Brunch with Bernie-April 20,2012

Brunch with Bernie-April 20,2012

vous saliva decided that means is once and for use in the breeze sanders
on the line with us the them and i think of as america sent to
the people of vermont know that he’s there’s and i’m very proud of it and his
was a center says senate dot gov brain welcome back to the program perfectly
with welcome back to your program are thing i think it is ours here are is
pretty sour of oligarchy i wanted to ask you about this this is a word that
probably a lot of americans don’t even understand what it means uh… you know they discourage things
like you know olga the chinese oligarchy rush in order to
the brazilian ali mexican you know carla slamming some excalibur one of them or a little bit of a bullet but we can
pick up verbally with because sucked the barker is becoming pool significant
degree eto oligarchy or a peacock which we’ll call the what
you want all but i think when we look at what’s
happening in america today if you look at the uh… of growing uh… well-planned income
inequality in this country if you look at the fact that the united paper of the most on
fair distribution of wealth and income of any major country on the road and getting worse i think if you look at the fact that you
helped with the top one percent earning more income than the bottom
fifty percent and you got before hundred this is really a wild
statistic interest at this point before hundred wealthiest people most
countries orlando wealth but the problem of america hundred and fifty million people and then there was a study took cable
for reforming the failed at the seem to be at risk for california a few weeks ago and he was buddy income tax returns from two thousand in
mind and development and complete discovered in the food also of
literally beyond belief is that ninety three percent all of the
new com created in two thousand and ten compared to two
thousand in mind went to the top all over the weekend went to the people
at the very very top on the other hand you have tens of millions of people in the middle
class of this country who were struggling every single day ito paid-up mortgages with iran to work heat their homes or connected to the
call to take care of of the basic necessities of
whitewater oligarchy speak to is in a situation where a small number of people who are
you the popcorn percent of what i thought owned and controlled to a very
significant agree the economic and political life of the nation and uh… i think it’s devastated in
many ways that is where we are both fecal so economically we already have this
extraordinarily on equal distribution of wealth political which is all you have our friends of the
republican party who are resisting even modest tax reform are you go back to control uh… what does that maybe it will be
crazy the government has a billionaire people like warren buffett complete any effective real tax-rate deplore the middle class people maybe that’s what we republicans have l_d_p_ without one republican wicked one
republican vote uh… ten to deal with that issue uh… and and what you have corporations today
large corporations making billions of poverty incompetent saying nothing in federal
income taxes so economically you have a situation
where a very few people all have a significant control over the
economy crawling much of the wealth and income
awkward the nation and then the when you look at what’s going on
politically especially since citizens united are you know i have uh… a situation where these very
straight people billionaire spoke for those of other things or able to spend unlimited comes the
body without disclosure on the political process and what that means his nachos what
we’re seeing though in the floor of the republican primary and shortly will
sleep in the general election taking place in states like ohio right
now aware senator dodd is being hit with the
or at least something like five million dollars of third-party athlete who’s six months
left to go in the election other people listening the type of activities and you have folks like rover they’ve
opened group of guys were twenty two billion
dollars if you give them you know quite a few
five-million each newt gingrich i don’t know who will be giving money to
the future you know what that is bob that is
one-day of profits for them on their profits so if you are more people you know if
you’re interested in politics in the water seem more tax breaks for the rich of more deregulation of walsh you what
occurs if yuo a multi-billion at you know
putting twenty thirty fifty million dollars into a campaign is nothin and it’s a good investment for you and and now but citizens united has
uh… given the uh… these uh… operations like the pic muddy why don’t
the royal treasury uh… it was convicted which would have eaten or more
outrageous although it is one of the judea is that
we had uh… just a couple days ago a very good meeting uh… in the evening all in which or center of palm udall uh… some of the capital murder life
spoke uh… we had put the which we had john
conyers troubled of the best people in the congress without the help are talking about the need for a
constitutional amendment to overturn citizens retarded we have we have introduced her to the remedy
