Make In Society!

Unclassy fashion mistakes that I keep
seeing beginners do over and over again in high society. I want to share them
with you so that you don’t have to make these mistakes. But first off, I want to
speak a little bit about elegant fashion and why it is so important. Now of course,
some of you do understand that that is kind of my preference in clothing but
I’m not here dictating saying that any other styles in fashion are wrong or are
not appropriate, not at all! I do embrace differences and that everybody should
find their own style, have their own voice and so on. But I just think that if
you are somebody who isn’t sure and you want to blend in with high society and
you just want to play it safe, then dress elegantly. Because that is really going
to keep you safe and definitely keep you safe from these beginner mistakes that
I’m about to speak to you about. But it’s also the smartest decision a woman
can make whenever she dresses. The reason for that are actually quite
straightforward. 1. Elegant fashion is very classic. It will always remain in style, meaning that you can actually afford to
invest in very expensive clothes because they will last you year after year. You
don’t have to jump so much of the trends and just buy clothes that you only wear
a season or two. Second of all elegant fashion really
looks good on everyone and I’m talking about age, I’m talking about body shapes.
Everybody can add a bit of elegance to their outfits and actually really
benefit from it. Lastly, if you are somebody who wants to marry up, who want to have an affluent man in your life, then dressing elegantly tend to attract
them rather than push them away. But anyway, let me jump straight into the
content of this video because there are beginner mistakes that I really don’t
want you to do ladies, so listen up! 1. Not dressing according to
your body shape. And with that, I mean for instance women who tend to wear clothes, they’re a little bit too small, that’s not very flattering and it’s definitely
not good dress code etiquette. Second of all, you have women who are not kind of shaping their bodies. If they have a bit of curve or perhaps
not in the right places, then you know sometimes it’s required to tuck a few
things in to make yourself look better and also kind of you know not to distract
the viewer far too much from whatever is going on there. You don’t
want to be all over the place, okay? You wanna have a nice silhouette, whatever you can achieve and I’m not specifically talking about plus-sized women now, I’m
talking about everybody. We all have things that we can tuck in, that we can
camouflage. We all have features that are better and features that are maybe
not as good. And this is the thing girls, you have to understand what are your
best features, what should you enhance, what are the ones that are not really
serving you so well? And really, that is the secret to always looking your best
and also presentable. Now the second mistake and this is very very common one in high society. I guess it comes a little bit from the imposter syndrome
that a lot of where you know a lot of beginners tend to feel it initially. That
is the one when you’re just trying too hard to impress and frankly, I keep
seeing almost everyone go through this face at some point. It can be anything
from like having the stereotypical view on what an affluent person dresses like
and you just kind of try and you know do all that. And this is the thing where
people get wrong because if you actually have experience in high society, have
a look around and you will see that the majority of
wealthy people and especially those with class, they don’t dress like that!
Discretion is very important in high society. Being dressed appropriately and
for the occasion, it’s also very important. When you’re just coming in
there and really you know trying too hard, people know immediately that either
you’re a beginner or you just you know you’re just insecure, so don’t do that
mistake! And then we also have this very common one that is not only in high
society, when women are trying to somehow stand out or overcompensate, or just
really trying hard to impress by showing more skin, by being more sexy, by really
you know going the provocative route. And yeah, I mean of course you will get some
eyeballs on you but it’s also showing that, first of all, you are a beginner
because it just screams insecurity. Women who do not have a strong need for
validation and for all eyes on them, they’re the ones who appear very
confident and very experienced. So you are truly winning when you’re covering
it up and keeping it a little bit more elegant. 3. Is probably as common as the one I just spoke about. But it’s about thinking that the items
you wear are more expensive looking than they actually are. And sadly you know
this is not easy for people to really figure it out and it does take time to
understand what fabrics look expensive, what styles look expensive and what
doesn’t. Now, ladies, I do have a free cheat sheet called How to Look Expensive.
It’s basically a quick guide for those who want to have a little bit of help
whenever they choose an outfit, will go shopping and kind of just have a little
quick overview of, okay what should I buy, what should I not wear and so on. So go
to CLASSYCHEATSHEET.COM and download it! It’s absolutely free of charge!
Ladies, it’s all about training your eye, anyone can do it.
I know it, not everybody is fashion savvy and some fine fashion styling to be
incredibly difficult, so I do get it. But it doesn’t mean it’s not a skill
that cannot develop in you. Definitely my cheat sheet is going to help because it
gives you this introduction and the kind of basic principles that you should be
aware of. But what you have to do is just start practicing and you know, try to
analyze clothes, and try to educate yourself at the same time. Practice will
make perfection, and then you will be able to master these ladies and you will
be totally safe on this point. 4. You are overestimating the heel
size for the occasion I’ve actually done a video recently called, These Shoes are Not Classy and there I mentioned the stiletto that I personally do not find
elegant. The reason for that is, these shoes tend to be a little bit too much
on the sexy side. One common mistake that I keep seeing women do, is that
they wear heels that are a little bit too high for the occasion. Like for instance,
day time, it’s not really that appropriate to wear really
high heels during the daytime, it’s more for the evening. Of course, you can wear heels during daytime but make sure, it’s a little bit lower or maybe in maximum mid heel or you could wear like a wedge during the day that it’s a little
bit more on the casual side. But of course, it all depends on the occasion. if you’re going to a very formal event during the day then the heels are
absolutely fine. I’m talking more about everyday situations or lunches or
brunches and you know that type of thing. Okay lastly, number 5. And this is actually not a fashion mistake, this is more of a grooming mistake. You see, a lot of women are not spending enough time on their grooming. They spend more time on
their fashion and styling than the grooming, and actually, the grooming is
more important than the clothes. You know, you should spend probably double or
triple the amount of time than you are already doing. So what I’m basically
seeing in high society, a lot of women like they can be dressed to their
teeth, they can be styled extremely interesting and well and
extravagant and so on. But then, their grooming is kind of off, or it just
doesn’t match the level of their outfit. I do believe that if you want to look
more expensive, you have to have immaculate grooming. You need to have
decent makeup, very good skin, you have to have a nice hairdo and so on. And these
things are just like basics. But when we perfect the basics, that’s when we become
these truly high-caliber women that I teach about in my online finishing school.
So make sure you spend more time on grooming and don’t do the mistake of now
spending like three hours caking your face with makeup because that is not
what I’m talking about. I’m just saying that you should spend more time working
on the basics because it is something that we all have to do continuously. This
type of maintenance never stops. So make sure you invest a lot of time in this department. Okay ladies that was it for me! Make sure
you go to CLASSYCHEATSHEET.COM and download my cheat sheet to How to Look Expensive, and also watch my other videos on this channel, because I have loads of
free content for you not to miss, ok? Iwill see you in the next video!

