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100 thoughts on “Community vs Competition: A Chat. (Whilst Carving a Turnip.)”

  • I enjoy Your oddity's, I wonder What you Think of Vampires? If I May ask, What are Your plans For Halloween?
    I'm sorry If my Writing is Off or Confusing I Have not Slept and Have you To enjoy (=w=) Haha, I hope You sleep Well.

  • Well, there aren’t THAT many historical costumers or dressmakers around so it stands to reason you’d know each other at least via the great inter webs. And let’s be honest if folks watch your stuff, they’ll probably watch Cathy, or Morgan or Noelle too. And it’s precisely BECAUSE of the weird that we’re here….so let’s all be weird together and be kind to each other

  • I've never seen a carved turnip before. Didn't know this was a thing. My mom told me kids used to carve sugar beets before "American" Halloween became a thing in Germany

  • Wait, I had to pause to type this and I'm going to use shouty caps so you'll hear me… WE ARE ALL HELPLESSLY WEIRD!! That's what makes us human! And for the record, I think you're utterly delicious and your quirkiness and charm are WHY I watch you!!

    Edit: carry on as you were, I watched more hahaha! Xo

  • I like your videos and love the historical aspect , this is my first comment on one of your videos and it properly should be about you wonderful growth in talent and more. and you definitely deserve that but… I really like "the cuckoo's calling" (its called gøgens kalden here in Denmark)and I just saw it on your shelf 🙂 But i completely agree on the value in being the one you are.

  • So happy that you made this video. I am a beginner in this whole historical reconstruction business and thus, I have no such community. The points you put across have really inspired me. So, thank you.

  • Coming from a completely different youtuber community, I didn't realize there was so much less competition in the historical costuming world but you're completely right, and it's so refreshing! Everywhere else, it's alway about who's growing faster and who's collaborating with who and what happens to their numbers afterwards. Sometimes I wish I had the time to just start a new channel, just start from scratch and get rid of the pressure of growing constantly. What does "growing" even means anyway?

  • Where I grew up will still carve turnips. We have an annual festival where children group together (mostly school classes), use the carved turnips as lanterns and go from door to door singing songs in hopes of getting treats. It's a "Räbenlichtli"-Parade.

  • I think this is a very needed talk you've given. Creative industries do not work in a vacuum. I draw, and I'd always had the worst habit of not really looking at what others were doing, consequently not being inspired by others. Yet, the years where I've had a huge amount of interactive support by people on my level, above my level and who are still grasping thr basics I've managed to improve very quickly in very useful ways.

    The idea of hording your work or being competitive really hampers crrativity. As anything can create a spark that builds into something awesome

    And you're awesome, as a weird person (from a fellow weird person) i get where you're at right now as i have also had a "suddenly i have friends… tf?" Enjoy it. You're awesome

  • Hi, Bernadette
    It is so inspiring to see your weirdness, as I am just as weird and there are not many people our kind of weird around me. So it is so encouraging to see you do this and have a community of weird people. Your channel and this community literally made me say " I do not care that you think I am weird I WILL MAKE MYSELF TRULY 1898ish"
    Additionally I too am extremely introverted, and although I can act extroverted for a couple of hours, I have so many problems with keeping up friendships. So, yay, for not feeling alone in that "Problem".
    So THANK YOU and this community

  • I used to do cosplay years ago. Thanks to that I'm now a garment technician and self employed. And there are a lot of moments where I miss that feeling of being part of something that is that down to earth (every craft is) and at the same time head in the clouds (dreaming about being a part of a different time/world). And thanks to that strange combination of ways of walking through our world you HAVE to be weird, I guess. And it is so wonderful to know that your not alone being weird. Knowing that you're normal and accepted in your weirdness.
    Love all of you costume "freaks" (who hasn't been called that at least once?). You are so inspiring to me. 💕

  • I am so here for anything you put out Bernadette! I find your videos greatly relaxing for when i just need a nice person to listen to. thank you for the great astetic content you make!

  • The first video of yours that I saw was the garment district vlog, and after that, I was hooked. I look forward to Saturday mornings when I can sit down with my coffee and my knitting and watch your new video. Happy turnip season and thank you for what you do.

  • Thank you so much for saying everything you did about competition! It's so important, and coming from the cosplay side of things were people are so much more competitive than on the historical costuming side, it's really lovely to have it pushed as a key element of the community. Especially with the data from everyone's channels, that just proves it!

