Charlamagne & Trevor Noah Ch2: Reparations, US Politics & How to Be Informed | Emerging Hollywood

Charlamagne & Trevor Noah Ch2: Reparations, US Politics & How to Be Informed | Emerging Hollywood

(hip hop instrumental) – Hollywood is being rebuilt by artists not afraid to disrupt the status quo. Telling fresh stories and
bringing to life characters who until now have been
confined to the margins. This is Emerging Hollywood. So, you understand the whole conversation about reparations now. ‘Cause it’s really just
the acknowledgement that America did something wrong. – Right, and I think the
interesting thing is just framing. You look at Germany, Germany
goes back to Namibians. They’re like eh we gon’ pay. We’re going to pay for what we did. And we’re not paying to pay you off. You know, I’ve seen the talking point that people have gone with. They’re being like black people, you’re just going to get paid off. It’s not about paid off. It’s about somebody out
there acknowledging, hey I put you down and kept you down so that I could build
everything I have today. And as we all understand
with compound interest and with accumulations of wealth,
holding somebody else down and growing what you’ve taken from them can lead you to be in a position where they can never ever catch up to you. There’s never truly equality. So the conversations around reparations rarely have to be in and around that. It’s just studying and looking, hey, is there something
we can do in this country that can truly put black
people in a position where they are equal. Not just equal on the
surface but they are equal. And we’ve realized that
on many levels in America, Black Americans have been held back on so many different levels. Whether it’s getting higher interest rates for not just loans from
banks but also student loans, you leave school with
a higher level of debt for studying the same thing
as a student who is white. How is that equality? And I think those are
some of the conversations that Americans need to have
but it’s been spun again because people have made it seem like (in Southern American accent) hey Dan, you gon’ have to give them $50. (Charlamagne laughs) Hey Petey, you gon’ pay a 100. And that’s not what it’s going to be but I think people have managed to successfully distill it
into this simple talking point that makes it feel like it’s
an us versus them conversation when in fact it’s not. – Nah, it’s simple. America systemically did something to put black people in a bad position, now systemically do something to put them in a good position. – It’s as simple as that. I always ask people, why
wouldn’t you want that as well? I always go, why wouldn’t you want that? Why wouldn’t you want to see
black communities raised up? Why wouldn’t you want it? I don’t understand why you
wouldn’t want to see that. And America has a history of doing that. That’s another thing for me. America has a history of helping people. America has a history of going, hey farmers, we’re going
to give you subsidies, we’re going to help the corn industry. Hey, you know what? All you guys who fought in the war, you come back, we’re going to help people. They didn’t help the
black soldiers as much but what they did was they said if you were a white person who
has fought for this country, we’re going to help you. We’re going to help you buy a house, we’re going to help you go to school. And for a long time that
wasn’t frowned upon in America. It wasn’t seen as a handout,
it was seen as a boost. It was a normal thing. But now it feels like that
once that boost is going towards a certain group of people, now there’s resistance to that idea. This is not a country of handouts, this is where you work hard. It’s like yes, we all work hard but it helps when somebody
doesn’t block the path that you’re trying to work hard towards. – So what’s their answer when
you ask them that though? When you say, “Hey, why
wouldn’t you want that?”, do they pull out their
Klan hoodie (Trevor laughs) this is why I don’t want it. – No, I genuinely think it’s framing. I’ve learned most of American politics is hampered by political branding. It’s brilliant and it’s how
most of the conversations are distilled in this country. A classic example and a simple one is Obamacare versus the Affordable Care Act. They asked Americans do
you support Obamacare? – No. – The numbers were dismal. They said do you support
the Affordable Care Act? The numbers were double. Same thing.
– Same thing. – Different name. Why? ’cause the one sounds
like black medicine that’s why. (Charlamagne laughs) – What’s the role of comedy in politics? – Well, that’s an interesting question. What is the role of comedy in politics? – Especially right now. – I’ve lived in a country where, for many years, comedy wasn’t legal if it was speaking about what
was going in the country. There’s still African countries where you can’t just tell
whatever joke you want. So I think for me the most
important aspect of comedy personally is knowing that you still have the freedom of speech to
say what you want to say about what’s going on and the world. In terms of its importance, I think it changes from person to person. For me, it’s about
giving people a reprieve ’cause people get so stressed about what’s happening in the news, people get stressed out about
what’s happening in politics and I think comedy reminds you of who you’re trying to be,
who you maybe once we’re and that the world is not always ending even though it seems like it may be. – What do you think that
the most effective way to inform people about politics, like people who may not
be informed about politics any other time? They get it from the Late
Night shows it seems like. – Well, I don’t think it’s
the most effective way. I think it has become one
of the more effective ways in America because of
how bad your news is. Do you know what I mean? – Yeah, it’s so much fear mongering, they want something lighter. – Yeah, but what is news in America? It’s opinion panels, boxes of
people shouting at each other. It’s people sitting on
a couch spewing opinions whereas when you look at news
especially around the world like in South Africa what I grew up with, people in Britain, et cetera. The news is a very boring
institution but very informative. So, I grew up watching what was happening all over the world, every night as a kid. I didn’t enjoy it but I
knew and so for me I think maybe a byproduct of American news skewing towards entertainment
has meant that entertainment has started to skew towards news and so that’s why people feel like it’s one of the best
places to be informed. I don’t think it’s the
best way to be informed, I just think right now it’s how people are being best informed. – But you do try to be informative though? – Oh yeah, I think great comedy
