Alright! | Politics In Office Ft. Nikhil Vijay

Oh my God! What happened? What is happening? Is a live show of Poonam Pandey being aired? Who did this? I am asking who did this? That person should be ashamed! Who can think like this for their own boss? Tell? Mahesh ji, control yourself else they’ll target you! No, I didn’t mean that! I meant this is wrong! Who can do such a thing? This is wrong! HR, I want the names by 7 PM! Sure, sir! Else, I’ll downsize the whole company! I’ll completely shut the company! Ma’am, I know you hate me but I think you need me on this case! Why? Because I’m the only one in this office who has watched all episodes of Sherlock! I can solve this case on my own but a helping hand doesn’t hurt! You can be my Watson! Sherlock! Watson! Sherlock! Watson! Sherlock! Watson! Sherlock! Shit! Ma’am, can’t we play a game and find out? Like last time you eliminated Raju? No! There is no need to go to that level in this case! This is a simple open and shut case! Ma’am, let the majority win! We can find out through a vote out! No, Yash! I have a better idea! We’ll do a vote out! I said the same thing! Good! Now we’re on the same page! What if an innocent and deserving candidate get’s voted out? Let’s say, what if I am voted out? So it’s your loss, not mine! But listen Yash, the most important thing right now is to find someone to eliminate and save our asses! Listen Momaxians, we will find the real culprit through vote out! So, everyone should be ready with a name by 6 in the cafeteria! Alright? Alright, see you! Boys, whom are you eliminating today? Who are you eliminating? The one who is stopping your incentives and bonus! She deducts the salary of an entire day if you are late by 5 minutes! You’re right! Baby, I think Preeti must have done this! Why? Because she hates you! Everyone hates me! But, I am loving you from everyone’s side! Guys, Preeti didn’t do this! So, it’s better if you leave your personal grudges and vote the culprit! And by the way, this work required a lot of brain and planning! Hello! What? HR is planning something? This will take a lot of thinking! Babloo, who are you voting? I’ll vote against HR! She annoys me a lot! And my life has only one aim! If you stay in your limits, you’ll be fine, else… Yeah, okay! Clean this now! I know you did this! Go and confess it to the boss! Everyone’s time will be saved! You are overracting again, Mahesh ji! I’ll take your name and say you wanted to play a prank! No, this is wrong! Whoever did this, it was wrong! Tell me, who are you voting out? You tell, who should we? Look Mahesh ji, I don’t hide anything from you… …HR is playing a game! What do you mean? She doesn’t care a bit who did this! She’ll randomly just a give a name to the boss and increase her credibility! In that case, we should eliminate her together! Done then? The first vote is for… Boss This person has only done politics here! He should be eliminated! I’ll make sure he goes! Stupid! And the next vote is… …to Ankit! He thinks we’re friends but, at the time of promotion, he can be my competition! And the third vote goes to Prateek! He thinks we’re friends but, at the time of promotion, he can be my competition! Prateek – 1 Ankit – 1 Boss – 1 And the next vote is for Preeti! Preeti, Shivam is my boyfriend! She is jealous of me! Next one is also for Preeti! Sakshi said this, it must be right! Next vote is for Sakshi! Sakshi! She doesn’t deserve Shivam! And again Sakshi! She only does lovey dovey things! I don’t know what all I have to do to eliminate here! And then, the next vote goes to… Sakshi again! You rejected my love, now face the consequences! And the last and final vote which will decide the culprit, Preeti drumroll… And like everyone, I am voting the HR because a HR’s job is to use their resources wisely… …and not to use them against people! Sakshi! As Sakshi has got 4 votes, with a heavy heart I have to say that Sakshi has to go out today! Ma’am, I did this! You’re doing this for me, right? Baby, I told you that I will love you unconditionally, right? Bye! I am leaving! This was wrong! What the hell just happenend here? Whatever is happening, it’s wrong! It couldn’t happen today but, there is always a tomorrow! Hi guys! You loved our previous two videos of the Thought series, thank you so much for that! If there is politics in your office too then please tell us in the comments section! And do tell us your thought about your boss in the comments below! And don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to Alright!

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