Experience n°13 – L’Electro Dance Club

In 2012, electro djs invaded the planet. Such as Pitt Bull, Davig Guetta or LMFAO “Hey girls up there”. Let’s have a look at the stables of the new disc jockeys! Today, we’ll compose a piece of electro dance club. Here you normally say … You do not say anything at all because for once I did not imagine a stupid name like disco house mix or single euronew dance R&Beat. We’ll start with the drums with the well known technique of the “Poum Tchac.” The best technique for a powerful sound is superimposed layers for the bass drum or ‘Kick’ if you add… with … and … it gives … “Caisse claire” or ‘Snare’ it’s the same, you have to combine sounds. By mixing … with … and … we obtained … Woo. Let’s add a little Charley and here is our “Poum tchac” of death that kills. In preparing this experience, I conducted a small field investigation. I noted the chords of 60 dance club titles released since 2010. No No, I’m okay, it went well … and I counted no fewer than 45 songs based on the same 4 chords: F, G, Am and C. I suggest you to do like professionals : let’s roll the dice. We’ll start with the piano. Now we put back the drums and we add a big bass with a huge synth sound called syntache. This kind of sound is a legacy of eurodance. The euro what? Come on, it’s an evidence, eurodance, as its name suggests it, is the european dance scene of the 90s … And let’s go for the bass. For a double “checking” effect we’ll record another more aggressive synth close to trance sounds. Pitt, I mean Pitt Bull, gives me the tip. A funky electric guitar, it never hurts. The finishing touch, the icing on the guetta : the crazy synth. Most of the components are now reunite, now the objective of the game is to stall full of “tricks” of dj … it starts to bother me, now the goal is to link up djs’s tricks. For example, the filter “high-cut” that attenuate frequencies above a certain threshold, or the “low-cut” that does exactly the reverse. That’s all for the music, the next time we’ll see the singing and lyrics to maybe become an international star and try to conquer the world!

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