is about informing yourself. All of the greats have
given me that advice in different ways, at different times. Everybody from Dick
Gregory to Dave Chapelle, they all go like look at
what’s happening in the world and just tell the truth and then the jokes are
going to come from that. So, as a person I try
and make The Daily Show what I’m talking about to my friends, to my writers, to my people. It’s not like I leave the building and all of a sudden I’m
thinking of other things. It’s everything that’s
going on in my world and I try and condense it
into that 30 minute show. – So what is the most effective
way to be informed nowadays? ‘Cause it’s so much different
news coming at you– – [Trevor] That’s a good question. – Every second of the day. – I’ll be honest with you,
I question everything now. I question everything
and I read everything. Everything, everywhere. So, I will read five different newspapers, I will try and get five
different versions of the story. I try and dig into a thing
over and over and over again ’cause I’ve come to realize that as much as we like to believe that there’s such a thing as objectivity, everyone has some sort of bias. – Yeah, I guess that’s the problem with having so many opinion
based sources, right? – Right, yeah that’s the thing. – ‘Cause everybody’s got some bias. – When it comes to politics, you realize there is no
definitive truth per se. I mean there are certain facts,
there are scientific facts but when it comes to everything else. I mean everyone can
argue chicken or the egg in any argument. So, you have to figure out, I guess, what you base your opinions on, which economists you trust,
which think tanks you trust, et cetera, et cetera, and that’s why I have a
big team that works here with fact checkers, with
writers, with everyone who can come together and
say okay, we agree on this being the most concrete
version of the truth that we’re going to go out with. – Do you get the final say in it? – Yeah, you have to have the final say. At some point, I’ve got
to put my neck on the line and be like yeah, this
is what I want to do ’cause again if I leave
the building, it’s me. I can’t say to you guys tomorrow, if you go Trevor, why did you say that? Well actually Charlamagne–
– One of my writers wrote it. – My writer wrote this. No, that’s why every
single joke that comes out, I either write it with the
writers or I approved the joke. I go that was funny,
I’m going to say that. – What do you say to people
who say The Daily Show can be an echo chamber? – Everything is an echo chamber. I think that’s a term that
people use to try and justify what a group of people are
saying in and amongst themselves. I think for myself, you will
always have an echo chamber because people who watch your show are people who like your show. Do you get what I’m saying? So you’ll always have that. What I think is key for me is to break out of that
bubble that you live in and acknowledge what’s
happening outside of that world. So what I do is I go, let’s
acknowledge moments or things that may make us uncomfortable
or engage in ideas that other people have, that
we may not necessarily discuss amongst ourselves and I think that’s key. So, I don’t just live in a
world where I’m like you agree, we agree, yeah we’re
good, we agree, we agree. No, no, it’s like all right,
we know what we think. That’s why I want to have
Republicans on the show, that’s why I have people
I will not agree with on any policy on the show because I want to engage
with them on an idea and I want to expose them
to my audience and be like yo, I want you to trust
your ideas of the world because if what you believe can change when you meet somebody else then it wasn’t based on anything concrete. Your belief should be strong enough that they can stand up to
the ideas of somebody else. – Have any of them ever changed your mind? When’s the last time that’s happened? – I don’t know if anyone
has changed my mind but I do know people have given
me a different perspective on how to see something. So whether it’s Chris christie
or whether it was Rand Paul. There’s always something I
garner from another human being. I think most human beings are trying to do what they think it’s right
from their point of view. There are obviously people in the world who I think are just evil. There are some human
beings who are just like no I’m trynna destroy things but I think most human beings
in the world are going, no, I’m right and I’m
trying to do what’s right. So, I try and garner even a glimpse of their world from them. It helps me understand how to
formulate a different argument or see them more as a human being and try to engage with them
and get to the same place. – Is there any good way to see
this current administration? Has any of them ever said something to you that says oh I can see why
you support the president? – Is there any good way to
see this administration? I don’t know if there’s a good way to see this administration but one thing I will
say about Donald Trump that I’ve repeatedly said is one thing that people take for
granted with Donald Trump is that he is brilliant
at acknowledging problems. – Really? – He is fantastic at
acknowledging problems. His solutions are trash. (Charlamagne laughs) He’s fantastic though. He doesn’t hide that there is a problem. So he would say, for
instance, no one liked it when he went and said, “Hey
guys, in Belgium and in France, “they’ve got something bubbling up there.” He was like look man, I’ve
noticed that there is conflict between the immigrant
community in these places and that’s going to bubble. People were like Trump
is just talking trash and then all of a sudden
you saw immigrants that were involved in attacks and people like oh we didn’t know this and people we’re like yeah this is a big thing in the community, how did we not know? And I think it’s because
a lot of the time, we choose to ignore things. His solutions are trash though because he’ll say the
same thing in America. He’ll go we have a problem with
immigration, build a wall– – [Charlamagne] Build a wall. – Come on, man, that’s not a solution. What are you going to do
about the Middle East? We’re just going to
bomb the shit out of it. These are not solutions but I
think what he’s good at doing is identifying problems and I think if you understand the problem that he’s identifying you can figure out another solution and speak to those same people. And I think some politicians
have latched onto that now. They’ve started realizing the reason Trump connects with people is because he speaks to
people that they see as real but maybe we can give
them another solution. (hip hop instrumental)

