[CC/FULL] Modern Farmer EP14 (2/3) | 모던파머

[CC/FULL] Modern Farmer EP14 (2/3) | 모던파머

What a relief.
Her fever is down. Ouch! My leg! This room is a mess. “The jail?” She has good taste in comics. What’s this? Is it a map? It looks like a map. What are you doing? The room was really messy. I was tidying up. But I found this map. What are the red markings? It looks like a map of this area. It can’t be. You marked the sweet potato fields! The x marks are the fields
you already dug, right? That’s right. Yes! It’s a very systematic way
to dig for sweet potatoes. You could be in the Olympics. No wonder she got sick
from digging so diligently. I’ll tidy up here. What’s this? They’re sketches for outfits to wear
when digging for sweet potatoes. That’s not it. Su Yeon designed those. – She did?
– Yes. It’s her dream to become
a designer and have her own label. But she has no chance in Korea
with her academic background. A lot of people put
her down for it. She had to put up with a lot. She had a really hard time. I see. Mi Young,
why do you look so down? It’s nothing.
Don’t worry about it. We’re out of toilet paper.
I’m going to buy some. Okay. Sang Deuk. What are you doing here? Mi Young, let’s talk. About what? I already told you. We should reconsider
our relationship. Reconsider what? There’s no reason to
reconsider anything. I wasn’t ready then,
but I’m ready now. Don’t do this. I already told you. I’m never letting go of your hand. I don’t care if the world ends.
I’m not letting you go. Stop it. What if someone sees us? Who cares? I’m not letting go of your hand
until you change your mind. Mi Young,
give me a cup of coffee. I’m parched. Sure!
Just a second. I’m going to go crazy. Why did Ms Kim have
to show up right then? Still, why did you hide,
you idiot? My reflexes are too good. Goodness! Sang Deuk! It’s been so long. How have you been? Bong Ryeon… Why haven’t you called? You’re playing hard to get? I know what you’re doing! That’s not it. I’m busy. Excuse me. Sang Deuk,
what are you doing here? Mum. Mother, how are you? Are you back together? It’s not like that.
It was a coincidence… A coincidence
that was meant to be. Right? What are you saying? I see. Bong Ryeon, have you eaten? If you haven’t, why don’t
you come over for dinner? That sounds lovely, Mother. – What do you think you’re doing?
– Be quiet! What do you like? It’s really okay… But my favourite is rib-eye steak! What’s wrong with Yun Hui? She’s been in a foul mood lately. Maybe I did something wrong. You didn’t do anything wrong. I wonder what it is. I think I know,
but I’m not going to tell you. – Why not?
– Just because, and because I’m mad. Why would you be mad? Hold on. Hold on. Guys, aren’t you forgetting
something more important? Forgetting something? I don’t think so. – What’s today?
– Your birthday. So you do know! Then shouldn’t you give me
or tell me something? That’s why we ate
that fondue with you. – What else do you want?
– Forget it! You’ve never done anything
for my birthday in eight years. What was I expecting? It’s so unfair! – Hello!
– Hello! Are you on your way to work? Take this. What’s this? Isn’t it your birthday? I had a really hard time
getting this. Really? Thank you! What is it? Deer antlers! It’s fresh.
It’s still warm, isn’t it? It’s the best thing for men. I couldn’t sleep for a year
after I ate one. I had too much energy. I’m grateful, but couldn’t you
have cut it or ground it for me? How am I supposed
to eat it like this? You ingrate.
Give it back! I was just kidding.
I will take care of it. – Thank you!
– You’re welcome. – You’re the best!
– Here comes Ki Jun’s pretty bride. Hi! Hwa Ran, this is a surprise. Ki Jun, are you free right now? Right now?
I was on my way to work. It’s okay.
We have you covered. We didn’t get you a gift.
Take the day off instead. He’s right.
Have a fun date. Hwa Ran, have fun, okay? Let’s go. It’s not like that! Mr Hwang,
thank you for the antlers! Come with me. Where are we going? The qualifying round for
the singing contest… is tomorrow, isn’t it? How is it going? It’s going okay. I really hope you
qualify for the contest. So we can market our apples
and sell off our inventory. Don’t worry.
I’ll do my best. Good. We’re counting on you. I know. Who’s this? It’s Min Ki. Min Ki? If I had a dad, I think
he’d be just like Min Ki. What? I told her that it wasn’t,
but I think it’s a pity. A form of sympathy maybe? Hold on. You look like a witch. That’s not it. That’s not it! Where are we going?
I think I’m going to die. We’re here. Take a look. What’s that? Wild ginseng. Wild ginseng? Really? By the looks of it,
it must be about 50 years old. 50 years? I’ve never seen
wild ginseng this old. What do you want it for? It’s your birthday gift. You’re giving me a 50-year-old
wild ginseng as my birthday gift? It’s too much. It’s not for you. It’s for your parents. My parents? Why? Birthday gifts aren’t
for the birthday person. They’re for the parents. All you did was be born.
You did nothing else. Thank your parents for giving
birth to you and give it to them. Hwa Ran… Don’t move! What? What did she just do? Where are you going? You’re really fast. What is she doing? It’s a pheasant. Hey! What are you doing? This one is for you. Forget it! I don’t want it! It’s really delicious