dalhousie alton we operate over two hundred
thousand signatures on a petition in supporting a constitutional ban on
our website love to have even more people want to go
to our website ought to do that so that was spoke good meeting and it’s enormously important that we focused on getting this kind of corporate money out of
politics very profitable home state uh… it thoroughly wash motel meeting
days we have sixty five pounds vote in support of a constitutional
amendment and just in the last week after we have up about
state senate over a month at house of representatives
that they passed a resolution to in support of a constitutional amendment
relating on the medical hawaii and i would hope listeners which upto local although governing bodies their city councils or whatever involved
on this issue deca state legislatures involved on this issue because with the
leadership on the grass roots movement potential corporations are not people that we are destroying american
democracy what we allowed these big money a trust before the airwaves are
with the vehicle that’s an issue with all that we are working hard on my our
diplomatic some progress tortoise gotta keep the pressure off hassan’s well the british original we’ve talked
about it but in many parts on the hill control i feel very very strongly on about uh… and i don’t know what up you know accomplishing everything level
i bought uh… we are making some progress all and there will be overlooked i suspect easily or want that next week all which are both very much know what
kind of a predictable pattern uh… which will go a long way all in in preventing the postmaster
general or from doing what he originally had
wanted to do which is to shut down or to look at the shot down all over the
world on thirty th seven hundred will post
offices and and for those of us itworld we know what it was left without would
be uh… i think he has come a long way on
that this legislation would provide sirisha called safeguards and
protections about to post offices before they could shut down this legislation all would decrease the number of
processing plant uh… that would be shut stuff out or this legislation begins to address
the fact uh… that every single year the post
office was forced to put five-and-a-half billion dollars into a future appointee our retirement home program all many once believed that’s below the
necessary the program owes forty four billion dollars in a ready and we have trust the from
the greek uh… that issue in this legislation all postmaster general water at the end locality mail delivery our daughters
delayed for at least two years all and and also in the middle of the global
recession uh… we will prevent the kind of eugene
draw up laws but was originally contemplated so it’s doesn’t do everything but i want
to do called but i think it was just a little
bit of a number of very very good amendments accommodate contemplate all in one click are and though i would hope that the listeners would work although there are other senators to
support the strongest legislation possible to protect people spoke right now senator barry says that this is our
brunch of bernie are here in town harvard program fifteen minutes past the
hour your opportunity to talk with senator sam international town hall
meeting rochford bernie sarah brady’s website
see enters dot senate dot gov in santa cruz newsletter two great news resource
and you can sign his is uh… uh… constitutional amendment will
taxes yet drama hartman exactly websites at some of the nikon he get a
free ice on ap arrived at attica drop into our free live chat rooms make their
own blog spurt displayed on a sports car welcome back into lorentzen and uh… brian in the washington free
speech gtm dishnetwork i’d leave in bryant ho hi notorious year-on-year
senator centers and directv directv my apologies that’s okay you know idem become aware of senators standards uh… social a uh… uh… legislation too prompt the problem with long-range
funded social security as i understand that after two hundred and fifty
thousand dollar income people work ideal and parenthood this
social security fund admit that maybe acrobats collection i
would have a quick work force will carry mike question that a friendly dr well
both super rich people then being recieving imac and i’m not sure aren’t sure if
social security payments because they will have pagan and fetch a larger
percentage and then that seems to me to defeat the whole purpose with approval no they will not they’ll get what they
are entitled to like everybody else uh… but alas is talking about right now uh… is we have an absurd situation
where there is that to happen are in the uh… what uh… wealthy people have to contribute
to the social security interest social security card puro multi multi millionaire you cannot tell
you all of your social security tax a little bit of a first was second day of
the year on if we do what interestingly enough
president obama suggested when he first ran for president if you lift that cup which is now at
about a hundred and ten thousand all of europe and you simply spotted two hundred fifty
thousand of or a syndicated all what you’ll do we’ll have enough
income uh… revenue coming into the social