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    You critics are not saying that any of your points about compound interest are incorrect, it's just that its too far gone and too complicated to enact without taking money from someone that didn't benefit or giving money to someone that hasn't suffered. So in that case you're advocating for stealing from x number of innocent people and to give to some undeserving people.
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    But let's look closer to fully understand and appreciate the reasons and circumstances surrounding the declaring by Sherman of his Field Order #15. The order was made at a point when General Sherman and his troops had torn a path during battles from South Carolina to Georgia and in "Liberating the South" had accumulated a following of some 40,000 refugees left homeless as a result of his "Scorched Earth" policy of burning everything in his path. Forced by Lincolns orders to protect the refugees his methods had created, Sherman found himself babysitting a growing mob of hungry, helpless people with nowhere to go. Sherman, to rid himself of this burden, proposed Field Order #15 that would TEMPORARILY redistribute 40 acres of land to each REFUGEE family (regardless of whether they were Black or White, or whether they were former slaves or Free) and use of a mule to till the soil (if any were available). In this way he could rid himself of this hungry mob of tag-alongs and concentrate on his military duties and go back to reapportioning his meager supplies to his troops instead of having to share and spread them out to the whole refugee population. It was a brilliant solution that would anchor the refugees so they would no longer follow the troops in hopes of a handout and give refugees a means to provide for themselves instead.

    Now it should be noted that this Field Order ONLY had any effect or authority over the lands that Sherman's troops had conquered and only for the 40,000 refugees under his supervision. So anyone claiming that this Field Order covered EVERY former Slave in EVERY state of the Union is not only absurdly WRONG, but should immediately be forced to take a drug test to see what drugs they are on, a psychological evaluation to see if they are crazy and a IQ test to see how stupid they are and then have them forcibly institutionalized.

    A few more points that should be logically obvious but not surprisingly escapes the idiots that propose this idiotic "Black Reparation" handout proposition. Firstly, the best case scenario would ONLY be that it would only apply to the 40,000 refugees that Sherman was responsible for, not EVERY former Slave and even less so every African American in the U.S. today just because they are Black but having no American Slave heritage. Not every African American today is the descendant of these 40,000 refugees and even less so is it true that every African-American today is a descendant of an American Slave. Many, if not most of the present day African-Americans came to the United States AFTER… AFTER the end of slavery so they don't deserve reparations for a slavery not imposed on them. Many present day African-Americans came from Central and South America where even if they were slaves in those countries or descendants of slaves there, they have to go petition THOSE governments for reparations.

