👽Ufology a modern religion and the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

👽Ufology a modern religion and the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

Welcome back I hope you all had a great Holiday. So let’s get 2019 underway with a topic which
could put the fox amongst the chickens. Religions. And more specifically aliens and religion. Anyone with a passing interest in the field
of ufology has heard the theory that religions were inspired by alien contact in the distant
past. All religious iconic figures from Jesus Christ
to the multiple gods of Hinduism have been alien in origin at some point due to some
new theory. But in this video, I want to flip the script
and ask the question has the field of ufology and the search for extraterrestrial life become
a modern religion? An area of research that relies on faith in
the same way all major do? Let’s take a look. Welcome to IF videos on history and mystery
Hit that subscribe button and ring that bell so you never miss a video again. Eric W. Dolan, Paul Davies, Saint Andrew A.
Abeyta and Christina Roylance have all been involved in a study that looks at this very
question and their results are interesting. A study in which 146 students were canvassed
on their views regarding extraterrestrial intelligence UFOs and whether or not governments
are hiding the truth, this found belief in aliens and non-secular beliefs share the same
psychological motivations. The idea of a higher power, a more advanced
intelligence and faith that one day that entity will arrive and save us. The discovery of life on another planet might
sound incompatible with religion nonetheless several theologians have stated that they
would be receptive to the existence of extraterrestrials, even the pope and leaders from other staunchly
devoted religions have now stepped forward and say that Aliens, if discovered, would
fit with the plans of their deities and the rules declared from their religious doctrine. “all gods creatures under one sky”
You might say. Pope Francis said that he would willing to
baptize aliens if they came to the Vatican, asking “who are we to close doors” to
anyone – even Martians. In the 2010 the book several Worlds: The New
Universe, Extraterrestrial Life and also the system Implications. Saint George Coyne wrote
He sent his Son, Jesus, to them… “How may he be God and leave extra-terrestrials
in their sin? Did God do that for extra-terrestrials? So Catholicism of today would seem to be on
board, and so are our old friends at NASA. Back in 2014, they backed the Center for Theological
Inquiry to the tune of 1.1 million dollars to research the social implications of the
discovery of intelligent alien life. Some may say that this is part of the preparations
and the continuing plan of soft disclosure, others may see a plan in forming to manipulate
people’s belief systems, and we take a look at both of those ideas a little later. This money was later taken back as public
outcry followed when those in the established churches learned of what NASA was funding
and threatened to sue. Saying “Science shouldn’t concern itself with
this and its progress can impact faith-based beliefs.” This, I think only highlights the fact that
“yes” we do need to ask these questions, and religions of the world, ‘well some religions,
there are those that openly incorporate extraterrestrials into their belief structures,’ should be preparing
for inevitable contact. There will be questions from the followers
of these faiths. What is life’s origin? Which religious ideals fit with the new cosmic
model? What place does humanity hold in the expanse
of space? They will need to figure out their answers
fast. In 2000, astronomers knew of around fifty
‘exoplanets’. By 2013, that they had found nearly 850, these
spread over a discovered 800 planetary systems. This number is predicted to grow to 1,000,000
by the year 2045. The finding of these Earth-like exoplanets
which occupy a “habitable” zone around a star increases the chances of finding alien
life to an almost certainty. So we must think about the consequences of
this discovery and not for the first time in our history more recently Carl Sagan said “Space exploration leads directly to religious
and philosophical questions”. We would need to consider whether our faiths
could accommodate these new beings – or if it should shake our beliefs to the core?” This field of study was given the names astro-theology
or exotheology. For close to 300 years people have been debating
the effect of finding life elsewhere in the vastness of space would have on the faiths
of our planet. I guess we would first need to address how
a religious group sees itself in the big picture of all creation. Let’s start with Judaism, this question was
posed in the story ‘On Venus We Have a Rabbi!’ The story tells of a future where a colony
has been formed on Venus this colony is Jewish and holds an Interstellar Neozionist Conference. This conference is attended by an alien species,
those on the Jewish counsel debate the existence of these creatures and conclude that the aliens
can’t be human, therefore they can’t be Jewish!! This is a good example of the tribalism that
is seen in many religions. The idea that GOD is on the side of humanity. But as the old quote goes
“If God is for us, who can ever be against us?” Let’s look at an opposing religions, views
could they be more welcoming to the idea of life from outside of our solar system?
Islam and Muslims have a strict religious code and adherence to the teachings found
in the Quran are paramount so maybe that is where we should look. The Qur’an seems to make reference to the
fact that Earth isn’t the only planet to exist in creation. With verses such as “Praise be to Allah, the
Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds” (Qur’an 1:2) and “He is the Lord of all like worlds”
(Quran 41:09). In a world torn apart by religious conflict
it seems that somewhat ironically the religion most accepting of alien life would be those
of Muslim faith. This because while Muslims believe that “Islam
is a set of practices designed only for humans on Earth,” it doesn’t exclude the possibility
of other types of life elsewhere in the universe. In fact, the discovery of extraterrestrials
should only strengthen a Muslim’s faith in the presumed infinite power of God.” So how about the world’s largest religion
Christianity, is it as open as Islam or does it see itself separate as in Judaism? The idea could be settled easily using the
Christian slogan, “God said it, I believe it, which settles it!” But with religion is never that simple. Christianity like all religions is split into
subgroups those vary from the Evangelicals who follow the biblical teachings as the direct
word of God to more liberal sides of the church. The Bible, in sharp contrast to the secular
worldview, teaches that earth was specially created, that it is unique and the focus of
God’s attention (Isaiah 66:1 and Psalm 115:16). Life did not evolve but was specially created
by God, as Genesis clearly teaches. Christians certainly shouldn’t expect alien
life to be cropping up across the universe. So for those that hold fundamentalists views
it’s an easy answer, aliens, like alluded to in the Jewish faith, are outside of the
religion and not God’s creatures. That being said
Not all of Christianity opposes the idea, as an example, we mentioned the Popes views
at the start and another has spoken the topic. Father Jose Gabriel Funes, a director of the
Vatican Observatory, has said that “not believing aliens could exist would be putting limits
on the creative freedom of God.” So as is almost always the case when religion
is put upon an issue the complexity of the question rises tenfold. So how about if we take religion out of the
equation? Atheism is on the rise,
The religiously unaffiliated, called “nones,” are growing significantly. They’re the second largest religious group
in North America and most of Europe. In the United States, nones make up almost
a quarter of the population. In the past decade, U.S. nones have overtaken
Catholics, mainline Protestants, and all followers of non-Christian faiths. Some say that contact with extraterrestrial
intelligence would accelerate this trend and could see humanity leaving religion behind
as they move into an interstellar future. Theologians point to the recent shift in religious
beliefs to incorporate a more liberal approach to subjects like gay marriage, adoption and
scientific advancement as a sign of a belief system struggling to stay relevant. Could ET be the straw that breaks the backs
of these beliefs? Would contact with an advanced alien species
see humanity dropping to its knees and worshipping these visitors much, in the same way, those
that believe in ancient aliens say happened in the past? Could we see this as a return of our masters
or creators? Is the following of ufology based on the faith
that one day this will happen? One can draw parallels between the proof or
lack thereof in religious stories and evidence of alien visitations. UFO debunkers saying that there is no hard
proof of alien contact and atheist saying the same of religion. If or when aliens do arrive or return, one
thing that is certain is that some aspects of religion will have to be reconsidered,
if not totally abandoned. Many religions have always believed God names
the stars. Is it really a stretch to believe God names
the stars’ inhabitants, too? And that they might possibly each have their
own name for God? Is God the same entity for all life in the
universe? Whatever your religion or personal beliefs,
for me I would hope that it would unify us as a planet and as a species. It’s something we often see in science fiction
and something I would love to see it happen in real life. The end of pain and suffering and the tolerance
of one another’s views bringing the planet together before we set out on a new adventure
into the stars. What do you think can religion and aliens
coexist? Does religion mean that aliens are beyond
the reach of God? What do you think will happen when disclosure
occurs? Let me know your thoughts in the comments
below. If you like what we do here on the channel
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if Thanks so much for watching See you next time