security trust fund uh… so that we will be able to play
out uh… beneficiaries also the next seventy-five years which is what the
actuaries wat right now ’cause quite what some of my
your republican colleagues will tell you social security have neither surplus of
two-and-a-half two billion dollars in the trust fund and payroll benefits for the next twenty
five years at which point i could probably tell
about seventy five or eighty percent because based on the new income per
minute but we want to make social security
sponsors seventy five years of this war syndicated one way to do with the way
that we operation catalyst kappa on the taxable income experts caution to
parents sanat point pleasant west virginia
washington free speech to the earlier senator sanders yes there are more senator sinus infection are properly your two american and i want to make a comment did ask a
question uh… bar grandfather he was born eighteen ninety five in he started to school when his seventeen particle for fourteen years to come up postal carrier well here where she can there be a
postal carrier meant a lot to the people appa haulers wahab younger you know i mean they were ordered lost reference
sears roebuck he had deliver similarity seconds last and uh… you know they help build this country number ever
standing up for and not a question is conservative goes folk for the wrong direction that can are
conservatives no more uh… no government today or less government from american
communism well them thank you very much of your
question we’re running out of the talk we are waiting to start dealing with
democrats on the inside of him as those are very very good toughness trail all
rephrase dismissals we’ll be right back to the brace it’s the summer for someone
to break senator sam is taking your calls stick
around like that here this that someone program is brought to you
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solar electricity six sci-fi media three hours a day five
days a week to argue with you and senator bernie sanders alarms and bernie
cm from point pleasant was for jenny was just asking the question he was he
pointed out that his grandfather who was born eighteen ninety-five was a postal
carrier in west virginia and it was really
important thing to be as it was a bit was a big deal the postal carrier on and
and it was really important all the people of the haulers in and the the
rural areas of the equivalent of one of my head automotive example cord uh… week sometimes take for granted of apostles cheaptickets regret the
decision always been there and we see it every day but what i was talking about is that in
many rural areas uh… in the country historically and
today of the poor people movers means like you to be able to get communication to be able to get letters
replica packages and mail of the matter where you live that’s a
pretty big deal we take for granted that a pretty big deal about it because you’ve got mail mnogo doctor wrote of
making those our deliveries until the world’s area
rule across rural areas of this this country we’re also we forget about is that is that the postal service is vitally
important and millions and millions of people who
are involved in small businesses chalti depend upon getting packages that
every day and i think good and prompted reasonably
priced uh… surfaced that but they spend now get to their
destination on time uh… and then a reasonable cost much
with the postal service project ault the debate camp that we are having now
u_p_s_ we were all the knowledge that in maryland and the internet has
certainly impacted the postal service but we believe the postal service can
adopting new business model which makes it aggressively activist many of our post office is flexibility
to fuck selling new product are doing providing new
surfaces i would give an example of bills that would probably back me up federal west virginia uh… with people get water got a job hunting license for a fishing
line completely cut off from the post office recommitted your application before a
driver’s license uh… eddie at a post office you can’t get gift wrapped any post of your ticket a letter motorized for those of the week i’ll provide more flexibility for the
post office we pick already will be able to come in last week with sam watched about it is it a an event middle how paul lightweight and many of
our republican conservative friends off but but under estimate but these guys want to do uh… many of the multi although but there are significant bubblegum who really believed in the heart
alcoholic not just what you want to click social
security or cut medicare will cut medicaid for example they do in those programs are
unconstitutional they believe that the federal government
should not be involved in health care or in social security anti-government believed in public
education as well and at the end of all their rhetoric
about wolf freedom and getting the government or tofu our backs what they always wait talking about in
the heart of hearts is returning back to the nineteen
twenties or alia where working people had very little
security no health care benefits no lights on the top no worker
protection the right of organized reunion oh nirmal are faithful discussed safety