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100 thoughts on “Fashion Mistakes Beginners Make In Society!”

  • Thank you for bringing up grooming! I once worked with a woman that would come into work, dressed properly, yet stylish (especially on casual Fridays)… but her hair and nails were complete hell. I was confounded by how she could put together an awesome outfit, but come to work with wet hair and fingernails all jagged and different lengths. If she ever had nail polish on, it was always chipped off her broken nails. This also includes her toenails. It made no sense to me that she would wear strappy high heel sandals and have overgrown and chipped toenails. Ugh. One of my other coworkers used to poke fun at her toenails, but she didn't pay any mind.

  • Not only u r classy u r smart and wise and straight forward with a vision thats what i like about u 🙂 keep on going

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    Its soooooooo tacky.

    Pale skin is highly classy and very very chic.
    Please please do a detailed video on exactly what you mean by grooming.

  • It’s true. Don’t do the Instagram model look. Anna looks like she has minimal makeup. No layers upon layers of foundation, concealer, highlight, contour, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, sparkly eye shadow, etc. It’s too much! I spend more time and money trying to have nice, natural skin. Invest in good skincare products. Don’t dress like the Kardashian’s. It doesn’t work in real life

  • Discrete and tailored is how I roll. ❤️❤️. I see too many women showing lots of skin. And it’s gross. Flabby arms, too much leg, cleavage.

  • Also, petite women should not wear super high heels. Preferably 3” max. It has to be proportionate to your height. You don’t have to be super tall or modelesque to attract a rich guy. Some men like petite women. The ability to fill the room with your presence matters more than height, and that comes with confidence and a charming personality.

  • Tip: traditional department stores like Nordstrom (a higher-end store in the US) will provide you with a personal shopper, free of charge on request. In my experience, if you tell them and show them you are looking for class/style/sophistication they can help you find what you need, even if it is not in their store. They can also help coordinate your needs in alterations (because proper tailoring is essential) and with the makeup department.

    Bonus tip: To whomever is reading this – you’re beautiful! Have a lovely day 💙

  • Thank you for the video!
    Are there are particular brands of clothing that are your favorite?

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  • Any specifics for us older ladies? I finally gave in to buying spanx for my belly. Lovely menopause and then back problems, now resolved, I have to be very careful of types of exercise and so far I'm not getting the results I want. I have been told I have a great fashion sense and am changing to address my age. Let's face it (haven't seen a video here to help the 50 ladies, but new so will keep on watching) you can't wear the shoes you used to and dressing in some acceptable fashion for younger women can so NOT be acceptable for us. Embrace your age on this one. Check out Jane Fonda. Anyway, I digress! I have a visible tattoo on my foot that is a very tasteful vine. I covered it with makeup for my kids' weddings, special meetings at work and special events like formal company occasions. Assume the same here?

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  • I have a talent in fashion and good eye for good material. Thats why whenever I go shopping I came back with empty hands. I cannot find simple, good quality, and good cut all at once. Even at expensive shops. All these brands just think of taking our money.

  • I love that she said "This is not plus size ladies. " I jokingly say I'm an hourglass.. A 2 hour glass but still an hourglass. I am a US size 12/14 . And I'm 42 years old. That being said. Some of the most ELEGANT ladies I have ever met in my life were plus size ladies.

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