[CC/FULL] Modern Farmer EP08 (2/3) | 모던파머

Min Ki, stay sharp for any thieves. I am looking. I don’t see anything. Goodness! Hey! Don’t stop so suddenly! – Yun Hui!
– What? Look! What’s that? The thieves? Hey, go and stop them! I’m scared! Shouldn’t we tell
the village people first? What if they get away? What if they have a knife? You coward. Hey, you thieves! Hurry! Go! They already saw us. Go! Come here! Who are you? Come here! Min Ki! Min Ki! Min Ki! Wake up! Min Ki! Min Ki! Min Ki! (Soul Hospital) Min Ki, are you okay? Yun Hui. Are you okay? I’m fine. I’m fine. What’s wrong? I thought you were going to die! I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m okay. Goodness! What? What are you laughing about? Yun Hui,
were you that worried about me? You bawled your eyes out.
How embarrassing. I wasn’t crying because
I was worried about you. I was crying because
of the hospital bill. You’re lying. I wish I had caught it on video! You! Does it hurt?
Are you all right? I’m hungry. Buy me some food. What?
You punk! If you don’t, I’ll tell everyone
that you were crying like a baby. What do you want? Spaghetti. Is this spaghetti? I said I wanted spaghetti!
Spaghetti! Where am I supposed to find
spaghetti in the countryside? Come on!
Don’t eat it then! I never said
I wasn’t going to eat it. Anyway, I’m buying this, so you… have to keep
my crying a secret, okay? We’ll see. You punk! Where are you going? I’m going to the bathroom! Why did I have to start
crying right then? I was raising a fox
in my own house. I’m letting you stay here.
How could you steal from me? I didn’t steal.
I just helped myself to… Shut up!
Helping yourself my foot! The whole village is up in arms
because of the thieves. Are you out of your mind? Your friend cracked his head open
trying to catch the thieves and… ended up in the hospital! – Hey!
– Are you okay? It’s just a few stitches.
I’m fine. I’m so glad it wasn’t worse. I know you just got back
from the hospital, but do you remember anything? Maybe their licence plate number? They covered it with tape. Really? Then what about their faces? It’s fuzzy,
so I can’t recall well… but there’s
one thing I do remember. Really? What? The eyes. He had really pretty eyes. He had cute and deep-set eyes. He had pretty eyes? Then what about his face? His face is a blur. I don’t remember it exactly. Then why don’t we draw a sketch? They catch criminals
with sketches in the movies. A sketch? Do we have anyone
who can draw? There’s that young lady who’s been
doing murals in our neighbourhood. You’re right. He had really pretty eyes. He had really thick
double eyelids too. And the nose was sharp. Wait. No, no! The lips were thinner. Just like that. That’s what he looked like.
It’s very similar! Really? Let me see. Is this a thief or
a cartoon character? Is this really
what he looks like? I think so.
I’m not sure. But the eyes look
exactly the same! Forget it! How are we going to
catch him with this? Those jerks! What are we going to do now? There’s nothing much we can do. We’ll install CCTV cameras
and up the patrols. Hey, let’s head over
to the cabbage field. Yes, let’s go. Hey, hey! You don’t move. What are you doing? You thief! You stole my sweet potatoes.
Where do you think you’re going? You’re my slave all day today. You’ll work off all the
sweet potatoes you stole. Got that? Get up. Let’s go. Let’s go, punk. – Let’s go.
– Young Sik! Jerks! Just wait until I catch them. – It looks delicious.
– It’s delicious. What are you doing? What do you think you’re doing? We wanted to try it.
We just plucked a few. I don’t care how many you got. You can’t take someone else’s
apples without asking first! You’re really overreacting.
It’s not a big deal. Not a big deal? Are you done talking?
Are you? What’s wrong with you? – Calm down!
– I can’t calm down! They’re thieves! Sang Deuk, call the police. Thieves?
It’s just a few apples! I thought country folks
were generous! Generous? Are we supposed
to let people take whatever… they want so we can be generous? We broke our backs for months
to grow these! – Do you know that?
– That’s enough. Try to understand. We just had thieves
in the neighbourhood. And you might think
it’s okay to take… an apple or two
as you’re passing by, but if everyone does that,
our losses would be huge. You can take those apples,
but don’t do it again, okay? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Mr Hwang is despondent. Yes. I don’t think we can ask him
to help us for a while. He’s in no mood for that. I’ll give you a hand today. Let’s go. Man Gu complains a lot,
but he taught you well. – It looks good.
– It does, doesn’t it? Hey! Where are the sprouts over here? What are you talking about? Did they steal the sprouts too? Who does that kind of thing? Who steals sprouts
of all things? I don’t think it was them. Then who was it? Deer. – Deer?
– Look at all the hoof prints. They love cabbage sprouts. Darn it. Deer and thieves!