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21 thoughts on “👽Ufology a modern religion and the discovery of extraterrestrial life.”

  • I am back. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas I have missed you all, I can't wait to hear your Holiday stories. I am so looking forward to getting the chat up and running again. Let's make this the official first video of 2019. If you can share the link lets see if we can break some channel records.
    Catch you all in a few more hours, love and peace


  • Brave man. Not so much putting a cat amongst the pigeons as putting a thermo-nuclear device.
    Firstly – theology and religion aren't the same. Religion is a label, it you like a "tribalism". Theology is (from the Greek) Study of God's Word. [Theo-God, Logos-word]. Most Judeo-Christian religions would classify Alien belief as a "cult".
    There is no "short answer". In a 2-3 HR video I could give you some answers and possibly in the process be lauded by some and vilified by others.
    Good attempt, sir. I applaud you. 👏👏👏

  • Subscribed. NASA———–>NAZI American Satanic Alliance. The pope is evil. You seem to be well informed. Im native american and not religious, more spiritual in the native american sense but not entirely I have faith but there is no name or group that I subscribe to or plant a flag so to speak Common sense is the voice of the creator. Ignore it and pay the price.
    Thanks D.

  • God cannot be discremenated or can be found in any particular religious script or in any other thing. Religion/sculptures/scripts all are human made anticipations brought into existence to discreminate peoples (known as most intelligent social species) into various groups born at different time periods in this earth by benifiting them to lead life in comfort zone. The group which creates more strength to keep its existence during cirtain period, the religion of that group spreads more in the society in that period and will dominate as long it is preached through generation after generation. When people extinct so religion will slowly extinct, till any remains of it left. Creation of new form of religion will come into existence when a group of new intelligent social species starve to survive again in the socity. This cycle goes on. Today human is the most upperhand survival species in this earth because they have got the ability to survive together and to bind them in togetherness using some norms known as rituals, thus created religion. In this world different religions are created to meet their own cultural satisfaction & persist through prejudice.These groups fought among themselves to figure their culture as the supreme most in the name of religion, even try to sabotage weeker community thereby increasing its importance or majority in this population, which makes the group feel safe and secure and thereby stay in a comfort zone.

