Actuary Career Information : How to Become an Actuary

Actuary Career Information : How to Become an Actuary

I found out about actuarial science and the
possibility of becoming a actuary when I was in college. I was at the University of Michigan
and I was looking for a summer job and a company from Chicago came to the college to interview
people to hire as summer students. That was my first exposure to actuarial work. I took
the job and enjoyed the work and found how the exams worked and thought about whether
I would like to be an actuary. I was already majoring in mathematics and knew I didn’t
want to be a teacher. I thought I might go into programming that was certainly an option
for me, but I liked the company that I worked for, I worked there for two summers they offered
me a job when I graduated from college and I took it. So that was a pretty easy entry
into the field. Once you are an actuarial student, generally life insurance companies
will help you, also consulting firms, will help you attain your fellowship by giving
you study time and encouraging you to pass exams by giving you incentive raises if you
do progress through the examinations. If you pass the examinations you don’t really even
need an education to become an actuary. I’ve known people that have gotten their fellowships
without ever having graduated from college. Now that’s not to common these days, but you
are able to learn what you need to know to become and actuary by studying the material
that is provided by the Society of Actuaries

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3 thoughts on “Actuary Career Information : How to Become an Actuary”

  • this video has helped me a lot thank you very much. this is really important to me because this is what i want to do in life, it is my life's ambition to become an Actuary enen if it takes me 12 years hahaha

  • I really want to become an actuary and find that your videos are really helpful. Can you upload more detail what kind of test, and experience in working as an actuary. Thanks!!! 😀