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100 thoughts on “Fact-Checking Tim Morrison’s Claims About Trump-Zelenskiy Call Transcript | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  • Ukrainians Teased U.S. Officials About Trump’s Obsession With Biden

    And then Andry Yermak said: What? You mean the type of investigations you’re pushing for us to do on Biden and Clinton? And at that point Kurt Volker did not respond.”


  • so we are to trust a habitual liar like trump when he says the transcript is accurate. his "people" were the ones that transcribed it. then why is witness under oath mention of the oil company Burista missing??  trusting trump for an honest call transcript is the fox watching the hen house. it is a crime to offer evidence that is a lie. perjury by someone in trump white house.

  • Morrison might as well as gone straight to a Federal Jail after his interview and ask to be admitted… He lied, then he lied about lying and he did an awful job of it…

  • It looks like Volker and Morrison jumped USS Trump, when they found out the patriots took advice from the lawyers! It's called looking after yourself with no thought of the Country!

  • Good lord, you people put America thru these BS wastes of time and then arrogantly claim they are lying. This is beyond insanity and more looking like corruption of the media and the left in general.

  • He lying it’s wrong to investigate a American citizen like Nancy or another but it ain’t biden really biden is a American citizen but he reports it but he ain’t worried about it

  • It's insane that the republicans think that the majority of the American are stupid. That applies only to the republicans themselves and the moronic tRump cult of losers. All the republicans do is deflect and LIE.

  • Morrison is a punk and a slime bag. he makes no sense and he is doing it on purpose. NONE of this was handled right and he KNWS it…especially after other folks have already made it clear this was NOT the norm

  • Having watched the whole proceedings yesterday I was not comfortable with Volker and Morrison's responses, especially the latter's. I am glad that Lawrence has chosen to focus on Morrison's testimony because it did not seem totally creditable! Good choice Lawrence!

  • One rushes to the office of the WH lawyers to alert and report a misconduct of the president and the other runs to the lawyer too…but to hide it

  • I love that part when Schiff used the phrase "If it was a perfect call…." Looked like he had to stifle a laugh. Another gem from the "stable genius." Morrison seemed to have trouble telling the WHOLE truth.

  • It sounds as if Tim is dancing as fast as he can. We always rush to a lawyer when everything is perfect and the information is appropriate.

  • I thought Volker was dreadfully naive but mostly well-intentioned. And now he regrets his earlier fudges. Morrison, however, is a tight lipped two-timer. He knew perfectly well that call was wrong. He had zero concern for legality, just whether the dirty deed would get out. He is another crook. Morrison: out. Volker: let's hope sadder but wiser.

  • Morrison is walking the thin line of perjury. Moving documents to a secure server is not a mistake it’s a coverup.

  • Come together right now and make this a better world .Things fell apart doing sharply gate .petty districtions know one paying attention.

  • Get the criminals out the Ukraine Putin loose his grip .Trump give everyone and everything to Putin, what's in it for him.

  • There is something way worse going on here. Politicians are sneaky slimy bottom feeders, so for the Trump administration and the GOP, who are constantly complaining about all the leaks in the white house, are so plainly making the evidence so easily accessible and then providing the weakest possible defense, are up to something nefarious. PLUS, after all of this and no severe punishment for all the criminal hypocrisy they have been involved in, no one in government from this point on will care at all about your "sacred" rule of law and that imperfect constitution everyone in this country worships as such an infallible document.

  • Twitter Troll tRump Gang exposed. Sondland need more security. tRump👹, Pence 🤖, Rudy🧛‍♀️ and many many more. It’s a sad day in USA 🇺🇸


  • OMFG I was screaming yesterday y no one asked Tim morrison what was wrong in that call that it needed to be secured from leaks. It was a great ….. perhaps the GREATEST opportunity missed by the democrats. Good god how could they miss THAT

  • These are the facts for the delusional among the democrats:

    1. Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of a foreign company during the tenure of his father as VP.

    2. An IMF loan of almost 2 Billion USD was provided to this companies banking arm. This money went missing immediately. If has not been recovered.

    3. The US government was investigating the Biden family role in the missing money before Trump was elected. Joe Biden stopped the Ukraine investigation into the missing IMF money.

    4. Trump sought the co-operation of the Ukraine in regard to this investigation. This is appropriate and normal.

    5. No record, be it transcript, text or email exists of any criminal activity of POTUS in this regard. Whether that be a quid pro quo,
    bribery or whatever.