What else? Deer are worse than thieves. You can’t talk to them and
they’re not scared of the police. What should we do? Keep watch all the time. I heard some people use loudspeakers
and leave the radio on all night. Then the deer
don’t come close… because they think
people are around. But this place is huge. What are we going to do? What if we do this? What? Hey, hold on! Are we going to do this
all day and night? Do you think it will work? It’s better than doing nothing.
And it’s good practice. We haven’t done this in a while.
It’s fun. Fun my foot. Hurry up, slave. That stung! Isn’t this a bit too much? What? This is nothing compared
to what you did. You would have been lynched
back in the day. Yes, Sir. Hey, hey, I’m getting off here. I’m going to have some rice wine. You go and pack these in boxes
and put them in storage. Work hard! Darn it. I’m so tired! Su Yeon! Han Cheol! Hello! I’m sorry.
It’s all because of me. It’s okay! I’m just glad
you didn’t get caught. Thanks. Will you do me a favour? A favour? What is it? Will you go on a date with me? Pardon? This is for you. You have to learn to lean on people
in times of need. What am I thinking? I must be crazy. – What are you doing?
– Oh, my gosh! – Why do you look so startled?
– You snuck up on me. Why are you getting
mad at me again? Yun Hui, will you
make us some coffee? Coffee? Why? Some deer ate our cabbage sprouts. We have to keep watch all night.
Make us some coffee. Coffee? Don’t you have any hands or feet? Why should I? So you won’t do it? Goodness.
You’ll regret it. Regret it? Let me tell you something. I have never regretted
anything in my life. Really? Hey, do you want to
hear a funny story? Hey, hey!
Fine, fine! I’ll make some coffee. Miserable punk. What an ignorant woman! She calls that coffee?
It looks like pesticide! Why couldn’t she make us
some Americano? What are we going to do… Hello! Is she gone? What are you doing? Are you hiding from your wife? I don’t ever want to see that woman.
Something weird always happens. – Do you hate her that much?
– I do. I really do! It’s getting cold. Sir, what are you doing? – What’s wrong with him?
– Why was he touching my guitar? Hey, hey! Hurry! They got here fast. Hurry! Hold on. I had to wake up
at the crack of dawn and… I couldn’t sleep a wink
because of the deer. But I’m so not irritated. It’s a good day for me. Guys, I’m sorry. I’ll work double when I get back. But I might not come back today. Darn it!
I have so little time as it is. Who has time for dates? But he took the blame for me.
It’s the least I can do. This is horrible. I’ll use this opportunity to let him
know once and for all how I feel. Su Yeon! I’ll get her to
go out with me today. Han Cheol, you can do it! Isn’t it cold? Spring and fall
don’t exist anymore. I have a great date planned for us. You can count on it. Yes. Shall we? Come on! My behind hurts! How can they do this
to an injured person? This is the best seat. Best seat my foot.
My behind is in so much pain. Stop whining.
Look at the sky. What for? Wow. I think this is
the best view of the sky. What do you think? I don’t remember
the sky being so blue. I’ve never seen
the sky look so beautiful. Actually, I don’t remember
the last time I looked at it. Look to your heart’s content. Min Ki, stick your arm out. You’ll fly if you do this. Come on. – Like this?
– That’s right. Now wave it like this. Faster, faster. What are we doing? My behind is in so much pain. You’re a really whiny man. Why is it so loud?
Is the circus in town? We’re opening today.
Please stop by. Isn’t that Mi Young? Our coffee shop is open!
Please stop by! You’re right.
It’s Mi Young. Mi Young! Yun Hui! Yun Hui! What are you doing here?
It’s been so long. It really has. I’m on my way to the hospital. What’s all this? It’s the grand opening
of my coffee shop. Grand opening?
Why didn’t you tell me? Everyone is busy. Why don’t you all come in
for a cup of coffee? I’m busy.
I’ll see you later. You’re here to buy medicine
for athlete’s foot. Don’t act busy. Let’s have a cup of coffee. A place like this
in this neighbourhood? It’s pretty nice. Now we have
a coffee shop in our town. An iced Americano!
It’s been so long! It’s good. It’s bitter! Don’t you have any sugar?
Or cream? You don’t know anything.
Just drink it. This is how you are
supposed to drink it. Must be nice to know so much. The boss is serving tables? I put an ad for a part-timer, but I’m only getting calls
from grandmothers and grandfathers. I need to find someone.
I don’t know what I’ll do. Mi Young, what about me? You? My dream is to become a barista. That’s the biggest bunch of nonsense
I have ever heard. You wanted to be a nail artist
not too long ago and… a tattoo artist before that. It’s for real this time. Beans from Columbia, Kenya,
Costa Rica, Guatemala… Fine, fine!
Do whatever you want. Mi Young, let me work for you. That works for me.
And I’ll have someone to talk to. Okay.
When do you want me to start? No, I’ll just start today.
Do you want me to pass out flyers? That girl… Right, I heard there are thieves
in the neighbourhood? Yes. They cleaned out
Man Gu’s ginseng crop. And Min Ki
got his head cracked open. I’m going to break their legs
when I catch them! I’m getting mad again!

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