Crash Course in Progressive Politics and How to Fight Conservatism

Crash Course in Progressive Politics and How to Fight Conservatism

I’m Cenk Uygur and I’m a progressive. Over the last few years people HAVE said a
lot of bad things about Progressives. In articles. In videos where they talk to you like you’re
a baby and show you cartoons. They have weird opinions if you ask me, like
we want to control your lives. I have enough problems controlling my own
life. I don’t need to worry about yours. If you want to know what progressives believe,
why don’t you ask them? Oh right, I’m right here! I want to state clearly what PROGRESSIVES
are, and what PROGRESSIVE VALUES are. The term comes from the Progressive Era from
the late 1800s to the 1920s. Progressives back then fought corporate greed
and political corruption. Love it! They were trust-busters. They set up labor unions and workplace standards. Health and safety codes. They literally saved lives. And they believed in progressive values, which
if you think about it, have been around for centuries, and are at the heart of every major
breakthrough in the history of society. I think Progressive values boil down to two
main things: one I call expanding The Circle of Liberty. The second is equality of opportunity. Now what’s expanding the circle of Liberty? OK, let’s go way back. 800 years ago in England, the king had all
the power. But then, the Magna Carta created a constitutional
monarchy which gave some power to people who weren’t the king. Circle of liberty gets a little bigger. That’s progressive. The American Revolution: Founding fathers
gained independence, freedom, Bill of rights. Circle gets bigger. Huge Progressives. Now, at the same time they owned slaves, which
was a terrible disgrace. But they said we should try to keep perfecting
the union. And we did. The American Civil War ended slavery with
the 13th amendment. Sorry Kanye, but that’s a good thing. Circle gets bigger. Everybody wins. Now, Flash forward. Women’s suffrage. Gay rights. It’s all progressive. More people in the circle of liberty. We should all be in favor of that. And the fight goes on every day, even now
— especially now — to make sure everyone gets in that circle. That’s what we do at The Young Turks. We also believe in EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY. The other side LOVES to say we’re about
equality of outcome. Like we’re handing out Bentleys over here. We’re not doing that, right? Because… I don’t have one. We just want everyone to get the same shot
as someone who was born into a position of privilege, because you’re a human being. And you deserve that opportunity. If you don’t believe in opportunity, you
don’t really believe in America. What does that look like in action? Well how about access to education. This is extremely important to me. My father was a poor farmer in Southeastern
Turkey, but they had a system where if you scored well on a test, you got a free college
education. He got that score, went to school, and it
allowed him to come to America so we could pursue the American dream. If they can pull off free college in Turkey,
we should be able to do it here in America. If my dad didn’t have that opportunity I’d
still be an olive farmer. Wait a minute, I know what some of you are
thinking. Stop it. You should also be safe. The idea of a fire department is progressive,
and a functional Police Department that makes sure it looks out for all our SAFETY no matter
who you are or what you look like. That’s progressive. You don’t have opportunity if you’re dead. Affordable health care. Every developed country in the world… besides
us… believes in this. If you’re dead, once again: No opportunity. Everyone should have a fair chance at life. That’s at the heart of what it means to
be a progressive. If EVERY OTHER developed nation can do it. Can we do it? OF COURSE! From now ’til the end of the year as part
of our membership drive, we’re making a video a week about how progressive values
apply to issues like wages, immigration, criminal justice. Send all these videos to your conservative
friends and family members, and who knows? Maybe it’ll rub off on them. Or at the very least they’ll know what we
mean when we say we’re progressive. And become a member at, as we
fight for progressive values like those before us. From Lincoln, To Susan B. Anthony. Clara Barton. Martin Luther King. Harvey Milk. To some degree TYT. And you. Go to and become a member. And you’ll always have a home at TYT, the
home of progressives.

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100 thoughts on “Crash Course in Progressive Politics and How to Fight Conservatism”

  • Don't be fooled. This video's information is false. Modern Progressives DO NOT have American values of freedom of the individual, freedom of speech, free market economy, private property rights and small Government as the American founding fathers defined. Instead, modern Progressives promote Big Government tyranny and Government control of our lives. Modern Progressives beliefs are based on Marxism and Communism which are the opposite of original American values.

  • As an immigrant (Hungary) who has lived and worked on 4 continents I'd have to say America has the most opportunity in the world. TYT acts as though inequality is a problem here when in fact it's the most equal society in the world. Which shows a lack of perspective on their part.Progressives want equality of outcome. A very Marxist (and dangerous) doctrine.

