Did We Get Dave Matthews in the Whiskey Society??? (Spoiler Alert: Kinda)

Did We Get Dave Matthews in the Whiskey Society??? (Spoiler Alert: Kinda)

Tonight in the Whiskey Society at Seven Grand
whiskey bar in Downtown Los Angeles We were helping to launch a craft distiller
new to the Southern California market but now available in 19 states
in the wonderful United States of America… Beautiful straight rye
100% rye whiskey made in Basalt? Buh-Salt Damn, how many times can
I mispronounce this name? Way up in the mountains of Colorado,
high altitude straight rye We tried your straight bourbon
and then your cask strength bourbon. Wow! And then of course The Bloody Butcher.
Red corn whiskey, all locally sourced ingredients, right from around the
distillery in Colorado. We had Master Distiller
Dave Matthews in the house No relation to that crash
into you guy but, um, you know… usually parents don’t
name two of the kids in the same brood by the exact same name, so that’s
understandable that there’s no relation, Right?
-I don’t think so I don’t think that that other
Dave Matthews ever had an orchard of hazelnuts in the south of France!
-You know… I’d like to meet that guy… Me too! I’m cool!
I’m not making fun! Crash into you! No! Not making fun!
-I want to be on his tour bus! Yeah! Totally! Come on! That guy is a
barrel of monkey fun to be sure! Be sure to enjoy this podcast responsibly,
that means keep an open mind! Craft distillates may be different from
what you’re used to, but it doesn’t…
-Maybe better! Yeah! Come on! Give him a try! ::APPLAUSE::
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  • This is just a teaser for the Spirit Guide Society podcast that was released today. You can hear the whole conversation at the link below. Please enjoy it and share it with all your friends! spiritguidesocietypodcast.com