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8 thoughts on “30 Midcentury Modern Living Rooms | Interior Design”

  • The windows are part of mid century however that crap furniture is not in multiple instances. Hell no there was never any overstuffed throw pillows cluttering the place. Also Mid Century furniture is smaller and more refined. Not big and bulky for fat asses like we have now a days!

  • How horrible when you mix a genuine piece from the mid century era with those outrageous newly-produced-generic pieces. It is enough to say that people have taken the concept and evolved into a weird an disgusting new-century hybrid.
    That circus blue in many pictures does not belong to the mid century palette. Mid century was about yellows, pinks, turquoises, chartreuses… all the pastel colors. Vinyl was a new product, mostly brocaded or embroidered. Ugly plain brown vinyl sofas did not come until later, mid 80's. The floor lamps resembling Hollywood spot lights were not seen back in the 50's or 60's; they belong to the simplistic industrial style (early 1900s, then Edison bulbs were popular) that cannot be related to mid century modern at all.