  • people hating can't name a single right leaning show that goes in on trump… TYT will go at anyone Obama, Bush, Clinton, Trump, who isn't doing right by the people

  • PROGRESSIVE-You like Big Government? You want Big Government to solve problems (because they're sooooo efficient). You believe Big Government is better with YOUR money than YOU? Then yes, you're 'progressive" and yes, you're probably a communist. "Progressive" is just re-branding of Marxism……………thus ends today's lesson kids.

  • Thank you guys so very much. I have been watching you guys since 2016 and it has been such an education. I have been trying to justify to my self how and why am I a progressive. As Einstein once said "if you can't explain it in few words, you don't fully understand what you are talking about". This video has fixed this problem for me beautifully. Thank you. I'll be sure to bookmark it if I ever need a refresher or want to share it with somebody.

    Another video I would love you guys to get around eventually is one in which you explain the difference between Social Democracy, Democratic Socialism and Socialism in general. As I gather, the water is so muddy on what the first two terms mean that it comes down to asking each individual specifically what does he or she means by it, reducing the terms to meaninglessness (hope that is a valid word I just used)

    Take care and I will be eagerly waiting for the next video of this type.

  • Example of fake Liberals:
    -Those who supported Hillary instead of Sanders
    -Those who think money doesn't effect politics/politicians
    -"If he's a democrat he has my vote, I don't care, as long as he's not Trump" is a GREAT example of fake progressivism. Voting someone primarily because he/she disagrees with Trump is someone who clearly doesn't care about policy, but politeness.
    -"Obama was an amazing president! He was perfect!" Is someone who obviously will agree with anyone as long as they have a "D" next to their name. Obama's Administration was run by Big Banks/Pharmacuitical companies, Goldman Sachs gave him a List of who to put in his cabinet. The difference between him and Trump:

    – Trump's donors are Oil companies AND big bankers AND Pharmacuitical companies, Obama's donors are the same without oil companies, so he could be "tough" on environmental laws. Meaning passing legislation for positive press but never enforcing anything that wasn't covered by MSM companies.
    – Obama was very educated, very polite, very formal, but was a wimp, to afraid of criticism. Trump is not educated in law, public relations, is to cocky to listen to aides or prepare for literally anything. He's vulgar and obviously politically incorrect. He's easy to fool, which is evident by his wife belief of conspiracy theories. Especially concerning the link between vaccination & autism (there isn't one) and that global warming is a Chinese hoax. His Administration released papers confirming that at current rates our global temperature will warm by an average of 7°F by the year 2100, which points to Trump believing, but denying so he's able to pass legislative favoring Oil & Coal companies that donate to his campaign.
    -Main point: Obama has done several things that the Trump Administration did, but because of Donald Trump's impoliteness, there's more coverage, meaning more people get upset about things Trump did, but didn't care when Obama did.

  • Progressives want equality of outcome. A very Marxist (and dangerous) doctrine. Wealth isn't created. It is earned. This concept is foreign to "progressive" values.

  • You are the one talking to people like they are babies while acting like a tantruming brat who didn't get any candy at the grocery store. Hell you probably tantrumed to Youtube to ban Alex Jones for getting more views than you

  • "Progressives" are anything but liberal. As much as I'm no fan of today's GOP, i'd have to say they're much more liberal than progressives and even today's Democrats. There's nothing liberal about expanding a wasteful and inefficient Federal government even further.

  • Young Turks, a group of U.S. Republicans in the 1960s.
    They were considered "rebels" by the traditional Republicans.
    Gerald R. Ford, who would become President of the United States, rose to prominence as a Young Turk.

  • Thank you TYT for this video and for your fight for the people! Ps: don't mind all the triggered snowflake trolls in the comment section it's pretty amusing how dumb and desperate they are. Understand they are poor loosers who literally have nothing else to do at home.

  • LOL so many dumbass trolls actually believe that Progressivism = Communist. That's as laughable as believing the Earth is flat.

  • I heard a quote that rung true the other day and I will share it with you. "Equality feels like a lose to those who are privileged".

  • Ah, so it's about "affordable healthcare" now, not about "medicare 4 all"… ?
    Progressives, be prepared when TYT is endorsing Cory Booker in 2020.
    Just. Be. Prepared.

  • This is stupid argument, talking about your stupid points then talking about the great minds from our past. Its the same as when stupid feminist women say Jesus was a feminist.

  • I would only become a TYT member if I was GUARANTEED that my contributions would NOT go to paying Jimmy Dore's salary.

  • Oh weird I was just looking up T Roosevelt's history earlier and found out he was an original Progressive, but a Republican. Roosevelt said he had "always believed that wise progressivism and wise conservatism go hand in hand".
    The title of this video sounds contrary to that.

  • Why is tyt still making videos if only .01 percent of his subcribers are only watching these videos…your own subscribers dont like your bullshit.

