Breadwinner (Political Oppression)

Breadwinner (Political Oppression)

“It was the end. My name is Salimon.” “My mother is a writer.” “One day I found a toy on the street.” “My father is a teacher.” “I picked it up. It exploded. I don’t remember what happened after that. Because it was the end.” “Let’s continue your studies, all right?” “Yes, papa.” “Now, what can you tell me about the Silk Road?” “The Silk Road… Papa, I can’t remember about the Silk Road.” The 2017 film “The Breadwinner” is set in Kabul Afghanistan under the control of the Taliban. The film follows the main character, Parvana, an 11 year old girl who lives with her family. “I know you.” “Yes, Idrees.” “I was your teacher once. You were a good student-” “You wasted my time teaching me things of no worth. I have joined the Taliban and now I fight the enemies of Islam.” “Well, if I am an enemy, then for my sins God has taken my leg.” “Are you making fun of me old man?” “I lost my leg in the war, the war we fought together.” “How old is the girl?” “Idrees.” “She’s a child.” “She’s old enough to marry. I’ll be looking for a wife soon.” “She’s already been promised to someone.” “Well, she should cover herself properly!” “Maybe you should stop looking at her.” “What did you said to me?” “I said stop looking at her.” “I could have you killed!” “Itriz.” Her father, Nurullah, was left physically impaired because of the Soviet-Afghan War and lost his leg and became a hawker. He was unjustly arrested because he allegedly insulted a member of the Taliban. This leaves her family without a man to support them. “My husband said-” “Just go home.” “No!” “What do you mean, no?” “This is Nurullah, my husband, he was arrested last night with no charges against him-” “Photographs are forbidden! What are you doing showing me a photograph out here in the street?” Because women are not allowed to go outside without the presence of a man Fatima their mother is beaten terribly for trying to go to the prison and try to free her husband alone After unsuccessfully trying to buy food as a girl bar Vanna decides to dress as a boy and then is able to both buy food But also make money to support her family She also saves money to try to bribe the prison guard to free her father The film refracts Afghanistan today with the unique insider perspective on the clear human rights abuses done by the Taliban it also Represents what people have to do to survive such as marriage? Go go unless you’re going to kill me The Academy award-nominated Movie the breadwinner has bought light to the evils of the Taliban and also the oppression of the people of Afghanistan It also shows how many Muslims are also hurt by religiously radical groups and not all Muslims are terrorists We are at the edges of empires at war with each other We had a fractured land in the claws of the Hindu Kush mountains scorched by the fiery eyes of the northern desert Against my speaks We are body honor the land of the noble Praise your parts, not your voice. It is rain that makes the flowers grow not done

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17 thoughts on “Breadwinner (Political Oppression)”

  • There have been thousands of brave Parvana’s during those black days, but now we are in a much better condition, better human right conditions better woman rights. Hope those dark days never come back

  • Now it's bloody India trying to sow seeds of hatred among pashtoons… And stupid afghans consider them their well wisher forgetting the sacrifice Pakistani people made for them by saving them from Taliban and USSR both and gave them greatest shelter in the world…. India wasn't keeping them for the last 50 years… Yet now we keep them but still they call us enemies…

  • What people have to know is that Aryana (todays Afghanistan) wasn't originally an Islamic country but got islamized after the arabi invasion and their religious war to spread Islam in Afghanistan.

    Afghanistan, had a very beautiful and noble culture with endless freedom. Afghanistan, as the heart of Asia, was also always the motherland of many different people with many different beliefs and in more than 8.000 years of history in Afghanistan nobody had any problems with each other. But since it got islamized all the problems begun. Because Islam is a religion which doesn't want to coexist. This is hard but true.

    Greetings from Afghanistan 🇦🇫✌️❤️

  • Afghanistan used to be Buddhist. The first rule of Buddhism is to not kill or harm any living things. This is a big mistake and that's why these people couldn't defend themselves and their culture against the Arab colonizers and invaders.

    Islam is successful because it encourages violence. Violence is a universal language and Muslims speak it very well. That's why they always win. In order to combat this corrosive ideology non Muslims must embrace violence and take preventative measures. No mosque building and no Islamic meetings. Muslims should pray at home and keep their religion to themselves. Just like non Muslims are expected to do in Saudi Arabia. Its fair I think.

  • Taliban or isis are doing what Quran ordered them to do. Kill the non believers thus making them the true follower of Islam while the rest of the Muslims around the world don't even practise Islam as it should be. So let the pose a question ? Do you think Taliban will go to heaven because of their obedience and practise as per in Quran or the majority who chose to practise the religion as they wished without following the Quran 100% goes to hell ?