legislation no minimum wage legislation bahut problem suburb really will report
that ambery goes back to a crime what a few people with a credible wealth and powell idea of oligarchy was able to control everything that
happened in america and working people had virtually nothing and um… we’ve dot is that is the struggle that were written
right now and uh… it so that we are bedouin uh… because countries of the satellite
with any level of dignity for working people games and wooden pharmaceutical analyst
listeners premier service centers james po you’re here uh… i go to make europe and learning i
think you are a camera crew our first i would i want to make a statement alone while we are where we are today and then
i wanna forward to questions um… if you look back dr mysteries secret art and are retired and i would recommend
proper you’re recommending and to the advent of technology quick inoperative in off mode that we
can compare them with what men are appointed to gold i got out of my back through the great
economic refinement two-bit do anaerobic courier nobody when
i got two degrees i work on the wind farm for artist our corporations in the world archaeological gave him i had a lot of
people in my generation graduating from college with mortgage type guy out but they have
no after and therefore there and venture
greenberg krueger prepared to attack the propriety and if they can find job sequencer record my uh… corona group are quick
to her wonder if the government planning on
doing for the future of my generation expired where the job
alert and what can i have all of my generation
might be a lot of my generation struggling where we’re going to be a and twenty
years ancient greek women and those congratulations them for working into
inflatable attitude uh… there are very few issues of more
important than trend performing our energy system away
from fossil fuel uh… the energy efficiently and with
data calamities such as with and i got it working a lot of what the problem that’s been
perfect are james and thirty twenty six and a
half to about the future of his generation
and that is band that is they real real questions and what i will tell you jim zobrest we
get our act together and he thought grade in an economy that works for
working people in this country rather than the super-rich are you a generation but they could only
the tip of the troop go for the first time in the modern history of america have a low standard of living with the
parents of all the work we are playing the dissipated in the end of the american dream where uh… parents worked hard to their
kids could do better uh… if we don’t do in this economy
around because of the worst as they are herself yes of we picked the perfect lecture we can
do that thanks thank you bernie upwards i was ever he says it’s our prices
bernie our through the center of the program and you can check out party’s website he
has a proposed constitutional amendment to repeal citizens united would sign on
for that cities newsletter the bernie buzz all
the information the daily news today centers dot senate dot gov you’re listening to that some hartman
program call a six six nine eight seven ta any graphite outlook and i come from all the cool stuff there that is albany
six o’clock yesterday’s totally free helpful pestilence apartment he was using
satellite supporting us in the braces in line with us and burning with the word just wrap it up it’s often we really a good question the kidneys reflecting
the views of just millions of people of his generation
these worried about the future of the country but what happens to his
generation because young men of twenty six well i would pay to james but clearly uh… you’re absolutely right many young
people most country awaiting school deeply in debt we have to do with the issue of student
at one of the next week certainly want to do is make sure that it is not
doubled uh… the interest rate on student that
are not doubled as they will be of congress both america will deal with
that immediately of kids already have crushing that’s out
there we don’t want to make it worse federal role in terms of jockey all one
area bill ice cream future potential in is that right now uh… as we try to address the the hallways of court they will make how we are spending hundreds of billions
of dollars every single year importing oil from countries all over rebirth of
medical but opportunity friendly to us if you take a fraction of that money can
spot investing that advantage efficiently in sustainable
energy uh… we have a great a significant
number of good-paying jobs cut greenhouse gas emissions thirty people money on their pupils move toward energy independent uh…
energy independence so came flooding back an area that we definitely had more than i feel your t
work at it talking a lot more people working on
that area i think there’s also a huge opportunity
for a tour operation at all levels uh… rebuilding our infrastructure roads bridges away support of plants water systems
airport schools we need everybody from bokaro of manual
labor as well of construction workers uh… to architect with engineers to do
that um… uh… w my office so it just came back
