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Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, I discuss 35 essential life
hacks for the modern gentleman. One, use Windex to clean your patent leather
shoes. Let’s say you travel for a black tie or white
tie event and your patent leather shoes gets scuffed up, this is ideal. Simply spray some Windex onto your shoe, take
a piece of cotton or a paper towel or a towel at the hotel and simply rub it. Because of the mirror finish of the leather,
you’ll get a nice shine and you remove any scuffs. two, tie your shoelaces so they never come
undone. Basically, you want your knot to be horizontal
so whenever you walk, your knot becomes tighter and not looser. For a step by step tutorial on how to tie
your shoelaces the proper way, please take a look here. Three, use ice cubes to get wrinkles out of
dress shirts. You put your dryer on high, you throw in your
shirt along with a handful of ice cubes. The steam that is generated from the ice cubes
will release the wrinkles and you get a shirt that’s basically wrinkle-free. It’s much better than putting it in plain
water because that will just leave puddles on your shirt. Four, keep your shirt collar stiff with a
belt while travelling, First, you roll up your belt to the side of your shirt collar. Second, you simply insert it into the shirt
collar like so, that fits snuggly against the collar. Now, simply pack it. When you arrive, your collar will be in a
nice shape and ready to wear. Five, sharpen your cartridge razor blades
on a pair of denim, Put one layer of denim on a flat surface such as a table, then take
your cartridge razor and go against the cutting motion. Don’t go like this, otherwise, you may damage
your jeans. Go against the way you usually shave. If you’re still shaving with one of those,
please check out our in-depth shaving guide so you get better results at a lower price. Six, open a wine bottle with shoelaces. If you’re in a situation without a bottle
opener, you always have shoelaces. Tie a nut in the shoelace just once, make
sure it’s thick enough, then take a pointy object, just a file or a knife, put it here,
and then shove it through the cork into the bottle. Once it’s at the bottom and it’s come out,
you simply take the shoelace and pull out the cork. Seven, it’s basically an un-hack because you
use a clothes brush. Most people today use a lint roller to get
rid of fuss on their clothes. Not only is it bad for your garments because
it pulls out the fibers inconsistently and you’ll never get rid of the problem, it’s
also very costly because you have to buy new glue and it leaves residue on your clothes. A traditional clothes brush works really well,
it takes out the dust, it helps to prevent any moth bites, and you don’t have to bring
it to the dry cleaner that often. Also, a clothes brush is a lot less expensive
than a lint roller because you only have to buy it once. You don’t have any consumable expenses. Eight, use your neck to figure out if pants
will fit. All you do is you take the pair of pants by
the waist, throw it around your neck and make sure that it touches at the end. If that’s the case, the pair of pants should
fit. Of course, you should always try on your pair
of pants before you buy them and it only works if you’re in an absolute hurry and you don’t
have time. Nine, use baby powder to remove oil stains. Let’s say you eat a salad and you get an oil
stain on your jacket, the best way to soak up the fat is use baby powder. Don’t rub it into your fabric because otherwise,
it won’t come out. The baby powder will absorb it and then you
can either dry clean it or use some soap later on. Ten, no bottle opener? no problem! You can always open your beer with another
bottle. All you have to do is simply take the bottle,
take the other one like so, adjust it like this, push tightly and open the bottle. Cheers! Eleven, use clear nail polish to prevent a
button from coming off. Let’s say you travel and then you see that
your jacket button is about to come off, you can just use the clear nail polish from your
significant other. Put a dab on the top of the button, over the
thread so it won’t come off and the next time you have the chance, you can simply replace
it. Twelve, use stale bread to clean suede shoes. Normally, you should have a brass brush to
clean suede shoes but when you don’t have that, you can use a stale piece of bread. Simply take the piece of bread and rub it
onto your shoes vigorously. The staler the bread, the better the result. Of course, you don’t want anything moldy on
your shoe. Thirteen, stretch tight shoes in the freezer. Let’s say your finger’s swelling or you simply
have a pair of shoes that’s too tight, take two-gallon bags, fill them with water, put
them in your shoes and put your shoes in the freezer. As the ice expands, it will make your shoe
bigger. Of course, you have to be careful because
it can damage your shoe so be cautious. Fourteen, rub deodorant on your feet so you
prevent chaffing and blisters and foot odor. You can either use roll-on deodorant or stick
deodorant. Put it on your feet and it won’t smell. Alternatively, you can use lime juice, it
has the same effect but it’s natural without a little more oxide. Fifteen, remove red wine stains with white