  • Thank you for this video. You really inspired me to expand on my sewing skills, and I really appreciate sewing now. I have a toga I have been arranging and stitching haphazardly together since 2016. This year I actually fitted and sewed it together (with the help of your backstitching video, and being inspired by your Lady Sherlock series), and for the first time, I really like how it sits and how it turned out. And I'm really excited to finish it and show it to my friend at our annual Halloween party. So I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your sewing, enthusiasm and knowledge on youtube. ❤️

  • What you are describing is akin to the difference between Gentlemen and Players.

    Gentlemen played for the love of playing (it's why a zero score in tennis is called 'love') but Players competed with each other (and ended up being quite crass – Gentlemen NEVER cheat by definition, because they play for love of sport not to be 'winners').

    I wish more people would behave this way.

  • I don't want to be one of those people, who start complimenting their favourite YouTubers in a very bootlicker-ish way, but nonetheless I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I love your and the content of other costuming YouTubers. When I first encountered this kind of videos I didn't know what to make of me and was really unhappy with my style of clothing, hobbies etc. Then I started watching these videos and I grew to love the idea of wearing this kind of style. To make a long (and boring) story short, I am now pretty pleased with how my wardrobe looks like – though I still have a far way to go. I can't sew as good as any of the YouTubers, whose videos I watch, but it's always extremely lovely to just watch while taking a break from whatever paperwork I have to do at times.

    I kinda got lost in all my rambling here, but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy watching your videos and love your content.

    Greetings from Germany! <3

  • It was really nice to watch this while I was crocheting part of a sweater. The first sweater I have ever croched in-fact.

  • I'm handsewing the hem of a skirt while watching this. (I admit the rest was machine sewn, but I did an unbelievable amount, for me, of hand basting before I machined it so there's that.) Seriously Bernadette what are you doing to me! 😂

  • I adore this video, and are not we all weird in our own ways 🙂 I have found the sewing community is fabulous and welcoming and cardmaking and scrapbooking community the same, Please just stay being you we love and adore your videos and love when you say a name and we can all find a new sewist to get inspired by, Thank you for all the time and effort you put into all your things and sharing your inspirational makes with us, have a beautiful week and until then, Merci beaucoup à bientôt

  • Last year's turnip video inspired me to do my own turnip gang for Halloween, and I intend to do it again this year! Glad to see you carving Turnip II while providing us with some interesting and pleasant insight! This is yet another reminder that you are one of my favourite youtubers (even though I'm hopeless when it comes to sewing – being an art restorer, I'm more at ease with brushes haha).

  • Keep being weird, that's why I and so many others are here. I want to put in your brain that you are wonderful, hard working and beautiful. Have a wonderful day!

  • so i already cosplay and game and the communities ive become a part of have been amazing and recently ive been very into historical costuming, mostly because of you. i found an "18th" century dress and it looked so wrong and you helped me understand what was wrong and how it looked and so i took it apart and watched a ton of your videos and was able to make it look significantly better. hopefully i can continue my historical costuming journey and be able to learn more because of your community and how wonderful you all are and how helpful it is for people just beginning their journey into this awesome world. thank you for being you 🙂

  • 10th century you say, I can't wait. I'm putting together a costume for Sir Guivret of Arthurian backgroundness which will be around that period mostly. Researching Irish dress customs is surprisingly difficult, especially when it has to be distinguishable from Scottish and Scandinavia dress. I've got a week and I haven't started sewing yet so I think I'd better get on that. The time for checkered pants and woad dye is upon me.

    On a tangentially related note, I think I may be bringing turnips to carve for the first biannual meeting of the Old Lady Guild

  • I don’t normally comment on videos, although I will esp if someone is just getting started as support and encouragement. When I do I am often shocked and angered by some of the nasty comments. Enough to keep me as an observer . I am not a costumer, but enjoy your videos immensely. Thank you for your observations.
    I cannot help but notice the IV pole and set up ( I suture more than sew) and I hope you are well. I feel it is not off limits in commenting as you have it quite obvious in your video. PS love the turnip

  • I think the main reason I don’t talk a lot and end up observing instead is because I always feel like I’ll be ‘bothering someone’ – I think that’s a really common feeling and a product of our time. That said, I love it whenever anyone talks to me 😂 I absolutely love the sewing community, both on Instagram and Youtube, and I am really glad to have found it ☺️ it was so nice to hear about it in this video! P.s. excellent turnip