from china did which was blown away by the kind of investment they’re making
are quite happy trail uh… in the garden broadband cellphone surfaces um… baler dumping a
lot more that we all we can create jobs in a significant way were rebuilding our
infrastructure and thirdly i think and although i have
talked about on many occasions we need to change our trade policy’s so with corporate america is investing
in the united breakthrough apart but now china about vietnam et cetera without
rebuild that manufacturing sector i don’t understand that we can’t provide economically or what we have lost all hope sixty thousand factories in the last ten
years and millions of good point um… manufacturing total those are some of the areas agenda that i think we’ve got to work on
too quick to draw a particular generation to check michael in seattle university says leptin senator dorgan pollack to quick
question to preclude prabhakaran promising to raise the federal minimum wage which
is now seven dollars a twenty five cents an
hour we’ll put it in the office it’s state frozen at seven dollars a twenty five percent
of our which is abysmal it happens to be wildly popular uh…
rating at and the right thing to do too the highway bill passed the improving
millions of new jobs seventy to votes almost unheard of these
days strong bipartisan support senate race in the senate don’t actually seventy four vote vote
predictably four votes excuse me and if i would it would create one point
nine desperately needed jobs repair antiquated dilapidated and dangerous
infrastructure ever got anywhere can come up for a vote
in the house is just languished so they’re going to michael exploiting
but it was great if you’re right on both counts with a
great deal with the transportation bogus i’m on the transportation committee uh… we had to a bill which is eight
ten year built which in fact in the fed it brought
together for the most conservative members of the political wing ship in
office from oklahoma uh… and build more progressive members
barbara boxer of california and i work with a lot and they came up with the building
fifteen gold bars all right would like to go but is uh… michael indicates it was a serious bill are all working all would be begin the process of rebuilding our roads bridges and public transit strong bipartisan support lafayette at
seventy-four photographed the republicans are upset with democrats all we had to put our houses and these
guys you know too hard to imagine where
they’re headed everybody knows power infrastructure is crumbling everybody know that in the middle of a
recession but that was waiting for a decent paying
jobs is to rebuild the infrastructure and they don’t they do not want to invest in america
and sometimes you think that maybe these guys really
do want to pick up a third world country uh… at their weight behind china but dalton in in any case of michael’s
exactly right that bill went over to the house so i’m not quite sure where it is
right now although i think that we have not been
started and if you come closer and closer to sum up equivalent contruction midwife and you can’t companies can’t turn these contracts go wild uh… in days they need hike the plan the delay in the house means is that we already losing a lot of
jobs uh… and i certainly hope they get
their our together the other point um… michael makes
about raising the minimum wage he’s right argued that or baba on the chances uh… that will go to our place again in
the republican house all you have guys we were talking about
doing away with the concept of minimum wage who think that will be okay at america if you had workers work for three or
four books at all solo that’s kind of where we are not
michael joel in augusta georgia mira
synthesizers yep opener up a few moments ago you accept that
uh… other entitlement programs such as social security medicaid medicare
rockbox too so i was going to ask you where in the constitution empower the federal government to do all of those powers all looks great covered both in the travel that the
court plea congress has the power play i forgot the
exact words debut album talks article one section eight and it was and then i will read it you
can explain it and of course there’s actually right now
bernie it’s it’s a very first sentence of article one section eight the
congress or the parlay and collect taxes duties imposed an excise is to pay their
debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the united states
no but will go to show it at about the complicated level i think approval recently everybody on the
ground understood but of course united faith congress i’d
like to protect the best interest of the united states of america that means
obviously defending our country on one hand but like the role doing the best weekend for our people
but the five meter maids retirement security r_u_ socially correct making sure that people do not buy it
was awful needlessly because they’ll have health care about me medicare or
and uh… medicaid but this time people walked out into law
in ocracoke brothers and about billionaires but but america we we
should be about uh… is of giving huge tax breaks for
the very wealthy people who already phenomenally richard uh… and cutting back on programs uh… that help working families are in
