Der 700 PS Club 2 | Manhart MH3,  PP Performance CLS 63 AMG &  HGP Golf 6 | GRIP

Der 700 PS Club 2 | Manhart MH3, PP Performance CLS 63 AMG & HGP Golf 6 | GRIP

We had the 500-PS-Club (493 hp). And we had the 700-PS-Club (690 hp). Because the 700-PS-Club was so nice,
we’re doing it again today.Candidate No. 1:
The CLS 63 AMG by PP-Performance.
Candidate No. 2: The Manhart MH3.High performance,
bad-ass chassis and light weight.
Candidate No. 3:
The Bi-turbo Golf by HGP.
Are these three hp-titans
really packed with power,
or did the tuners
bite off more than they can chew?
And who will be the boss
of the 700 PS athletes?
This is candidate No. 1.With altered software
and its own exhaust system,
this CLS 63 AMG by PP-Performancehad its performance boosted
from 549 hp to a massive 700 hp.
Tuning price: 14,000 euro.But does it really have 700 hp?Time to check the performance.We’re at the Henni GmbH,
an independent inspection service. They’re going to show us
what kind of performance the cars have. The CLS 63 by PP-Performance
is first in line. Bruce is going to run the tests. This is totally impartial.
No more big talk. All that matters now
are the numbers the computer.The test will put
maximum strain on the powertrain.
So, Bruce. Let’s do this.
– Yup. Go for it!The high room temperature
put additional strain on the motor,
but the CLS effortlessly
sends the hp numbers flying.
According to the tuner,
it’s got 700 hp.
The test is about to reveal
just how strong the Swabian really is.
So, Bruce, what’s the official result?
How much hp? 686 hp. It’s not quite 700,
but 686 is pretty darn legit too. Considering the temperature today.
– How hot is it? It’s 100 degrees in the test room.
– 100 degrees? Yes.
– And that decreases performance. Okay. What are the other numbers up there?
– 712 ft-lb. What?
– Yes. Okay.
– It’s the turbo. You don’t mind if I hit the road?
– Not at all. Let her rip!It’s time for the CLS
to prove itself on the open road.
Let’s ease into it, get the wheels warmed up. Then we’ll do the acceleration test.While Matthias gets the wheels warm,
we’ll look at the test track.
The Daimler will achieve
full acceleration over half a mile.
We’ll measure acceleration
from 0 to 60
and 0 to 124,as well as the maximal speed
at the finish line.
Here’s the starting line. Let’s go to “race start.” “Push paddle up to confirm.
Tap gas to confirm.” Damn, it’s taking off! We’re already at 90. 110, 115 130, 135. 150… And we’re going about 155 past the optical sensor.The results:
From 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds,
and 0 to 124 in 11.8 seconds.Top speed: 158 mph.The acceleration on the straightaway
was totally nuts. When launch control started… With that kind of power
you have traction issues at first, but then
it milked it for all it was worth. Madness!The next discipline:
The Frizzi Factor.
This is Frizzi.Frizzi Arnold, to be exact.None other than
the current Miss Tuning.
The mission:According to her criteria,
pick which of our 700-PS-racers
has the most staying power
and impresses her the most.
Matthias is game, as usual.Hey, Frizzi. You-hoo!
– What’s up? So, you’re Miss Tuning?
– That’s right. And you’re going to rate our cars
according to your criteria. – Right.Before we get down to it,
Matthias wants to get to know Frizzi.
Did you do job training?
– Yes, in occupational therapy. In occupational therapy?
– Yes, at a hospice. Could you give me some
occupational therapy later? Sure.
– Is that wellness? No.
– Not even a little? – No. But it’s good for the bones.
– It’s not physical therapy. What is occupational therapy?
– For example… we work with disabled people.
– I see. Do you need some help? I can be pretty thick too.That’s why Matthias
is going to show Frizzi
what the PP-Performance CLS can do.But Miss Tuning isn’t at all thrilled
by the presentation.
Ok, I can see
you’re pretty used to this stuff. Feel free to kick it up a notch.You don’t have to tell that
to a Malmedie twice.
That skid mark was about
1000 feet long. Aren’t you having fun?
– Sure I am, but it’d be even cooler
if it was a bit rougher. Really…Oh well. Maybe a few donuts
can impress Miss Tuning.
Matthias does all he can
to get her blood pumping.
You don’t like donuts either, do you. You get used to it.