    6. No person has said they were told by POTUS of a “quid pro quo”. Not one.

    This would be dismissed in a district court. This is an impeachment fail. The democrats need to develop policies NOT persist in endless ad hominen attacks.

  • Strange? FLAT OUT LIES. You don't go running to a lawyer and put the transcript in secured server if it is OK. I hope he gets jail time.

  • Hopefully, Timmy Morrison will put on his "Big Boy Pants" one day, watch the video of his testimony, and realize that his non-verbal behavior screams that he is a bald-face liar. Timmy may be 7 feet tall but his stature as a man is so low to the ground it can't even be measured.

  • Morrison testifies and it doesent help Democrats
    Democrats – Liar, trump protector, go to jail, next roger stone.
    These people are sick.

  • Tim Morrison and Volker have created a narrative replete with incoherent lies. They have embellished the bribery attempt. Both should be indicted for perjury.

  • Armed with the knowledge that most people will not watch the hearings Trumps stooges are planting sound bytes or lines of questioning favourable to Trump. Trump TV will then air the sound bytes on Fox and Friends or Hannity or whatever
    with typically misleading spin.
    The testimony Morris provided is a perfect example. The pickings are slim but thats ok. The Fox opinion machine can whittle a mountain of evidence down to the size of a molehill.

  • Morrison is the guy who tried to get this covered up by hiding it in a ultra top secret security system. He could have put it in less secure system himself! But he asked Eisenberg to do it. That’s why it doesn’t make sense. Morrison is a party to the partisan coverup


  • This Tim guy is not truthful, dishonest and his answers don't add up,. He's clearly lying and covering up for the White House, no guts and unpatriotic!

  • It seems quite apparent to me that Colonel Vindman bypassed his superior, Mr. Morrison, in immediately communicating his concerns regarding the July 25th phone call between Trump and Ukraine's President Zelensky because he didn't believe Mr. Morrison was trustworthy enough to take Colonel Vindman's concerns beyond their exchange to expose the corrupt details of that call. Because Colonel Vindman and Mr. Morrison had only worked together for a short couple of months, I believe Colonel Vindman felt compelled to seek the 'safety of others' in the State Dept. whom he had complete confidence in communicating the treasonous details of the July 25th phone call. Mr. Morrison was obviously not being truthful with his accounting of the July 25 phone call!

  • Find the person who received the order to lock the transcript in a separate server and interview him/her.

    For sure it wasn’t an administrative mistake.

  • You are clutching at straws again Lawrence , what you are doing is similar to how you mislead your listeners during the Russia Hoax In fact this is a bigger schrade really. Despicable Bought and sold.

  • Pay attention to Adam Schiff's tells when he gets someone in a lie/contradiction/spin tactic. His eyes turn into blow-fish.

  • Morrison kept adverting his attention to look up and to his left just about every time he answered a question , like he had to think of a response that he thought would be believed . Lt. Col. Vindman always promptly answered and looked at the people that he was talking to … PLUS Morrison when questioned about his loyalty to the President expressed that YES he was loyal to Trump .. So which man is telling the truth is a no brainer .

  • He says if the call were leaked…"it would cause problems in the current political climate"…FINE…BUT WHAT PART OF THE CALL WOULD CAUSE THESE PROBLEMS??? EXACLTY! THE GO-PIG-G0 part of the call

  • Did he have an epiphany or was it something said or done to HE realized + OH there's more to this story than I thought there was, how niave of me?

  • Morrison must have participated in hiding the call summary on the extra secure server. So he has to claim there was nothing wrong with the call, so moving the summary wasn't obstruction of justice.

  • Morrison’s not being entirely truthful – Congress needs to bring him back & question both him & the NSC Lawyer, Eisenberg, about how & why they “accidentally” filed the transcript of Trump’s Ukraine extortion phone call into a “classified” server; And Congress also needs to ask all the witnesses, ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS ABOUT TRUMP’s SECRET PHONE CALLS WITH OTHER FOREIGN LEADERS, THAT WERE, LIKEWISE, INAPPROPRIATELY HIDDEN FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  • Yep: of all of the witnesses that have testified (and I've watched all of the testimony), Morrison is the one who stood out as being uncomfortable with being asked questions. Everyone else — even Sondland — seemed like they were eager to explain. Not Morrison. This video confirms that for me.

  • I'd add that Morrison was the only witness who seemed bent on trying to discredit Vindman, which immediately set-off alarm bells for me. Morrison made lots of claims about unnamed colleagues saying that Vindman was a leaker and had poor judgment, but refused to say who, and his characterization is easily disproved by Fiona Hill's annual review that Vindman quoted from.