Cyber Pros Wanted

I am Cynthia Miller the Chief of the Human Resources group at the National Security Agency. I’m privileged to be intimately involved in hiring our cybersecurity workforce. At NSA, people are the core of our strategy and we are committed to attracting and retaining the cyber talent needed to succeed in todays cyber mission. Like Tonya here with me, who is one of our many cyber experts. Thanks Cynthia. Being part of NSA’s cyber mission is being part of something so much bigger than yourself. Our teams have the opportunity to solve real-world problems that help to defend against a multitude of cyber threats facing our nation. The NSA needs innovative, motivated and diverse employees that draw on a variety of backgrounds, such as Signals Analysis, Cryptanalysis, Communications, Human Capital and of course, Cybersecurity. So if you’re interested in joining our team, please check out opportunities at We also highlight many of NSA’s unique opportunities and cyber warriors on numerous social media pages, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. Come be a part of defending our nation in cyber space.

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