    But remmember God is one who never gets extinct nor can be created, its unchanhable, God as the true soul which is present in every species come into appearance within the species only when the species can realise it's self, known as self-realization be it in any form of religion. Searching God in religion/sculpture/script is of little use, instead realise and experience the appearance of this pure devine knowledge of truth within your self. This supreme power has no attachment with the narrow minded attitude of this so called intelligent species forming various religion groups for their own survival into existence.

    Now ask your self to judge the actual reality, come out of this illusion and preach love, spread love, experience love by heart in the path of truth selflessly to reach beneath the feet of that supream power within your self known as God.

  • Ideas and truth are hidden in words. Ideas and truth are absolutes. How they are perceived and defined changes with time and space. Aliens visit every 500 years or so. It is chronicled in the myths and religions. Nothing is exactly perceived. It depends on that which is perceiving.

  • I’m glad you brought up this topic. I think more people are starting to wake up to this kind of thing; once we filter through the tons of misinformation that is.

  • Well, if we're really honest about the question as presented by our gracious host, religious beliefs already openly acknowledge celestial beings, don't they? God in His many different iterations, the multiple gods of the more ancient polytheistic faiths, angels and demons, etc., they're all otherworldly beings that the faithful throughout time have always accepted and revered without question.

    Human religion has, for as long as it has existed, been centered around the appearance of otherworldly, celestial beings, to whom the faithful frequently attribute the very creation of humanity; the many gifts said beings have imparted upon humanity throughout our early stages of development and beyond; and the very human existential struggle to prove ourselves worthy of our celestial creators' trust and generosity, to both them and ourselves.

    We, as the children of God, His "favorite" creation, are slowly but surely awakening to the possibility that our long revered deities may not be "gods" after all…that we weren't created by divine intervention or some undefined spark of creation, but may actually be the result of a huge cosmic science experiment conducted by celestial beings far more advanced than we could ever hope to be.

    But does this theory negate the faith we've placed in our divine creators for so many millenia? I say no. In fact, it should strengthen that faith, bolster it with the knowledge that our divine creators were actual physical beings of some sort, that their stated intent was for us to grow and progress intellectually and spiritually…and through the acquisition of knowledge and the wisdom to utilize said knowledge in a just and humane way, humanity will continue to progress ever closer to reaching the level of those we've deemed divine, to becoming as one with our creators. So long as we can stay out of our own way, get past the destructive arrogance that invariably accompanies tiny bits of acquired knowledge, and avoid utterly destroying ourselves and the planet during the slow, painful process of growing and learning, that is. So far, we're not having much success.

    For those who outright deny the existence of God through atheism, and adhere fervently to the scientific method? You've merely shifted the focus of your faith ever so slightly, and obsess on those things provable through scientific experimentation and repetition. You're still looking for God whether you admit it or not, but with the arrogance displayed by a juvenile who has just been introduced to philosophical thought, you demand tangible proof. Good for you. Critical thought is a positive sign that we're actually growing as a species…but will you accept the proof if and when it is placed before you? And if/when God is proven to be an ancient celestial scientist, will that make accepting who and what He is easier or more difficult? Same question goes for those of devout religious conviction…as it is, you're all of the same mind, devotees of science or faith, but from my limited experience you're all arguing nearly identical points from slighlty different, equally arrogant perspectives.

    The almost pathological scientific search for other planets capable of sustaining life, with the astounding results we've achieved to date, gives hope that life on some level will be discovered on other worlds, maybe soon. If rudimentary life is found, the possibility of discovering more advanced, intelligent life, even if that chance is a long shot, is undeniable. The chance for that intelligent life being more advanced than we can imagine is always a possibility. And the possibility that this potentially highly developed intelligence, advanced beyond our meager comprehension, may be the very same source of our creation, is something that cannot be honestly discounted, even by the most cynical among us. Stumble upon these immensely intelligent, incomprehendibly advanced beings in their natural habitat, and we will have found God…or at very least, His extra terrestrial descendents.

    My anticipation for that moment is immense!

  • The Bible does not say that life was only created on Earth. Why would it interfere with Christians' belief if there were aliens? My philosophy is, if it were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt once and for all that aliens were real, my thought would be so your point being? I hope that makes sense. To me it should not interfere with Christian beliefs but hey that's just my opinion. Well done We are IF!!!! ☺️❤️

  • Everything is a mystery and it's so confusing..
    Some people always have different kinds of theories..
    Thanks for the awesome content to end and start the 2018 / 2019 year.. 🌺😊

  • We are IF.. This year already start with happiness in your family and I'm really proud of you..
    Congratulations Uncle IF..🎊🎉😊👶

  • Thanks for sharing wondered speculations
    Much to really digest as I have witnessed and experienced even to others

    I can tell you there is extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings
    Many different levels of higher intelligence – SKY IS THE LIMIT
    You may also conclude this is a resource / farm planet
    There are many interests for DNA trade and development

    It does create a high sensitivity and urgency in saving our planet
    Especially when the oxygen runs dry – dead oceans