After a while it’s like going straight. Of course it’s nicer when girls
have some fun in the passenger seat, but hey, she’s kind of an expert.
She’s Miss Tuning. So she can just sit there calmly
while 690 hp do their thing. That’s the way it is.The CLS just doesn’t touch Frizzi
on an emotional level.
Time for a recap.So, what’s your conclusion? My conclusion?
It’s definitely a nice car, visually. And I can’t say anything
about the performance. It’s top notch. But it’s comfortable. It’s a kind of
comfortable performance. She’s nuts.The next round: lap time.Now we look at the total package:Performance, traction and handling.That’s why the 1.1 mile track
presents a potpourri of challenges.
A long straightaway, a U-turn with
a harsh braking zone and fast curves.
It begins with a flying start.Brake late.
Oh, but that was really late. Man, that was close! I’m driving just right. Don’t slide too much,
hit the gas as early as possible. Man oh man! Now, maximum velocity. We made it to 155 again.And now he has
to slow way down for the U-turn.
Maximum strain on the brakes,
and then it’s time to floor it again.
Over steering and wheel spinning
is unavoidable. But that’s okay. So, turn in late. Perfect. Hit the gas early. Man, there’s no way
not to oversteer with 690 hp. And here’s the finish line … bam! Let’s see what kind of time
this crusher is capable of.Lap time:
1 minute, 4 seconds and 25 hundredths.
But the competition never sleeps.Name: Manhart MH3.Credo:
lots of power, little weight.
Engineering: rear-wheel drive,and a BMW M5 bi-turbo V8.Furnished with bigger turbos,
the tuners official performance figure
is 739 hp.If they’re not full of hot air,
it’s gonna burn up the road.
We’ll start with the performance test.This test will revealwhat the 250,000 euro,
fully tuned beast
with its own chassis number
is really made of.
Bruce? Turn on the vehicle.Does the Manhart really have 739 hp?Matthias
can’t take his eyes off the monitor.
But then the numbers get stuck
at 568 hp.
Not much more
than original series performance.
The emergency program kicked in.They’ll have run the test again,because that’s about 177 hp less
than the official performance figure.
We’ll cool it.
We’ll cool it more.2nd try.The Manhart better beef up its numbers
or it’s out of the 700-PS-Club.
Matthias is watching the numbers
on the computer again.
But the Manhart is struggling.And the emergency program
kicks in again.
Matthias is disappointed.
577 hp is all the motor’s got.
The Manhart is out of the club.But the Manhart team
doesn’t give up that easy.
They stayed up half the night
analyzing the factors,
until they finally found a solution.We should’ve
kicked the Manhart out of the club, but the boys unpacked their laptops, and installed new
software for the engine. And now hopefully
it’s got some real power.The next morning. Matthias is driving
to the acceleration test.
But an inspection won’t be necessary.We’ll just time the acceleration .
We don’t need a test. If it needs more than 11.8
then it doesn’t have 690 hp. I’ll go to the start line. There’s no launch control
so we’ll have trouble with wheel spin. But I’ll try to compensate
with my sensitive gas foot. So, we’ll drive right up to the cones. Here we go. Damn! Not bad! We’re already going 145. 150. 155, around 160. Bam! Slam the brakes. Yeah, that was pretty good.But it still wasn’t enough.
In all of the tests,
it did worse than
the heavier CLS by PP-Performance.
Matthias does the math.The PP has 686 hp. The Manhart
is half a second slower at 124. It’s got somewhere between… 640 and 660 hp.The Frizzi Factor is its only hope.Malmedie’s got the MH3 floored,but Frizzi just bored.Miss Tuning has very high standards.A raw deal for Matthias.At least our test driver
had a little fun.
But Frizzi’s distracted.What an awesome smell.
– Hey, an airplane!Frizzi called it, of course.It could be a bit more powerful.Is it floored?
– Yes. The acceleration isn’t so hot. It’s not rough enough. What?
– It’s not rough. It’s not rough. It needs to be rough.
It’s not rough. Dear Mr Manhart…
– Dear Mr Manhart, it’s not rough.But maybe it’s rough enough
in the looks department?
How about the way it looks? It looks very sporty.
The color’s not for me. But it looks sporty. Women always pick on the color!
– That’s just how it is.The Manhart BMW
just isn’t Miss Tuning’s type.
The Frizzi Factor rating:Honestly, the BMW looked
more dangerous than it actually was.Last chance: lap time.It’s light weight and sturdyso the MH3 should
have a fast lap time.