  • The forces of light have prevailed. The forces of darkness have been defeated.
    The Politicization of the Supreme Court by the Democrats has been thwarted. Those that would cater to racial and gender politics have been pushed back. For too long the Democrats have preached victimization, racial division, citizen diminishment, entitlement, white privilege and any number of ultra Left philosophies that diminish the freedom of its citizens.
    Senator Susan Collins perfectly summed up the Kavanaugh nomination. Anyone listening to all of her words will have no valid objection to the end result. Despite unreasonable opposition from Schumer and his Resistance, the day is won.
    This victory must be followed by a Red Wave in November which will sweep more chaff from the Swamp. RFK would be appalled at what his party has become. Save yourselves from the radical social engineering clutches of the Democrats. Throw them out!

  • If yer dead, NO OPPORTUNITY!

    Another way to view this is progressives are the "anti-fraud" party. I mean even a 3rd grader would vote anti-fraud because I mean who wants fraud?!?!

  • Yeah Right. Democrat Progressives freed the slaves. It's amazing how some people have their own understandings of our history.

  • Only 20K views? Compare that to the MILLIONS of views Prager UNIVERSITY gets, and it's clearly no competition. TYT had its moments years ago. The youtube spotlight now belongs to the RIGHT.

  • What about exapanding the circle of opportunity for babies in the womb cenk!! U don't have opportunity if ur…..dead sounds familiar!!

  • 🌻 Cenk, whatever happened to the RIGHT TO HEALTH CARE?
    🌻 Haven't Progressives campaigned for the Right to Health Care for years?
    🌻 Now you, Cenk, are saying that we are supposed to stand only for the OPPORTUNITY to compete in the marketplace for the possible chance to get health care, with no concern if the OUTCOME is that many Americans end up never being able to get Health Insurance?
    🌻 Huh? What? Isn't that what CONSERVATIVES believe? Are we all supposed to be Conservatives now? I'm massively confused!

  • Equality of opportunity? I agree!
    Expanding the circle? I agree!

    But wait….I'm still not a progressive. I guess the devil is in the details. Lots of very serious problems with sending a dropout-in-waiting to college. That basically screws the student for life. And wastes a ridiculous amount of public money.

  • Definitely awkward and cringy but the point is true.
    Progressiveness get's mistaken for a lot of things it's not

  • If TYT was really progressive they would stop bashing Trump 24/7. Come on TYT, you guys are better than this, give Trump a fair shake.

  • You are stealing PragerU's style and bashing them for it I guess you realized tantruming like a retarded toddler has failed to do anything but make Alex Jones popular.

  • Shapiro embarassed you publicly, and exposed you for the fraud that you are. But, You still have the gall to spread half truths and misinformation. Hope you're still recieving your regular "investments" from the middle east, You shameless punk.

  • Thanks TYT! I really cannot understand ANY of this "you're REgressive" nonsense, mostly because it defies common sense and no one bothers to express even one cogent sentence on how you can see 'expanding the circle of liberty' as regressive. In fact, it is the right wing extremist lunatics like Alex Jones, the proud boys, and others who are proving themselves to be nothing more than purveyors of hate speech and getting banned from the internet as a result. It's telling how hard some of those supporters are clinging onto this fantasy that the progressive movement is losing steam.

  • Honest question from a conservative:

    Let’s say progressives achieve their goal of raising the federal minimum wage to $15/h. If I go out looking for a job and an employer says he can’t hire me because he can’t afford $15/h, but because I have bills to pay and a family to support and I feel I can meet my family’s needs with $14/h, would it be ok if he hires me at $14/h, or would that violate progressive principles? Conservative principles will allow such transaction to take place if it was a voluntary transaction, because both the employer and employee are in the circle of liberty, but would progressives be ok with that scenario?

  • So uh I'm a Republican (although I don't really like the term conservative) and I've always kinda disliked cenk and TYT for various reasons which I still believe are pretty valid but this was a really nice video. We all want mostly the same things but we just have different ways of approaching the problems. What America needs is a movement of centrists who are willing to go outside party lines to do the RIGHT thing (but not as annoying as libertarians. Damn libertarians could've saved America but they're too self righteous) anyways I just want to let y'all know that I trust the American people to rebuild from these times of division to REALLY make America great again once and for all

  • Jenkem Uyger shits in the street and Ana eats it! Not Progressive. Pretending to advance one race while being Raycist against another….. Not Progressive Fat Scumbag from Turk

  • Cenk has just presented himself as a Whig. As a conservative I must say I approve, but do I trust that this is really the position of TYT…If you wondered; no not really, i've seen enough of the ignorant extreme left on this site

  • I don't know any conservatives that are pro slavery or anti-universal suffrage. Most classic progressive ideas are universally accepted, it is only the departure that the so called "progressives" have made in the last 40 years that have turned conservatives off, like embracing collectivist agendas like socialism and intersectionality politics. People like Cenk have the arrogance to assume that what they are espousing is just the logical continuance of civil rights and other equality movements. Equality of opportunity in education means race does NOT appear on your application to a university, not that it determines what scores qualify you for that university. Progressives differ from conservatives in that they measure the success of our republic based only on the outcomes they see(i.e. there are very few women in IT, therefore there must be sexism at work) whereas conservatives are only focused on the sovereignty of the individual and the equality of rights, not outcomes. Cenk is terrified to debate true conservatives after Shapiro wiped the floor with him.

