Children Across America Are Being Turned Into Modern Day Slaves With Human Trafficking

Children Across America Are Being Turned Into Modern Day Slaves With Human Trafficking

Some young children in the US are being turned
into modern day slaves, trafficked across the country, sex, forced labor and other brutal
conditions. As Channel Three’s Chorus Nylander investigates,
a prominent local attorney is representing victims and vowing to go after those he believes
are letting it happen. In darkness, someone somewhere likely not
far from where you are is being trafficked like a piece of property. They’re working as human slaves that are,
you know, that are, that are trafficked all over the country. Attorney Mike Papantonio says he knows just
how evil those behind this modern day slavery can be. He’s represented victims and has learned the
tricks used to carry it all out. These are the girl next door that maybe ran
away or they’ve developed drug problems and the next thing you know, they’re involved
in human trafficking. They’re loaded up in the back of semis and
they’re, they’re carted down the interstate. Cursed by geography, he says Pensacola is
on the front lines of this crisis. We’re on that I-10 corridor and it connects,
you know, all the way from West to East. Then the trafficking moves up the Eastern
seaboard. He’s putting pen to paper hoping to influence
a change, writing a new book, law and slavery focused on what he believes can be done to
hurt human traffickers. The way I’ve written this book is to make
it a fiction but entertain and at the same time kind of force you to look at it. He says traffickers thrive off what he calls
a broken H-2B visa system, which allows foreign workers into the country. Papantonio is actively suing several businesses
he blames for turning a blind eye, from hotels and airlines to social media websites. The federal government has known that this
H-2B system has been a horrendous problem for a long time and they failed to do anything
about it. My goal is to have industry come up with standards
to where they have best practices. New to the Levin Papantonio team is Carissa
Phelps, an attorney. Her road to get there was a long one. She escaped from human trafficking as a child. It was once I started sharing my story, people
began to disclose to me what they had been through. Her story told and an award winning 2008 documentary
titled Carissa. As a runaway child in California, she was
exploited into the sex trade. Her escape came with an arrest. I was arrested and I was treated as a criminal. I had handcuffs put on me. There was no report written up about where
I was picked up, who I was picked up with. That pushed her to become an advocate, than
a lawyer. Now, joining Mike Papantonio, hoping lawsuits
will help at least some victims. There are girls out there right now who are
dying, who we’re not seeing, boys as well, and I want them to be seen. I want them to be heard.

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51 thoughts on “Children Across America Are Being Turned Into Modern Day Slaves With Human Trafficking”

  • Epstein is dead. Lesson learned? A new day before us (US) or the same old shit. Go back to sleep America. Nothing to see here!

  • It's too bad Epstein "committed suicide". I'll bet he was willing to turn over a lot of these scumbags in exchange for immunity…

  • Land lady/lord prey on disabled females too, who are house bound/shut ins. The fuckers didn't count on me having resources. And first and last is always is no biggy.

  • Is this shit real? Idk man, seems like sensationalism to me. Remember the 'satanic panic' of the 80's?? Completely overblown.

  • Yes have been for decades and the CIA/FBI and NSA along with top politicians, law makers etc in many countries know this. Some are taken for organ harvesting, some for sex slaves until deemed ‘too old’ then discarded/killed or sold to prostitution rings via strip clubs. Allegedly heinous things are done on private billionaire yachts for the wealthy and famous. It’s sick and some involved highly respected (and powerful). Potential witnesses and victims are silenced by threat, bribery or death. It won’t be stopped for decades because of those involved and many are complicit esp in the HWood/music industry.

  • If you want to help donate to one of these:

    Anti trafficking orgs

  • If the traffickers aren't brown then Trumps administration will just ignore the entire thing, especially if one of Trumps golfing buddies involved or the main guy behind it can pay Trump a lot of money.

  • They never progress. Family court system and homeless and drug recovery are so proud of each other. They advocate identity theft and silence many.

  • If you want to get a long view of the problem, you should review the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska in June 1988.

  • The people who contribute to this are disgusting
    I'm proud to be a part of the group Truckers Against Trafficking. We're watching and will get you if we see it happening

  • What is the Disney connection.
    What is the Pelosi connection.
    What is the Haiti/Clinton connection.
    What is the Vatican connection.
    What’s really going on in the Ukraine?
    Expand your thinking.