the middle class other that majority of the american
people in poll after poll do not agree with us how you could have caused people whether
they take it make sense ought to cut back or eliminated social
security medicare medicaid or one weekly regardless of their political of
prospectively signal all but you have a denial of the people
who have incredible amounts of money and are able to use our money in the
political process supporting candidates or advocating what impact a fringe
position so or attempted to those of you you know
i happen to believe uh… that any democratic several items
by the government certainly has the right and duty to do everything we can to protect the
middle class and working families with this country that means according to
paul and and and viable addressing security system but last for at least the next a
seventy-five years going out or benefits l open eligible american to and make it or that americans have the
whole kit eighty eight all my fault will go further than
medicare and medicaid a lot of theory becareful single-payer system cherokees they’ll get a lot of people in this
country as i write and by the way the supreme court has
been agreeing with you since nineteen thirty six just the new haven
connecticut you’re on you’re a senior centers i’d better i’m thrilled to be on the
state if you very much for taking my call you know i i idea working week
after week and i just i might bulk uh… approach thank you very much for your
kind words like i i really appreciate that of no i’m not ka island uh…
extraordinarily happy and proud uh… to be representing uh… at the
state of vermont for the united states synagogue article i am the longest serving
independent in uh… american political history of the
republic of people who are part of a lot mehta to build up of the house and and now on
the fed up running for reelection ought to get reelected i’d like to have brought display on the
planet and do my best vermont for working families around the country but
thank you very much postcard working norman fort meyers florida norm we just have a minute before the
break is real quick question or commitment maybe god cuba are after all you do both of you but in
the car to the trade agreements ever launched all the recently passed without
was correa colombian catalog didn’t u_s_ agricultural groups seem to be very
pleased i’d like to know who wins and who loses on both sides of that deal although i’m not a quick question uh… and always bridges and loses and
sometimes it is our culture but his or certain but there is a open of agriculture that
or whatever all like in general believe having voted
against it virtually all over trade agreements could have come down the pike clothes
and stuff but i think that the american worker is a
significant loser aren t trumpeted about free trade
agreement and the reason is black augusta pick that up football but surely
go who flew the earthquake senator murray says this is our blanche with
bernie our sanderson sticking your calls international townhall meeting and tom
harkin program chechans website it’s sanders that senate dot gov futility barnes you’re listening to the some hartman
program visit some hartman dot com car audio
alert season also advertisements as soon as i said that dot you can sign his
uh… his constitutional amendment simple that citizens that the support
staff and welcome back bernie good seller pick up that the trade discussion right
after the next break we rejoin our commercial stations of has a review
purple talk a little bit and we’ll take our free speech t_v_ viewers right now
uh… a silly in davies florida washington free speech to be a directv
he see on your with sanctions and i and i want to thank you encounter
everything you do just a quick question i think you
partially entered its about the pope dot that that legislation that would
inactive income two thousand sixteen why can’t why can’t they get that
legislation be repealed call what we are trying to do lighting
will no will do in this legislation in buffalo in and and purposes little at
a fairly complicated roundabout way uh… is relieve the postal service about the obligation of pain five-and-a-half billion dollars
in the future help retirement benefits because they would be a forty four
billion in the celtic and when they are cool interests they don’t open up the terrible benefits
but they are supposed to play out i really could be done a rather
complicated way but i think if we can pass the legislation that
smile on before all you could relieve the postal serves
over complicated pat anderson california washington free
speech to the end dishnetwork aamir assignment six thank you i don’t want to add a comment i don’t
have a question and my comment is that their argument for parking super-rich is close
happening right now my husband you they have a quote which i
love it says said the elephant every man for himself and that paula had say thank you thoughts bernie and how the the g_o_p_ is perhaps representing the bad side of the oligarchy booger what the republican party today is about is saying that canon uncertain terms that we are not a
fly the which works to get up withdrawal use of the trying to improve