  • I just watched a video where you said you feel like liberals are to the left of progressives.. So your to the right of Adam Smith's liberalism?? Yet you go on about how you believe in universal health care?? I'm really confused as to what exactly you believe, it sounds like your just trying to get money here and you don't even understand the word salad coming out of your mouth..

  • If Turkey was so great with it's free education, why did your dad leave it and come to the USA and "pursue the American Dream"? Why isn't there a "Turkish Dream" with it's FREE education? We have a phrase here: you can't have your cake and eat it too.

    And "fighting corporate greed and political corruption"…
    sounds great in a pithy statement, but what do you mean by that? (And are you fighting the political greed on the left??? Are you fighting the media lies and character assassinations committed by the left??? Are you fighting abuses done in the education system, the penal system, and the legal system that are ruled by the left???
    Shall I go on?)

  • How to fight conservatism:
    1. Don't debate Ben Shapiro, unless you want to get owned.
    2. Cherry-pick analytical numbers with no context to support your political presuppositions.
    3. Change your reasoning behind why people need to commit to your ideology every time it gets debunked by an amateur media source that uses more reliable means of political education than a majority of mainstream media and education programs.
    4. Make sure to yell "Of course!" and "well then YOU'RE JUST A RACIST" every time someone either disagrees with you or provides evidence that is more convincing than yours on a certain issue.

  • you are a fringe leftist. spitting out your political prejudice in the name of progressivism. even as a centrist, i know the difference between an honest progressive american and an extremist.

  • TYT consistently trying to destroy black progress via malicious policies while simultaneousely saying 'we are not racist, they are!'

  • Looks like he knows he is losing the fight. or else he doesn't know what progressiveism is.

  • You most certainly do want to regulate other people’s lives, through their speech. That’s what hate speech legislation is my dude.

  • American Civil war ended slavery with 13th amendment passed by non progressive Republicans and backed by a Republican President.

  • Progressive: 3 year olds should be able to vote and own guns. Animals should be able to marry people. Robots should be able to take human jobs. Americans should be goverened by the Chinese. More people in the circle of liberty.

  • Lol you said people making videos opposing progressives talked down to you with cartoons like you’re a child. You then went on to talk more condescending than the people in those videos lmao 😂. You’re not progressive, you’re an idiot leading a divisive movement that ironically prevents progression in this country.

  • Crash course in progressive politics:
    – Never address other opinions honestly instead…
    – Call anybody who you disagree with a racist
    – Always attribute bad motive (say they are "corrupt" or bought out)

  • Hmmm, funny how he didn't mention rights for the black community apart from slavery. I wonder who fought for those? Which he did mention slavery, buuuuuuuuuut, who fought to end it? Hmmmmm. Democrats are the enemy of the people who wish to increase the governments power and see us stripped of our rights.

  • When I think of progressive I think of the saying “you give an inch, they take a mile” . Cigarette laws come to mind.

  • Here’s an idea, instead of people begging for their own enslavement through government, ban ALL tax (legal theft) and allow people to fully profit off their own efforts; employers can use that money currently being stolen from them through government taxation (legal theft) to pay their employees a higher wage, then people can VOLUNTARILY pay into systems that benefit them, like healthcare, helping those less fortunate than themselves, etc… Or are humans too dumb to have agency over their individual choices and empathy?

  • You are the biggest lier going buddy, we all know everything you say is BS. Progressive really means politically correct, tow the line, censor & attack anyone who disagrees with you, send Antifa to your opponents political rallies, to cause trouble, beat people up, big government, steal your money & re-distribute it. Oh ya you always go on about lifting up the poor, yet in Democrat states it's the worst for poverty, always you need more money, yet nothing ever gets better, it gets worse.

    The list goes on and on and on, including impeach president Trump because he blew the whistle on Joe Biden's crimes.

  • It is amazing to see someone who is so stupid and so dishonest at the same time. This is the guy who said Trump would be out of office by 2019. To all the people who like Cenk, I have to ask, why would you follow someone so dumb and dishonest?