  • Thank you so much, I'm one of the people who would love to make historical things but sadly university exists. After starting to watch your videos I've started following all of the people you mentioned on instagram since I started following you. Ive found that following what everyone is doing with their sewing projects improves my life considerably when studies take up so much of my life. Once again thank you 🙂

  • Okay…I have to ask at this point. What Hogwart house are you? I'm guessing Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, but you might surprise me. On another note, I joined a costuming facebook group run by Thrift Store Larper. I love how we post what we're working on and if I have a costume question that google cannot answer, someone on the group can. Totally understand what you're getting at.

  • Hopeless weirdness, positive content, historically accurate information and occasional inclusion of a fluffy ball of cuteness. What's not to love about you/your channel?

  • Wholesome community and turnip carving content. The perfect thing to watch at 6:45 am instead of finally going to bed.

    Also welcome new turnip friend to existence

  • i feel like the competition thing is because of capitalism. Rich people need us to be against each other all the time so that we dont realise what theyre up to… guillotines???

  • How peculiar, why does your video only arrive here in Australia 10mins ago, but appears to have been in the YT space-time continuum for several days according to the comments? It appears Madam, that despite your protestations, you do have a "time turner".

  • Thank you for these wonderful messages in this video and for allowing us to see your "unedited" "weird" self. Well, not really "unedited", because … well we know a lot of editing goes into these video's and not "weird" but rather "uniquely eloquent". A small idea as a gift to you, that wont take up too much of your time, but might appeal : next time you start an hour sewing session, just film it. Put perhaps the light airy music on it that you used here when filming your pet. I think people might use such a video as a means to be able to meditate. Anyway … Love your work. PS I don't sew and I don't do period costuming but your content gives my ADD brain a rest. Love from Belgium.

  • This was such lovely video! I've been slowly trying to break away from being a quiet lurker and participating and realising just how fun it is to be in a community and finding your people instead of trying to compete. Let's flail and be excited about things together! And yes to embracing your own brand of weirdness!
    Also, I spy the Watchmaker of Filigree Street on your bookshelf, which raises you higher in my head because it's one of my favourite books and no one else I know has read it! And weirdly has become the reason I've started looking into 19th century menswear, despite being 152cm and living entirely in dresses and skirts.

  • Well I didn't know what to do this afternoon before watching the video; but now I have a sudden urge to carve turnips and make apple pie

  • I love this turnip carving tradition! I really enjoyed it last year and equally enjoyed it this year:) I think I might carve one too!

  • Also…I have a friend who isn't in the costuming section, but she does make and sell vintage and victorian style jewelry. She is my dearest friend and I'd love it if you check her out. Her website is Woodland Belle. https://www.woodlandbelle.com/

  • Bernadette,
    Although there is a lot of things that come to my mind I want to type here, everything cut short – I love you and I think you are an amazing human being in a sense of inspiring others and making them embrace their weirdness.
    Also, you strangely made me love this historical fashion thing and every video you upload is terribly interesting and lots of fun
    (thank you, I appreciate all of your work
    – your loyal subscriber 💕)

  • Bernadette – Lovely chat about community. I honestly envy the YouTube costuming because you are so supportive of each other. Truly envious. The writing community – especially so-called Romancelandia – doesn't have that. There is so much competition between people for the very short list of vocal readers while attempting to not offend the very vocal group of reviews who can often make or break a book's launch and/or sales figures. There is very, very little mutual support in the romance writing community… it's nothing but a competition… and you can't really ask questions of other writers without issues. So, yeah…a long-winded way to say I envy how lucky you are with your supportive community. And, lastly, I really do enjoy the "here's my process for this…" videos… great fun, especially watching the development of Lady Sherlock. So, thanks for everything so far! 🙂

  • You realy should check out Bernadette Banner, She do realy awsome work on her channel, and hawe some excellent tutorials as well!

  • You're a wonderful human being who makes incredible nice and cool content that I and a friend adore a lot. Like these talky vlogs are great the sowing videos are great.

  • Your video makes me happy, because your attitude is so positive and motivating. Whenever I listen to your stories I just get ecxited to create literally anything, even if I personally don't know anything about sewing (more of a creative writing person myself). And the best part of it is, that your other videos show how genuine you are about liking all these people. And that makes me slightly less afraid of the universe in general. Thanks :).