wine.Let’s say, somebody gets some red wine onto you, a good idea to take another bottle
of white wine, put it on there and it kind of neutralizes the stain and it will come
out. Sixteen, use lemon juice to prevent sweat
stains. Nobody likes the ugly sweat stains on your
shirt so simply squeeze some lemon juice on a spray bottle, spray it onto your shirt,
especially around the armpits, and you won’t see sweat stains anymore. Seventeen, use a paper clip as a collar stay. Simply take a paper clip and insert it into
the collar. Voila! You have a proper collar stay. Eighteen, add salt to ice to cool things down
instantly. Let’s say you have last minute guests or you
just need beer that’s cold really quickly, take about a cup of coarse salt per gallon
of ice, mix it and the temperature will go way below freezing cooling down your beer
in less than a minute. Nineteen, use a hair straightener to iron
your collar or other things. Especially when you’re travelling and you
don’t have an iron, or in a hurry, you can simply heat up the iron and iron your shirt
collar. make sure to take out your plastic collar
stays beforehand or use a paperclip otherwise, it might melt. Twenty, Stiff socks in your shoes while travelling
that way, you save space and you can also escape the shoe tree because it keeps your
shoe in the right shape. Twenty-one, use a pin or a safety pin on the
back of your lapel. if you want to make sure that the boutonniere does not dangle on the
outside of your lapel. Twenty-two, repurpose old pantyhose to polish
your shoes. Your significant other might have some pantyhose
with holes in them, they’re perfect to polish your shoes, especially with quick movements
because it creates a certain amount of heat that leaves a nice shine in no time. You can also put the pantyhose over a brush
and brush very quickly. It has the same effect and works everytime. Twenty-four, get rid of smelling shoes with
lemon peel. If you have smelly feet and shoes, simply
take a piece of lemon peel or a dryer sheet or both, and put it in your shoe and leave
it there for 48 hours and they will smell much better. Twenty-five, use a urinal without any backsplash. Most men aim to the center of the urinal but
if you aim at an angle on the side, you will experience almost no backsplash. Twenty-six, protect your goods at the beach. When you’re at the beach, you don’t want to
take your valuables in the water with you so you leave them. That’s prime target for thieves. Instead, either cut open a bottle of sunscreen,
put it in there and even better, use some diapers that are wrapped up so that it looks
like a baby just pooed in them and no thief will ever open them. Twenty-seven, use soda can tabs to use one
hanger after another if you are out of space. All you do is take your tab, put it on the
clothes hanger like so, now you take the other clothes hanger and hang it in and you can
hang your stuff like this. of course, you can’t do it too often because otherwise it
will dangle but you can do it with at least two or three. It will save space. Twenty-eight, put in a corkscrew at a slight
angle, you get the cork out without any mess and issues. most people use a corkscrew and they put it
in just through the center, just start on one edge and try to go diagonally, it just
helps to grip the entire cork. Twenty-nine, use a clothes pin to hold a nail
while hammering . If you don’t have great aim or you don’t want to hammer on your finger,
simply take a nail, put it in between the clothes pin, and then hammer it in, that way
if you miss, you won’t hurt your finger. Thirty-one, use a ziplock bag to protect your
cigars from drying out. Normally, you should have your cigars in a
humidor however, if you don’t have one available and you want to protect your cigars, put them
in a plastic bag with a somewhat damp sponge and that will do the trick until you have
a humidor. Thirty-two, pour cheap vodka through your
water filter to make it more palatable. If you have a party coming up and you don’t
want to spend money on premium vodka, you can take cheap vodka in big bottles, put it
through a water filter and put it back in the bottle and you get a more premium taste,
especially for mixed drinks. To learn more about premium vodka, please
check out our vodka guide here. Thirty-three, gargle whisky mixed with water
to relief a sore throat. Basically, you take some bourbon, you can
also use scotch, mix it one to one with water and you gargle it. Ideally, it will kill bacteria and your sore
throat should feel less sore after a short while. Just make sure don’t drive after. Thirty-four, use drip drop to prevent hangovers. Drip Drop was developed for babies who couldn’t
get IVs to keep them hydrated but you can use it after you partied hard to keep your
body hydrated and prevent a hangover the next day. You can get it from Amazon or drugstores and
it’s really a lifesaver especially if you’re not used to partying hard. Thirty-five, use wine boxes to store your
off-season shoes. Last but not the least, we all like to save
space. If you have a lot of shoes that you don’t
need for either the winter or summer, you can put them in wine boxes so they are stored
vertically, not horizontally, and so they take up less space. if you have any life hacks, please get in
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