when it’s roasted. If it’s so delicious,
you can have it. There’s another one! Goodness.
She’s a female Kim Byung Man. At least I won’t starve
if I marry her. What am I saying? – Go!
– It’s awesome! I make really good kites! Come on! Come on! Mum! Min Ki made me a kite!
It flies really well! What did you want to say to me? I don’t want you to
be too nice to Min Ho. I know you’re just being nice,
but kids get the wrong idea. The wrong idea? What do you mean? He had to draw his family
in school yesterday. He drew you as part of his family. He drew you because
he thinks that… if he had a dad,
he’d be just like you. – What about it?
– You’re leaving soon. He likes you so much.
What is he going to do then? That’s just… People get the wrong idea when
someone is too good to them. You start to count on them. Lean on them. And expect things from them. I’m not saying it’s your fault. It’s the fault of the person
who expects something. Don’t be nice to Min Ho. Don’t be nice to me either. Do it for me. What did I do wrong this time? Darn it. It looks like the right place. Why doesn’t Ki Jun
answer his phone? Excuse me! Can I ask you something? Do you maybe know
where Han Ki Jun lives? Han Ki Jun? Ki Jun, Ki Jun…
Ki Jun! Yes. Let’s share your umbrella. – Hi, there.
– Hi, Min Ho! You came home with your mother! Hi. We’ll wash up and
get ready for dinner. Okay. Man Gu, what brings you here? A lady is looking for Ki Jun. Come in! Ki Jun’s mum! Hello! Min Ki! Hyeok!
What are you guys doing here? Are you studying for
the public service exam too? Yes, yes! The public service exam.
That’s right! But Hyeok,
aren’t you a medical student? Well, you see, it’s hard for doctors
to make a living these days. A public service job is the best! Who’s… She’s Ki Jun’s mother. She’s Ki Jun’s mother? Then he really does take
after his dad… It’s nice to meet you. Hello. Who’s this? He’s the owner of
the home-study centre! The owner? Yes. We study here. It’s a special
rural home-study centre. A rural home-study centre? I’ve never heard of that before. You’ve never heard of it?
It’s very popular these days! It’s a new concept! You can escape the busy city life, and study while
breathing in fresh air. Really? But why are you guys
dressed like that? You look like farmers. That’s… The thing is… When we get tired from studying,
we look after a garden. It helps greatly
with concentration. Concentration! But what brings you here? It’s Ki Jun’s birthday. It’s my baby’s birthday. I wanted to feed him
some seaweed soup. Where’s Ki Jun? He’s out.
Let’s go get him. – Let’s do that!
– Yes! Let’s do that! No, it’s okay. I’m sure he’ll be back soon.
Let’s go inside. Inside? Yes, yes! Let me get that for you. Wow! it’s really delicious. Really? Our family owns
a pigs feet restaurant. We keep telling Ki Jun to
just take over the restaurant. But he’s set on taking
that public servant exam. We’re very concerned. Please eat a lot! And please look after
my Ki Jun, Sir. Pardon? Right, yes, yes! Where did Ki Jun go? He’s not answering his phone. That’s because we don’t answer
the phone when we’re studying. We need to focus. Really? I can’t wait forever. I have to work tomorrow.
I should get going. You’re leaving? Then let’s get going. Okay. I can go on my own from here. Study hard, boys. – Yes!
– Yes! We’ll pass the exam.
Right? Don’t worry. Okay then. You almost caught that boar. Goodness! Ki Jun! Mum! Hey! Where were you? What? Why do you look like that? You weren’t studying? I was, but… Who is this girl? She’s the Mandarin teacher. Say hello, Hwa Ran. – This is Ki Jun’s mother.
– She’s my mum. Yes. Why do you need to study Mandarin
for your exam? So that’s… You need to know a foreign language
to get extra points! – It’s extra points!
– Extra points! That’s right! That’s why I’m studying Mandarin. But Mum, what are you doing here? It’s your birthday. I brought some
seaweed soup and pigs feet. I waited all this time. It’s almost time for my bus
so I was leaving. I see. I’m happy to see that
you’re studying so hard. The home-study centre is cosy. And the owner and his wife
seem like nice people. Home-study centre? Right. They’re really nice.
They treat me like family. Son, eat well, study hard,
and stay focused, okay? Mum, I’ll walk you to the bus. It’s okay! I can go on my own. You finish your Mandarin lesson. I’m off then. Bye! That was Mandarin. Bye! I thought we were
going to get caught. Hey!
Where did you go? I didn’t go very far. I feel bad that I lied to my mum. I thought the bus stop
was around here. This is confusing. I’ll just ask. Excuse me. Yes? How can I help you? Where’s the bus stop? The bus stop? It’s a bit more up this way. But who are you? I’ve never seen you
around here before. Me? Do you know Ki Jun? He’s studying at
the home-study centre. I’m his mother. Ki Jun? I see! Illy’s husband? Who’s Illy? Who?
You mean his Mandarin teacher? Mandarin teacher? She’s not a teacher. She’s not? Then who is she? It’s a secret so just
keep it to yourself, okay? So Illy is…

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