  • Another delightful video. You are such wonderful company and I'm always encouraged when I watch your videos. I often think that the things that I sew aren't good enough to wear, but each video I watch reminds me that I should keep sewing and learn from what I make. Thank you so much for your videos. 🙂

  • Just have to say – I was here for that first turnip – a weird flex but I was 😀

    spooky ghost music played over the cute grunts of a little piggy is my kind of horror – any darker than that and I'm OUT 😀

  • I can't stop looking at your drying roses in the background and now I wanna have dried roses for Samhain/fall decor.

    Had to add, "Anyone who works in a creative field will know, you always kind of feel like you don't know what you're doing." Oh the most true. People tell me I know what I'm doing all the time and I still feel like I'm making it up about 75% of the time at least.

  • I would love to do some historical sewing and have been considering going to do a fashion degree but I'm afraid I won't be able to make a stable career out of it and as someone who is only 18 going on 19 next January I feel I should focus on getting a stable income so I can work on hopefully being more responsible with money so I can get the resources to sew more and try find a place of my own so I have the space to sew and do all my little arty hobbies. Would you have any tips or advice on weather I should follow my heart and go study fashion or if I should hold off till I have the income for studying fashion without too much debt after

  • I had already been inspired to start sewing clothing, because it seems so much easier than some people (myself included) make it out to be in our heads; but this video has somehow further inspired me to start making videos of my own. I don’t expect much to come of it, but it may help me feel like there is a little more purpose to picking up the hobby, and not like a complete frivolity.

    Also, that turnip is giving me major side-eye and looks very pleased with himself. #selfsatisfiedturnip

  • I am attending a pumpkin carving evening next week and am going to arrive with my turnip to fashion into a spirit warding device. Thank you for the merriment you bring and the support you show for your fellow costumers and audience. Also, I appreciate the cameo of HRH Cesario 👑

  • I have never tried sewing, I think I would be way to clumsy. But I just looove your channel, your soothing voice, lovely projects and positive energy. It is truly wonderful watching you make all this magic happen. Thank you very much

  • I sew, not necessarily historical costumes, but long hours at a sewing machine meant I was damaging my physical health, due to an injury, and had to balance loosing my creative outlet and damaging my mental heath. You, my dear , Bernadette taught me to hand sew, win win, situation. My wardrobe now consists of a lot of partially hand sewn, partially sewing machine sewn. Thank you my dear.
    Noelle mentioned you all might be in Bath soon. I hope it’s not too stalkerish to ask if you are arranging a meet up with mere mortals?

  • The issue of competitiveness has been bothering me for a while now and it has turned into one of those things that seriously irk me about myself. I never perceived myself as especially ambitious or competitive or jealous of other people. But then my childhood dream of being a writer became more approachable with age and experience, not just a daydream but something I was actually capable of becoming. I had this plan of things that I was supposed to have achieved by the age of 30, this level of skill and success I was supposed to have accumulated, inspired by the life stories of some of my favourite authors. Then life happened, finding a paying day job, heartbreak and depression and never quite fitting in, being painfully introverted and award and shy… all things that slowly eroded my confidence in my creative abilities, despite having nothing to do with them. I am now 30 and have done almost nothing on my list and I see people my age, who, at least from the outside, appear successful in that ONE field I care most about. Instead of celebrating their success and be happy for them, I turn bitter and jealous and manage to direct this anger toward my own person, so as not to have other people suffer the wrath of the green-eyed monster. This toxic desire to outdo them all, that does nothing to motivate me and is pure poison for my mind, combined with the knowledge that I may have the skill but none of the charm and connections to sell it… leaves me completely unable to write and very miserable. So how do I un-teach myself to be jealous and competitive and desire some ephemeral status, when all I see around me are people stuck in the exact same ditch?

  • Oh, how I love these videos!!!!! You finally gave me the confidence to embrace the weirdness that I have in my heart!! Monday I will wear my 130 year old glasses to school with pride!!!

  • I don't comment on much, but I felt like I should probably thank you for being such an inspiration. You're a beautiful human being and your videos have motivated me to start sewing.
    I used to think I wasn't a creative person at all but after having watched your videos and hand sewing a waking skirt, I don't think I can say that anymore.