    Good luck with that! I can just see Haitian-Americans and Jamaican Americans, for example, trying to squeeze out a penny from those shithole governments that constantly are begging other countries for money and free handouts. LOL!!! So, someone like Kamala Harris whose father is from India and mother is from Haiti would get ZERO anyway from the U.S. government. She can go crying to Haiti and demand "Reparations" from them.

  • Part 1

    Japanese-American Internment Redress

    Yes, the U.S. Government has been SUED in court by Japanese-Americans for reparations for their illegal arrest and imprisonment as well as losses of land and property associated with the Internment of Japanese Americans during the WWII. In 1948, Japanese we given the opportunity to file for damages for the loss of land and property provided they could show documentation for property claimed, and in 1988, an additional $20,000 per SURVIVING detainee was paid as a "Redress" payment. NONE to those already deceased by 1988.

    Internment of Japanese Americans (see Aftermath section)

    Unlike in the case of the Japanese-American internments, former Slave and their offspring have no property loss to sue for nor improper enslavement laws to base a case on. Further, in the case of the Japanese internees, Franklin D. Roosevelt as president of the United States by Executive Order personally ordered the relocation and imprisonment of these people, making the U.S. Government directly responsible. Whereas in the case of American Slaves, no representative of the U.S. government was involved… no order given to enslave anyone and no slaves ordered to be brought to the United States. Also in the case of the claim by the Japanese-Americans, only the LIVING survivors themselves received "redress" payments, NOT their survivors.

    So as I stated in my earlier comment, there is no case to be made against the U.S. Government because you cannot connect the U.S. Government with any blame for slave being made or brought to the U.S. The U.S. has NO RESPONSIBILITY!!!

  • Part 2

    Jim Crow

    "Jim Crow" laws were enacted on State and local levels, not by the U.S. Government and therefore any claim based on those laws would have to be made on a state by state basis. However, as unfair as those laws may have been, they were lawfully created, ratified and put into practice by the lawmakers in those states and were NEVER found to be unconstitutional. Public opinion pressured State and local legislators to repeal these laws but they were never found to violate the Constitution, so once again there is no case to be made against the U.S. Government and probably no case on the State and local level either. So, good luck on your State and local cases which would only apply to citizen in those particular states, NOT on a national level.

  • Part 3

    Native American Reparations

    Native American Reparations WERE legal under Statutory Law because the U.S.

    GOVERNMENT (not individuals or local authorities) signed treaties (which are binding contracts) that were later VIOLATED and BROKEN by the U.S. Government. When taken to court, the U.S. Supreme Court found the suits were valid and decided in favor of the various Indian Nations who brought the suits. It did not make a sweeping decision on ALL treatment of Indians or all the indian nations, only the ones who brought suit. In other words, you must petition a claim against the U.S. Government the same way you would sue a neighbor or business and then have it litigated in the courts and convince a judge that your claim is lawful, valid, timely and quantifiable. They did for those Indians in some cases and denied others based on written treaties and broken agreements and the argument presented before the court.

    What "Treaty" or "Agreement" did Slaves make with the U.S. Government or what documents have they to show that the U.S. Government violated a law or contract made with them individually or collectively… LIKE THE INDIANS SHOWED!

  • Part 4

    Jewish World War II Reparations

    Jews NEVER got "Reparations" from Americans, though America was instrumental in securing "Reparations" for them from the German people, dopey! Stop getting your information from purely Afrocentric sources. Read an ENCYCLOPEDIA on "Jewish Reparations". Your Racist Black sources are LYING to you and you just gobble it up without the brains to FACT CHECK what they tell you. BOY are you gullible!

    Paste a link to an ENCYCLOPEDIA entry if you think otherwise as proof.

  • Part 5

    Sue the Afrikan tribes, Afrikan warlords and Afrikan countries that captured, imprisoned and traded slaves for money and goods. There is at least a chance there. Why won't you even talk about that? Is it because you think they don't have money to pay and it's all about the money?… or is it because they have black skin and you are too racist to go after a like Black group?

  • Great interview, I have learned so much from this Brother Trevor.I have become more careful when using and choosing my words when speaking.

  • Trevor questions himself just about EVERYTHING and finds honest solutions without being bias or influenced by whatever source… l've been operating like this too for a while now. I would advice it to everyone. It gets you woke

  • America has a lot of racism in it and the system is not working for people of color and not being giving a straight answer from our leaders is smothering the voice of people who contribute to the workforce. We need new Leaders.

  • Great for entertainment. However, these men are not economist,politician or even scholars. Blk America please stop allowing entertainers to be you politicians.