life for all of our people but we can’t even get republican house but wouldn’t that be in
our infrastructure how roads our bridges called public transit albeit that’s just an indication of how paul they have come when you have folks in the republican party who believe that
social security medicare medicaid one constitutional and that when people get fixed and they’ll have a lot of money well
that’s not what you may have to tell you may have to stuff up called crystallography predicted that it’s every person for themselves with a
week when you think about it mean for the a
few aldrich i think that it’s not a bad that deal i have to worry about any buddy also i’m
gonna get the best health care of the world to become rich you know if you’re a billionaire you’re
going to be able to think it kept at a college in america no problem uh… if you were to go with an ekg
a_t_t_ community you have to worry about crime it off to work this police
protection a fire protection you’ve got that you have to worry about public
transportation if you have your over who claimed to be
plan around that so with the wretched thing is that we
got it we’ve got a lot of it and frankly we don’t care about the kids
in this country will care about them being into the
country well care about the workers in the country all we care about is our
culture michael evans and i think it’s
unfortunate i can understand the but both disturbing
as we get working people get sucked in the defending billionaires installer stopping the crazy idea picketing tax breaks for
the period has been cutting back on social security and medicare the group
of good ideas that really bothers me so i hope that working people catch aren’t that the other gender the perfectly
about those of the car for the simple europe center bernie sanders who is in
our party bernie i’ll be right back with more your thoughts this automatic punches bernie here’s marvin
program where he was just uh… wrapping up her dressing a question about trade a
few minutes ago level of mobile order s it question which of the question of the
basically want to go and in trade agreements who are the
winners avalible looses and uh… ah in general in my view when
others right both agree i would pay the average american
manufacturing or core is polluter and unfettered free trade agreement europe will be appear to be an economics
but figured out if you already large multinational
corporation in general electric or anybody else you could shut down plants in the united
states of america move to try to rid of all the way to
countries pay people a fraction of the wages that used to play in the united
plates and i bring your product back into the
about sex tommy in the last opinions almost sixty thousand factories in america been
shut down now all of them due to trade automation
has also played an important role but many of them out all that the other reality that is going
on today is that even with a manufacturing whipping wages for manufacturing workers going down significantly compared to where they used to be uh… and all that has to do with
american workers being forced to compete against people in other countries what they pennies an hour so i would uh… i would uh… paper norm that i think the uh… route ninety factoring workers of
america have been the major loses loses of these on further pritchard equipment all mark in minneapolis the sanctity the active t_b_ and minneapolis present
sock year-on-year syndrome bernie sanders her lonesome mark uh… and connor talk to you row center center centcom i’ve got a comment to congestion
unquestioned wrote a book postal service uh… i mean measure reports i told moneyline
relieved of from their programs well artist doctor and compiled that
block and wait until your legislation succeeds
or and democrats get back to congressman steven demand picks up the books him it
wouldn’t harm anybody well marked the danger of you uh… uh… and the reason i have been
working so hard oh wonderful political legislation post reform legislation is this was a response who or a concept that people have asked
the general came out with about nine or ten months
ago i did a new proposal was uh… ought to shut down because of uh…
uh… from thirty five hundred will post office but half the processing plants uh… in the country still ip the congress does not mean of all i don’t like it are then the postmaster general is off
and running now well i will play and and and and
deference to the postman julia’s uh… moderated his views and in the last couple but i don’t think
that is what uh… you don’t think about but we do need she called legislation to
address this problem of the five and a half billion dollars
going from the postal service of the future uh… retiree health benefits which in
my view is the logo needed and i think it has significantly
is being addressed uh… by this legislation reginald in houston texas mira sandy
sanders at yahoo dot com thank you overtake them
you know we had gathered here you know we have now we have covered up a little
bit compellent no quickly litigate mcdonald’s and card info portland home that what these
uh… definitely i think that uh… upon the earth at the power of the plane and
they wouldn’t take a look at that time still welcome to the bank doable