    Please keep up the good work.

  • I'm a cosplayer and I totally relate to your sentiments about community and competition! Especially in the case of replicating beloved fictional characters, the cosplay community can feel, at times, very toxic and tense regarding how accurate should cosplayers be and what is and isn't okay in cosplay (e.g blackface, cultural appropriation etc) Plus the community is sooo huge and diverse in skill level and interests it's very easy to feel overwhelmed at times. But this video has reminded me that right now, the positives of community are outweighing the possible negatives. It was very motivating to hear you talk about these topics so I'd like to thank you for making this video. In fact I just made some progress on my costumes planned for this coming Halloween!

  • i entirely relate to the idea of 'everyone you meet is now your competition' and i don't really believe that's an american invention but rather one made by every schooling system and society in general
    i'm quite a naturally proud and competitive person so schooling somewhat brings out the worst of my nature – i feel the need to be the best and know the most because schooling centres that as your self worth (and as someone who was bullied i apparently didn't have many other merits people found worthy looool). i think community is important but it also requires active participation rather than passive watching in my opinion, as i think it's far too easy to fall into a thought process along the lines of 'why can't i/why aren't i' with comparing yourself to others around you when you do not have support in turn (this is, of course, only relevant if the person is in need of support with their work).
    i'm not sure how much i've written has made sense – i'm somewhat of a tangential thinker lol
    anyway 10/10 turnip what a good little friend

  • I just wanted to say thank you for the coincidence of timing that was this video – half an hour of friendly, encouraging ramble was just what i needed today, having woken up very ill on a day when i had wonderful plans. I was resigned to spending the day unproductively in bed, but have found the strength to get up, shower, and curl up on the couch with a blanket and my embroidery. One step at a time, and I'll try to apply the "networking for introverts" to my other hobbies. Thank you Bernadette – not only for the wonderful work that you share, but for being a wonderfully weird and lovely person, publicly and quietly.

  • My Partner and I also do the carving a turnip thing for halloween every year. Also with the Zack Pinsent phenomena, as soon as his BBC video was released all my friends were constantly asking me if I had heard of this guy who dresses in historical clothing everyday. I spent the whole time basically going 'yes, I've been following him on Instagram for a while…' and then having to explain the fashion eras to the general lay-person.

  • I really enjoyed this chat. In the sense of community and helping each other with our special skills.. From your fellow Montreal neighbor a little tip on French pronunciation.. Robe à la française is pronounced Fron-sai-ze, since robe is a feminine word, so you pronounce the end, rather than swallowing it. I hope this made sense.. ☺️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • as always, I appreciate your channel and thoughtful approach. I am mostly out here on my own just doing things I like for events that I attend (or occasionally plan), typically with a historical bent (I feel grateful that my friends think my niche interests are fun/cool/etc. rather than just weird, but none of them do this stuff). So, I'm kind of tangential to the community aspect right now, although I hope to save up in the future for events like Costume College. I got such a thrill out of seeing all the people I watch on youtube together there (and on a video!), and a lot of that seems due to the commitment I've noticed from many in this community to ensure that it's welcoming to all, recognizing the limits of historical sewing, the way that we all have to start somewhere and grow, etc. So thanks for this, and please keep it up. 🙂

  • I love your videos either discussing topics that are on ur mind or sewing (I have a sewing crush on your hand stich work!) but for some reason I am only getting notified the day after you post and I check all the options for notifications and it is on all? maybe others have the same issue?

  • Thank you for the video! I have request/idea of project Id like to share: an historical apron! I wear one nearly every day at home, and I feel like a little bit of history in my life could be great. An apron doesn't seem to hard to make, and you could maybe fill your desire to make something from Mrs Crocombe wardrobe!
    I hope you have a nice day!
    From a French viewer who doesn't have the perfect English

  • I’m not the best at writing how I feel, but please know that these videos bring me such comfort and a feeling of ease that’s needed in life. Often being social is really stressful, so being in an (albeit usually one sided) virtual conversation with someone who doesn’t assume the worst of others is a great way for me to relieve my stress from dealing with social anxiety and other awkwardness.
    We all very much enjoy your content, and it’s really exciting learning so much about sewing history, wishing you well!

  • There are so many toxic people in this world, but they rarely survive in positive creativity. I think we thrive because we like what we do not fake what we do. You're not weird you're real.