  • I have called several news outlets to have the truth told about human trafficking,drug trafficking,human slavery that is going on in Oklahoma. Even called my senator. Not one of them was interested

  • This is more important than ever, especially since the Trump administration is enabling these human traffickers by rolling back protections & siding with rapists & paedophiles. Good luck Mike & Carissa and godspeed.

  • … yes and? Its just part of the world. If you have access to the net then you can get a slave. You go to the dark web and look around. You can find a shop. Slave cost 15k for male 23k for female. Age and ethnicity change the price a little.
    You cant stop it. All you can do is make it easier to get out of it. If someone finds a cop and says im slave. Help. Them should be helped. Not well your from here or just written off. Which is want happens.

  • I’m still waiting for Epstein’s clients to be arrested. Let’s get serious and start with these “ I’m too rich and powerful to be held accountable for raping children.”

  • What happened to the children separated from their parents at the border that can’t ever be reunited due to bad record keeping? Ivanka probably has a new line of handbags coming out.

  • So the girls were telling the truth. Adult entertainers and working girls even girls are falling Hard Times all have mentioned that there are some that aren't free to make their own decisions. I'm assuming some see them as meal tickets. At the same time a lot of girls are using the same Avenues to get away from situations that would not be heard of by the mainstream. Especially near that region. This is why I frown on arranged marriages but it's culture, that means that until they're 18, they're stuck. The ability to move away also gives the ability to attract the same kind of people. But you have to understand that love and freedom go together. Not love and control. Sounds like a regional culture issue from an Arcane time. It was handled at the Strategic level but it sounds like on the street, compromises must be made. Human trafficking is b*****

  • All of this Allowed by horrible Economy based on only credit with not enough cash to meet the demands of the population to feed the mouths of our citizens. Otherwise people wouldn't be so desperate. We got to get this Administration out of here. No wonder there aren't any brothels, they're destroyed so the girls have no way no where else to go. Now you understand why Nevada for all its sin, understands people's needs. That's why the rest of us are giving the distinction between a working girl, a young escort, prostitutes, and the involuntary control of people which is non-negotiable… if you're only claim to keep these girls locked up is because you love them then you're no better than the people that say I hate them and lock them up anyway. Learn fast

  • I think the news is making me crazy , I’m so tired of hearing terrible things going on all around me , you want to help but it feels so overwhelming. I think that voting for the right representatives will help but it’s honestly soul crushing to hear so many things going on you probably won’t be able to fix on your own. Please vote #bernie2020

  • Wow, the people that purposefully click dislike REALLY must love human trafficking, or are too STUPID to notice the message and just dislike the channel.

  • so… What exactly did you THINK they meant when they swore that the private sector would solve the problem? Did you think they meant "those poor people! We must house and clothe and feed them!" or "WOO<freaking>HHOO! We get to have Slaves agin'!"

  • So many people on here just blindly buying into these myths perpetuated by the 'rescue' industry, who have an agenda of keeping consensual adult sex-work criminalised so that they can keep on sucking up all that juicy government grant money. Now they're trying for even more through litigation. Look closely at the statistics across the U.S for all the 'sex trafficking' stings and you will find maybe a handful of actual arrests and prosecutions actually involving child sex trafficking each year, most of it simply sweeps up consensual adult sex-workers who get busted on trumped up charges. Time for #Decrim as you have in N.Z and parts of Australia. While sex-work is criminalised and sex-workers forced to operate from the shadows and hide their activities, it makes those who would engage in wrong-doing, including human-trafficking, harder to spot. Shine a light on the industry, as you do by decriminalising consensual adult sex-work and reducing stigma and the cockroaches all run and hide.

  • And we all thought that human trafficking occurs only in the developing countries, but it is happening in the most developed country in the world, The United States. Sad, very sad. We've stoooped down that low. We are pathetic

  • One group I like is called "Children of the Night." That helps children who have been trafficked. They are based in California.

  • Tell rhetoric regurgitating (Fat Trump & Obama about this they haven’t done anything but rape the system to benefit for personal gain both corrupt

  • Ducking called this years ago, that’s why they took in foster and orphaned children to do as indentured servants. These people are cruel and hateful and selfish and this is why I don’t support the foster agencies run by religious groups.