forgetful that the pilot people and also we get this taken well you get talking
about repealing it on the federal law hope that it all the trappings coping
with the fact that fear that they are a big you know what a flippin on a can get
enforce it with him powerful most welcome back all the fat
to get this stand your ground rule in place in the
break the rules in place two of the credit however there will be
a proposal for simply one of the mcveigh about the standard well legislation
about legislation employment in many states around the country words we very
much because complete a green light to people uh… to be trigger-happy uh… somebody and hope to absorb right
look for the long wait uh… that is not what self-defense was
about twelve percent of the legitimate a legal uh… tradition in america
europe and right to defend yourself but i will read it very much about the
state department i thought that they priced by debate uh… we will be getting rethinking
curled up legislation um… rachel talked about the power of uh… people not quite sure
exactly where he was called the play of something the widow of the beaumont hopping around the rest of the country
as well in terms of economics uh… at something that i i which we
could be more aggressive with it at the federal government level but this obviously opposition and
that is worker control world ownership of businesses in vermont
now we have a number of businesses many won’t do it quite well aware workers themselves have bled out
previous owners uh… they are managing the company all-out and he’s an example of one
people come together they can’t in fact one are profitable productive properties
while there’s much water absenteeism is much more then with all the copies i hope that
with you know we haven’t succeeded at the federal level uh… because of strong opposition but i
would if we can make resources available to
workers around the country over interested in buying up all they are
employers all the time you have a lot of employers out that many of them smaller
vessels are getting old they would like to be opportunity if
possible i believe that businesses to their
employees uh… and if they want a credo await to
make that happen and that’s not possible in some states
so you’re talking about that providing the federal infrastructure for
that super structure of the unstructured story we have just a minute to wrap the
show up but it got a dozen people hold authority but it wouldn’t be time enough
you thoughts for the week well but look at the weekly report next week and our
independently to put a bit busy week co-counsel report misconduct what we are fighting there isn’t too he that lebed one hundred
thousand jobs in the middle of a recession are not lost at the postal service that we retain post offices all over
america uh… and drop it melt a delivery of standards so more people pay attention to other
sure hopefully or what their members of the senate encourage them to support official responsible legislation uh… we’ll also have got to continue
the struggle uh… to overturn citizens united one of the worst suspicions ever-present
by united states supreme court uh… everybody should be concerned
about the growing in support of the body of the political process and and i would
add u you’d still have on your website it seems to senate that got that message
from a and people can get over there and sign up for it something else say yes i
did i support bring in trying to overturn
this uh… centers that senate that uh… bernie thanks so much for the
citigroup polls always will be back with fingers frightening time

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8 thoughts on “Brunch with Bernie-April 20,2012”

  • If we ever get the promised nationwide web access, then the post office could start doing digitized mailing & vehicle conversions to electric vehicles plugged into solar panels &/or windmills at each office. This would lower the cost of transporting the mail.

  • The only reason Midicare was not offered by the founding fathers was because medicine was so primitive back then. I think they were still using leeches!

    Yeah, Bernie debate Romney! He would blow that guy away.

  • The United States has ALWAYS had an Oligarchy… We were founded by Oligarchs with good ideals. Yet voting was limited to only those who were male, white, and estabolished.

    It wasn't until after many labor movements, a great depression, estabolishment of safty nets, equality and civil rights movements did this country build a thriving and powerful middle class.

    The growth of the finance sector, automation, globalization and open trade. Has allowed the Oligarchy to take back power.

  • Bernie talking about tax rises when what we need is to cut government spending because ordinary Americans can better spend the money they are currently sending to the tax coffers.

  • The 'stand your ground' legislation versus what happened with Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman – George received injuries to the back of his head resulting in bleeding which was negligently missing from the affidavit and it does seem like Trayvon set about George so it may be the case that it was self defense.