But does it have enough power?So, the start line… When you step on the gas
the back always comes out, because of the power. So, here’s the straightaway.
Full throttle of course. Time to brake already. And slam on the brakes, go around the cones. Not too much momentum.
I had to drift there.After the U-turn
come two fast curves.
The Manhart took them much smoother
than the CLS by PP-Performance.
But is it enough
to beat the time of the Mercedes?
Now around a tight corner… and go, go, go! Done!It was enough.With a lap time of 1 minute
4 seconds and 13 hundredths,
the Manhart MH3
beat the CLS by PP-Performance
in this category.1:04:13 is a teeny tiny bit faster
than the Mercedes. And that’s how it felt too. What it lacks in power
it makes up for in cornering, and its light weight helps too,
of course. It’s good.But Matthias has one left.This vehicle is no Golf.
It’s a big bad wolf.
One you wouldn’t want to meet
in the woods or on the autobahn.
It answers to the name
HGP 3.6 Bi-Turbo,
features a SL65 AMG brake system,all-wheel drive
and the Audi RS 3 7-speed DSG.
It’s got over 720 hp.Supposedly.The performance test
will provide clarity.
In this test, the HGP
has to prove what it’s really made of.
Is it a hot rod
or just full of hot air?
Bruce starts the engine
and the HGP does its thing.
The rest is on the monitor.According to the tuner,
it’s got 720 hp.
The Golf actually has even more.So, this Golf has 722 hp. I want to drive it now.On the way to the acceleration test,
Matthias does a recap
of the performance test results.That’s so wicked! Now I know:
Okay, I’m sitting in a Golf with 722 confirmed, officially tested
little horses at its disposal. Awesome!But how does the hp-miracle’s power
measure up on the street?
So, step on the brake… Here we go! Damn! Whoa! No way!
It’s jumping forward! It’s not driving,
it’s jumping forward! We’re already at 130, 145, 150… 155, 170… Whoa! That’s sick!This is a must-see: the uncut version
of the speedometer footage.
The HGP’s performance punch
isn’t just brutal,
it’s ferocious.The smallest candidate
accelerates the fastest.
The recorded times are breathtaking.0 to 60: 3.1 seconds.0 to 124: 9.6 seconds.Top speed: 165 mph.0 to 125: 9.6 seconds. Damn, you are one bad mofo!Next discipline:
The Frizzi Factor.
Hey, Frizzi?
What do you say? What do you want with a Golf? Shut up and get in.Once inside,
Frizzi changes her tune.
And it’s about time!It strains the neck,
and the stomach muscles too. The non-existent stomach muscles… No, it’s definitely cool.
– This one’s better, right? Yes.The most affordable vehicle
rocks the most.
It’s the price of a Golf R
plus 65,000 euro for the modifications.
Then you can blow them all away.Sporty, gritty, loud.
– That’s how it should be. Sporty, gritty, loud.
– Right.Sporty, gritty, loud
and above all, really, really fast!
This car passed the test. You think this one’s better?
– Yes, it’s better. Not just better. It’s really good.
– Why do you like it? No idea. You just feel it more. You feel the speed, the acceleration.
You feel it more.Now we just need the lap time.Can the HGP outclass its rivals
with its impressive performance?
The way this thing accelerates
is inconceivable. There’s a slight understeer.
That’s not so nice. That slows us down. If it steered
with its ass a little more you could hit the gas earlier. But I think
it’s still enough for a good lap time. Damn! 160, 165… And hit the brakes. Stop, stop, stop! Oh, we’ve got some real smoke. Dude!The last curves.What kind of time can Matthias get
with the monster Golf?
Right up to the grass…
and back again. It can’t oversteer. No, turn, turn!
And hit the gas. That’s what you call a cannonball ride.
That’s all I can say. It’s a cannonball.
One that drives instead of flies.Correct, Matthias.Its lap time of 1 minute,
2 seconds and 99 hundredths
earns the Golf the crown.It accelerated the fastest,and the HGP tops the list
of the lap times too.
What a machine!The final results:Third place goes to the Manhart MH3.Its performance problems
spoiled its change at a better ranking.
The CLS 63 by PP-Performance:Lots of power and torque
earned it second place.
First place: the Golf by HGP.
No other car is faster and cheaper.
All I have to say after the 700-PS Club
is that I want that Golf. Please send donations. Send donations for Matthias Malmedie.
He needs that Golf.

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