Good morning everyone I called you all here today because inevitably we will meet at some point
and it seems like we’ll kick our butts and beat the shit out of each other for
no apparent reason And that will probably happen today precisely because of this meeting No no we’re having this meeting so this won’t happen I’m lost, why
would we beat each other up? We shouldn’t that’s the whole point So I don’t really understand You decided to set up a meeting with us here because you wanted to avoid a fight in case we ever met? Guys, Big Bang is concerned that
we may start a fight because we’re in different groups and it makes sense. This happens all the time so I think we could end this superbeing thing and be just …humans. We’re more than that and we can be friends… Wait are those dreadlocks?
This is cultural appropriation man What are you talking about?
My parents are from Jamaica Are youtalking about culture or genetics? Your point is interesting but I was thinking… Why don’t you argue with this!? Enough! Stop! Bear, you better not touch Majestic otherwise you’re going to have a big
problem I would have preferred not to touch her
but she was very persistent in dislocating my jaw with punches. I’m
sorry! Is that because I’m a woman You’re a straight white man you do not
get to tell me what I can or cannot do For the love of God, a man can’t fight a
woman It’s disproportionate! oh yes check this out! No, I’m not actually a man, I’m a bear! I’m not a man please I’m not a man
I swear! Isn’t it better if we just… Shut up Panther! You’re not going to do anything Whoa, who are you to tell her what she
can or can’t do? Her body her rules! We can’t let these right-wing pigs tell us
what we can or cannot do what Right wing? What? Me?! Hum sorry guys but I’m not really sure
if I’m a liberal. What are you crazy?! Why? You’re a transvestite what do you mean
why? I just prefer to believe in ideas rather than political polarization Yeah , but you can’t! But didn’t you just say that no one can tell me what I can or cannot do? I just think that some right-wing concepts should be considered What do you think about taking my right-wing punch concept in the middle
of your face?! My God! How come everything went so wrong? Relax Big Bang, can’t you see it? They are saving the world

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